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  1. Shoot, I know Ive seen a breed that looks like that... Ill have to go find it. :wink: The shelter I volunteer for had a dog that was around the same size and looked somewhat similar. Thats how I came across the breed picture and was like, "woah!" :P Gah, well, I cant find the breed but heres a picture of the other dog... [img]http://www.straydog.org/Month200305/images20030518-0524/TinkerStandsLooksBack11444.jpg[/img] Only she doesnt have a tail lol
  2. :lol: Oy, Kat has yet to toss poop about but she does regularly chew and occasionally eat it. :o :x
  3. :angel: I figured you all would like him. :P :wink: A bit of an update... My mom isnt too thrilled about this pup being around. :( She wants the neighbors to put up something to block the holes. Which means just forget about the pup and let it live a sad, boring life outside even though the Texas heat could kill that poor pupppy. :evil: :cry: Right now is the best time to get him up for adoption before he gets too big. Not only that but this dog needs to be taken to a vet. He could have worms, fleas, ticks, who knows what else! :o :x ...that is my moms biggest concern: our pets' health. SO... what I NEED to do is raise about $200 to take him to the vet myself. Ive got about $60-70 so I still need at least $130. :-? I hate to ask, but would anyone want to give a few bucks? I really need to get money ASAP, because the sooner hes in good health, the sooner he can get adopted instead of ending up in their backyard all day long. :cry: Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Opened a paypal account, my email is [email][email protected][/email]
  4. Okay, for those of you who remember... I have some neighbors who have a dog (a pit bull or bulldog mix) that they leave outside 24/7. :roll: Well, recently they got a 6-week-old puppy. They said they are trying to find a home for it but I couldve sworn he said he paid for the pup. :-? It was only like $16 but still.... why would they get it if they didnt want it? Maybe it was a rescue but who knows.... Anyway, this pup is 8 weeks now and has decided to take some interest in me and Kat. :P He goes under the fence and comes into our yard. The bully can get her head under but thats it. :lol: Im worried she might bite Kat because she always growls and charges at the fence when shes around. :x Might be motherly instinct ...or she just plain doesnt like other dogs, especially other females near her yard. Either way, I just hope Kat doesnt get herself into trouble with that dog. :roll: :-? Today the pup has stayed in our yard all day. :lol: I dont blame him.... I gave him food (he acted like he was starving to death! :o :( ), plenty of toys, affection, plus he has Kat to keep him entertained. :D Poor thing gets beat up by his "momma" dog and gets no human interaction which is crutial at this age. :( Both dogs dont have their shots... which is definitely a worry. :o :( Hopefully, I can convince my mom to let me foster him until January and I can get him adopted out.... or keep him. :wink: :lol: Well, here he is! [img]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b134/crazyk9/2005_1221Image0010.jpg[/img] Isnt he cute? Probably a chow/retriever mix. He has black spots on his tongue, but Kat has more than him so he cant have too much chow in him... I have to go now though. The dogs are waiting at the back door and want in. :lol:
  5. Yeah what OG and JM said. :wink: :lol: Just click on the pics of the designer breeds, theyre jokes. :P
  6. Ash, youre right [i]dog[/i] treadmills are considered to be linked with dog-fighting but I have an electric one that humans use and they arent considered the same thing. :wink: JM, luckily for you, your 3 entertain each other... unfortunately with Kat I have to be outside with her and recently I just havent been up to it. Plus with my hot flashes, I get overheated so easily and I cant cool down. :( Stupid meds... :roll: Shara and ESS, Kat was so feckin scared of the treadmill when she first saw it. :o So, just like with other objects I made her sit by it while I gave her treats. Then I moved to walking her over it and eventually sitting on it. The first time I tried to get her to actually walk on it while it was on, she nearly choked herself to death... she just would not go forward! So, I picked her up and had her walk it but not put all of her weight on it... sorry I cant really explain it better than that lol. The I tried again. She still would just drag her back feet along it, choking herself. :x What I hadnt tried was a harness! Since I dont have one I had just tried the collar but since it wasnt working I got creative... I just used her leash and wrapped it around her body and tied that to the e-mill. She resisted at first but then she gave up and figured out she has to just go with it. The first few times I walked her on it she went off the side or jumped off the front :lol: ...but now she likes it! I dont have to make her get on it anymore she actually wants to. :D
