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  1. JackieMaya


    [quote name='BuddysMom']Gonna get that wasally wabbit![/quote] That one would pretty much apply to all three of mine, but it would be the wascally squirrel.
  2. JackieMaya

    My dogs are retarded

    "An Affair to Remember" is on t.v., and Cary Grant just knocked on Deborah Kerr's door and Maya and Pooh Bear went running upstairs and to the front door, barking like crazy. What a bunch of retards. Don't they know that Cary Grant isn't alive any more?
  3. JackieMaya


    cats drool
  4. JackieMaya

    Why is it..........?

    Good post TDG! I agree that there's no reason for docking/cropping in this day and age. And I think the Boxers with tails look awesome!
  5. Um ... are we supposed to laugh? :hmmmm:
  6. JackieMaya

    Why is it..........?

    This is one of those debates where neither side is probably going to change their opinion. I don't believe in docking or cropping at all and won't change my opinion about it, and I'm sure the people on the other side of the fence won't change their opinion.
  7. JackieMaya

    I have to find a new dog sitter

    [quote name='rotten_two']OR you could just not travel (jackie maya and pooh told me to say it)[/quote] Now, you HAVE to stop listening to my knuckleheads!
  8. JackieMaya

    I have to find a new dog sitter

    Maya never gets loose with me. Shortly after Pooh Bear had his hip surgery, I took off his cone, put Maya's citronella collar on her and didn't put her harness on (major brain fart), and she jumped the fence. But she never ever gets out the door without her harness on. My dogs are all very spoiled, but they have a very structured routine for feeding time and turning out time that I ALWAYS follow, and it works great. Now that I think about it, out of the 4 times she's dogsat for me, there have been escapes 3 of those times. Not a good record! So it looks like it'll be back to the kennel from now on when I have to go out of town (until I can get a 6-foot fence put up next year).
  9. JackieMaya

    Freaking nightmare

    Holy shit! Dogs can get your heart pumping, can't they? Glad you got them all back.
  10. JackieMaya

    RIP Norman!

    Run free Norman! It sounds like you had a great life with your human mommie!
  11. JackieMaya

    Greenies may be harmful

    My dogs all love Greenies and have never had any problem. But Pooh Bear thinks that green poop is real tasty! Yuck! So I don't give them Greenies very often.
  12. JackieMaya

    Had to share...

    Awww, what a cute picture! Nikki is waiting for her close-up!
  13. JackieMaya

    Barkley is such a good boy!

    Good boy, Barkley! I hope your ear feels better soon!
  14. JackieMaya

    ewww Kes is so gross!!!

    Awww, Kessie gave her mummy a wee wee gift! LOL My puppers taught me that I always keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom doors closed.
  15. JackieMaya

    30in Pizzle!!

    [quote name='IlBLisSlI']i try to whack jessi with my pizzle as often as possible[/quote] Can you imagine the whacking you could do if your pizzle was 30 inches? :crazyeyes: