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Zoe has crossed the bridge


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I came back today from the Netherlands and poor Zoe was 10 times worse. I don't know what possessed that vet to send such an ill dog home but she couldn't hold her head up or even get the energy to wag her tail. :( It really was heart wrenching to see the deterioration. Dad took her tonight and shes crossed the bridge. Thank you Zoe for being such a wonderful family pet. You will always be in our memories and now you can run free with Abby...forever our Golden girl.


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you loved us well, we loved you too.
I know it, and you know it too.

you came, you took our hearts in paw,
we loved, we played, we knew, we saw..
your time had come, no dodging fate,
we understand its not too late...

I will rejoin you in your space,
the Bridge, or where you choose your place,
we'll laugh about the times we had,
there will be peace, we will be glad.

so go your way and know that I
will not forget the times gone by.
watch over me while I'm still here...
your memory will bring me cheer.


for you Kat...do with it as you will...

even if thats nothing...

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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