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  1. Horsefeathers!

    "Urine Gone"

    I've seen that stuff on tv and it looked like a total scam to me. Also, what I didn't get is why they had people spraying this stuff all over supposed "urine" on toilets and floors and such instead of just cleaning it off. "Oh, there's pee all over my toilet. I can't be bothered getting it off; I'll just spray over it!" Do people really do this?? :o That kind of advertising pretty much convinced me that it was a scam. I'm sorry you got taken, BM, but I'm kinda glad to hear some feedback on it. :oops:
  2. Horsefeathers!

    Pet and Xmas

    My doggers won the toy lottery this year. Thanks to the generosity of my Secret Santa, and then the generosity of an even more secretive Santa, my dogs are set. I'm just going to pass the goodies around on Christmas day. Hey, they don't know that *I* didn't buy them! :oops:
  3. Horsefeathers!

    It's been almost a year

    It doesn't seem like a year. I'm so sorry you're feeling down. It has been a really rough year for you. :(
  4. Horsefeathers!

    Please send prayers and good thoughts to Cheech

    I'm so sorry. :(
  5. Horsefeathers!

    Does anyone have any experience with Tibetan Mastiffs

    With reluctant to pee dogs we've dealt with (mostly when they're new, or in one case, a paraplegic dog that sometimes didn't know he was full), I'd go outside with them and massage their bladder areas. I don't know if it helped or not, but my neighbors sure thought I was crazy... standing behind my dog, massaging "that" area vigorously, smiling and waving with the other hand at them at the same time... :oops: Anyway, for dogs that I worry have gone too long, I will massage their bladder area to encourage urination. I tend to worry that they are setting themselves up for infection if they hold it too long.
  6. Horsefeathers!

    K (or any other Bulldog lovers)

    This guy was boarding at our clinic and I thought of you. He's such a ham, a clown and a real love. I took 382948267203846 pictures, but he is in constant motion, so everything else was a blur. I could see me falling in love with one of these. Anyway, just a share. :) [img]http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c360/HFeathers/Bulldogboarder.jpg[/img]
  7. Horsefeathers!

    Mac is home!

    Wonderful news, and one more step on the road to normalcy. :)
  8. Horsefeathers!

    Look what I got

  9. Horsefeathers!

    How many?

    Almost, but... :scared:
  10. Horsefeathers!

    How certain are you?

    My dogs and my cats get along well, but we never, ever leave them alone unsupervised. My cats have a safe room of their own that is barricaded by a baby gate where they have quick access to get away from the dogs. None of my dogs has ever tried to hurt my cats, but a couple of them occasionally stalk them, in play, of course. My cats are so used to dogs that they aren't afraid at all. They often sleep together, play together, and just get along really well. I've noticed that my dogs can sometimes get a little too excited and take on sort of a pack mentality. I don't trust that they wouldn't get carried away. One on one or even a few at a time, no problem, but I'll never allow my dogs to have total freedom with my cats. They've never hurt one, but I don't trust them implicitly.
  11. Horsefeathers!

    How many?

    My husband and I haven't had a vacation in nearly nine years because of all the critters. It would be too freakin' expensive to board them all (currently eleven dogs and four cats), and I've never even considered trying to find someone to tend to them. Now we are planning a long weekend away in March. My best friend has offered to watch almost ALL of the animals. The cats would stay home and she would come in a couple of times a day to care for them. She offered to take ALL the dogs at her house! I have eleven. She has three. That would be [size=7]14[/size] dogs in her tiny house if she took them all. She knows my dogs better than anyone and has a fenced yard. We're really, really having to think about it. Three of them we would board, anyway (Fred who is kind of... stoopit and stresses away from home... he's a pooper/pacer/drooler/digger/destructive monster if he's nervous, Peaches would have to board at the vet clinic because she and my friend's Standard don't get along, Simon would need to board because if there's a weakness in that fence, he'll find it and we'd probably never see him again). I don't know. This has never come up before. I'd sure like a little vacation, and my hubby and I haven't been anywhere together in so many years. We've had trips where he's gone for a few days, or I'm gone, but it would be nice to both go and not have to worry about the critters. I think we're going to let her do it. I also think she is going to be ready to pull her hair out by its roots by the time we get back. She's just not realizing, I don't think, how much work these guys can be. :oops: Still, she's known all of them all of their lives (or since we've had them), and they all know and love her. She would spoil them absolutely rotten (which scares me because she gives her dogs things I don't want mine to have, and I believe she'd sneak it). I definitely know I wouldn't have to worry about how they're treated, though.
  12. Horsefeathers!

