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  1. Shoot, I know Ive seen a breed that looks like that... Ill have to go find it. :wink: The shelter I volunteer for had a dog that was around the same size and looked somewhat similar. Thats how I came across the breed picture and was like, "woah!" :P Gah, well, I cant find the breed but heres a picture of the other dog... [img]http://www.straydog.org/Month200305/images20030518-0524/TinkerStandsLooksBack11444.jpg[/img] Only she doesnt have a tail lol
  2. :lol: Oy, Kat has yet to toss poop about but she does regularly chew and occasionally eat it. :o :x
  3. :angel: I figured you all would like him. :P :wink: A bit of an update... My mom isnt too thrilled about this pup being around. :( She wants the neighbors to put up something to block the holes. Which means just forget about the pup and let it live a sad, boring life outside even though the Texas heat could kill that poor pupppy. :evil: :cry: Right now is the best time to get him up for adoption before he gets too big. Not only that but this dog needs to be taken to a vet. He could have worms, fleas, ticks, who knows what else! :o :x ...that is my moms biggest concern
  4. Okay, for those of you who remember... I have some neighbors who have a dog (a pit bull or bulldog mix) that they leave outside 24/7. :roll: Well, recently they got a 6-week-old puppy. They said they are trying to find a home for it but I couldve sworn he said he paid for the pup. :-? It was only like $16 but still.... why would they get it if they didnt want it? Maybe it was a rescue but who knows.... Anyway, this pup is 8 weeks now and has decided to take some interest in me and Kat. :P He goes under the fence and comes into our yard. The bully can get her head under but thats it. :
  5. Yeah what OG and JM said. :wink: :lol: Just click on the pics of the designer breeds, theyre jokes. :P
  6. Ash, youre right [i]dog[/i] treadmills are considered to be linked with dog-fighting but I have an electric one that humans use and they arent considered the same thing. :wink: JM, luckily for you, your 3 entertain each other... unfortunately with Kat I have to be outside with her and recently I just havent been up to it. Plus with my hot flashes, I get overheated so easily and I cant cool down. :( Stupid meds... :roll: Shara and ESS, Kat was so feckin scared of the treadmill when she first saw it. :o So, just like with other objects I made her sit by it while I gave her treats
  7. I havent been feeling like taking Kat for a walk but I want her to lose some weight (since shes gained about 20 lbs since we got her) so I have her on the treadmill right now. :oops: :lol: She used to be scared to death of it, like everything else in the house, lol. I got her adjusted to it though and now I can finally run her on it... supervised of course. :wink: Right now shes going a bit slower at 2mph but I had her going up to 4.5 at one point. Plus shes an the highest level of incline... Until I get myself in gear to walk her, Im putting her on the mill for a while. Anyone
  8. :lol: Cats are evil lil things arent they?! :x :P Lucky and Kat have worked together like that one time now that I think about it... Lucky opened this package of rolls and dumped it on the floor. They "shared" them. :roll: See, I dont think Luckys intention was to work with Kat... she just happened to benefit from his mistake of dropping them on the floor. :lol: :lol: At least in my situation, both the dog and cat know they arent supposed to be doing those sorts of things. :lol:
  9. Shilo nor Kat have ever stolen any food from us... Lucky, the cat, has though. :roll: :lol: Hes eaten steaks, hamburger meat, bread, you name it! Our fault for leaving it up on the counter overnight... we shouldve known Lucky would do that. :roll: As soon as he thinks were asleep hes up on the counter at night checking things out. :x When I catch him he gets chased around the house and squirted with water though. :lol:
  10. Kat only LOVES me and my mom.... but moreso me. :lol: She likes other people but it takes her a while to warm up to you. Shes quicker to bond with you if you have a dog with ya though. :wink: She does NOT like men at all... or children! Oh God, she nearly chokes herself to death trying to get away from kids. :o :( I still make her sit/stay and let them pet her, because most of the time they just run right up without asking anyway. :roll: :x She definitely warms up to calm, gentle people a lot quicker than "preppy" people. You have to be very, verycpatient with her. Shilo (my old dog
  11. Money to shelters, positive pit bull press.... I think thats a good thing. Not something I would particularly enjoy much :lol: but still cute. :wink:
  12. OMG Im sooooo sorry about Cheech. :cry: Hes so young... :cry: :cry: and it hit so fast. :o :cry: Spoil him rotten while you can. I hope your last moments together are memorable.
  13. Oh god, dont get me started on Boxers! :x :lol: They are an AWESOME breed but such a HANDFUL!!!! :drinking: Ive never owned one but I have interacted with quite a few. The one I work with, Duke, is the dog from hell. :lol: Hes the sweetest dog but when Im scooping up poop he clamped down on that freakin thing like a gator. :o :roll: Its funny, sure, but he ends up knocking all the crap everywhere after I spent a lot of time cleaning it up. Just to give you an idea of how much were talking about here, theres about 50 dogs on the property. :o :lol: He doesnt listen at all.... he pu
  14. [quote name='Kat']wee experiment: take a greenie and cut it in half. put it into a basin of water and leave it over night submerged. have a look what it looks like in the morning to see exactly what you are putting into your dogs GI tract. I guarantee you wont give greenies ever again.[/quote] I would... if they were less expensive. :o :P
  15. Wanted to add, I know several APBT breeders who chain their dogs... the dogs like chains much better than kennels. With the chain-link fencing the dogs feel trapt, but with chains they dont feel that way so much. Its only irresponsible people that you should worry about chaining their dogs... they dont really care what happens to their dogs outside. They dont give their dogs attention or let them off the chain to exercise and interact with people... responsible people do. If I go down the road I want to, I will probably have to chain some of my dogs. I want to be a foster home for rescues
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