  7. I havent been feeling like taking Kat for a walk but I want her to lose some weight (since shes gained about 20 lbs since we got her) so I have her on the treadmill right now. :oops: :lol: She used to be scared to death of it, like everything else in the house, lol. I got her adjusted to it though and now I can finally run her on it... supervised of course. :wink: Right now shes going a bit slower at 2mph but I had her going up to 4.5 at one point. Plus shes an the highest level of incline... Until I get myself in gear to walk her, Im putting her on the mill for a while. Anyone else get lazy like me and put their dog(s) on the treadmill? Or, if youre not just lazy lol, have a situation where you cant walk them outside? What precautions should do you take? [size=2]I know some of you are probably gonna kick my ass for putting her on there because it can be dangerous... but shes always supervised and I make sure to check her pads afterwards to make sure theyre ok as well as make sure shes hydrated and not over-stressed. :wink: [/size]
  8. Kat only LOVES me and my mom.... but moreso me. :lol: She likes other people but it takes her a while to warm up to you. Shes quicker to bond with you if you have a dog with ya though. :wink: She does NOT like men at all... or children! Oh God, she nearly chokes herself to death trying to get away from kids. :o :( I still make her sit/stay and let them pet her, because most of the time they just run right up without asking anyway. :roll: :x She definitely warms up to calm, gentle people a lot quicker than "preppy" people. You have to be very, verycpatient with her. Shilo (my old dog who was a lab/husky mix supposedly but the more I look back I think she had some border collie or australian shepherd in her) was a great judge of character from what I remember. She loved everyone but didnt neccesarily [i]like[/i] everyone. She knew who had a good soul and who had a bad one. I loved her, she was such a great dog. :angel:
  9. OMG Im sooooo sorry about Cheech. :cry: Hes so young... :cry: :cry: and it hit so fast. :o :cry: Spoil him rotten while you can. I hope your last moments together are memorable.
  10. Oh god, dont get me started on Boxers! :x :lol: They are an AWESOME breed but such a HANDFUL!!!! :drinking: Ive never owned one but I have interacted with quite a few. The one I work with, Duke, is the dog from hell. :lol: Hes the sweetest dog but when Im scooping up poop he clamped down on that freakin thing like a gator. :o :roll: Its funny, sure, but he ends up knocking all the crap everywhere after I spent a lot of time cleaning it up. Just to give you an idea of how much were talking about here, theres about 50 dogs on the property. :o :lol: He doesnt listen at all.... he pulls on leash... nothing can stop him and hes as stubborn as hell. :-? Chokers and prongs dont work on him. He knows the word "sit" but only listens when we wants to or kows theres a treat involved. :roll: :lol:
  11. LOL yuppers, Ive had the same problem... cat isnt interested, but dogs are. When I had lil Maggie Mae the pit bull puppy she loved the littlw wind-up mouse we had gottten for the cat. Kat, on the other hand, is scared of the noise it makes. :lol:
  12. Yeah, LC is right... theyre born white and darken with age. She'll most likely turn out all heeler when shes full-grown. :wink:
  13. Newfiemom said things perfectly. :wink: Im confused about what you were trying to say though... has she not come into heat? Is that it, or is she not allowing males to breed her? :-?
  14. Yes Court. :wink: So thats possible in this case BUT as different as all their markings look, in structure and face they all look VERY similar... but not because of mom. Theyre very hound-like. The mom is pretty tiny too, but her offspring full-grown are big... plus they have short, short fur like boxers and pits, not like their mom and other labs. I dunno what daddy was! :-? :lol:
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