    reply to divine on frequency

    BM, I think he was answering a question that DivOb posted in the other thread. IMO, that makes it a valid discussion rather than just a sales pitch, even if the tone is a bit condescending (I'll chalk that up to me not knowing him well enough to know if he's just joking around, or if he's truly being sarcastic). Come to think of it, someone on another of my pet boards nearly lost one of her dogs when they were playing and one dog's teeth got hung on the other dog's collar. If I remember correctly (it's been two or three years), the one dog suffered a minor injury with her jaw and the other one was the one being strangled. I think she found them entangled, but not dead yet. They both needed vet attention, though. While I don't think it's common, it's a valid enough concern for me to consider doing something a little different for my little escape artist. Until he learns to recite his name, address and phone number, he is required to wear a collar and id 24/7. It makes me think. I'd still like to know if DrJohn is going to otherwise be involved in our board. :)
  13. Horsefeathers!

    HELP!!! I lost Kiani

    [quote name='courtnek']I'm in....did you think just because I'm old I would be offended? shame shame HF...you should know me better by now... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: but if the younguns object, I'll let it slide. you guys decide.... 8)[/quote] Oh, for the love of...! :roll: NO, I didn't think you were too old (I don't know that you'll be the oldest person there), and NO, I don't think anyone's going to object. I would have said that to anyone if I weren't sure they were aware of the content. :o Maybe it just means [b]I'm[/b] getting old. :oops:
  14. Horsefeathers!

    Would it make you mad??????

    I don't think I'd care one way or the other. Steal something tangible and I'd be furious, but on the net, I don't care. The only exception is if it were something that affected my "real" life somehow. I might be disgusted if someone were using my dogs' photos on breeding sites or something like that, but not enough to waste my energy being angry. I have enough other stuff to be p*ssed about. I mean, I'm sure if I caught it, I'd step up and say it's mine, but I don't think I'd lose sleep over it. Then again, I say this stuff hypothetically. I THINK that's how I'd react. It's tricky stuff all around. If you think about it, if we take it all seriously and literally, we could be in deep doo doo for posting graphics and photo-shopped pictures. I post a lot of graphics, but I'm sure if someone wanted to enforce their "rights," they could nail me on it. I see a LOT of pictures posted here (and all over the web) that don't belong to the people posting them. A couple of msn groups I'm in no longer allow posting of graphics or images from recognizable sources (Disney, WB, stuff like that). Also, think about all the articles that are posted here (and elsewhere on the web). Even when you provide a link, you are effectively stealing it when you post it elsewhere since they usually have the little blurb about "distributing or reproducing" it (or however that goes). I reckon it all depends on how serious you are about "stealing." Since I frequently use graphics and images belonging to other sources, I figure it just goes with the territory that there's a chance that my stuff might get "borrowed." I'm not saying it makes it right. I just think it would be hypocritical of me (or anyone else) to make a big deal about stealing and then do basically the same thing by copying/pasting articles, using graphics, photos, etc. Do you burn cd's for your private use? DVD's? Download "free" music? Games? Record movies from television? Even if it's for your own personal use, you're basically stealing them.
  15. Horsefeathers!

    I know! Lets ask Courtnek!!!!!!!!!!

    [quote name='CoalSky']Actually dogs mouths are really clean. [/quote] Even if I believed that, they ain't coming anywhere near my mouth. If it makes you feel any better, I don't like being licked in the face by people, either. :P Calling it kissing doesn't make any less gross to me. Yuck! I love my doggies and do unspeakably gross things for them in the name of doggie ownership, but we aren't going to be swapping spit! I just don't have it in me to watch them "kiss" their b u t t s, other dogs' b u t t s, the cats' b u t t s, any b u t t available, eat their own vomit, chew on socks, drink from the toilet, and then have them share it with me. Nope, nope, nope. :o