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  1. ... frozen poop tossing! He picks up frozen poop and tosses it up in the air and chases after it, and keeps on doing it. It's just hysterical! He acts almost like a cat tossing and chasing it all over. What a knucklehead!
  2. He is SOOOO adorable! I hope you can keep him (at least for a while) and give him a proper start to his life!
  3. [quote name='BuddysMom']Gonna get that wasally wabbit![/quote] That one would pretty much apply to all three of mine, but it would be the wascally squirrel.
  4. All of my dogs (especially Maya) are big-time play growlers. If a non-dog person heard my dogs playing in the yard they would probably think they were fighting by all the play growling. When I first got Maya, the shelter said that she was food aggressive. So she would growl if I would try to take her food away. Now if I have to take her bowl away before she's done (to put something else in, or whatever), I make her sit and she'll let me take it without growling (but she gives me a dirty look). But no, none of my dogs growl at me. That's just not allowed in my house.
  5. I only have one dog bed (which hardly ever gets used). My kids have a choice of a futon, 2 sofas, 2 love seats and 4 recliners (and the floor) to sleep on.
  6. They're even worse with doorbells on t.v. Jackie is the only non-retard. She just stays where she is. She knows better. :wink:
  7. "An Affair to Remember" is on t.v., and Cary Grant just knocked on Deborah Kerr's door and Maya and Pooh Bear went running upstairs and to the front door, barking like crazy. What a bunch of retards. Don't they know that Cary Grant isn't alive any more?
  8. I don't like ear cropping or tail docking (and never will), but that's just my preference. But I don't think it's something that should be regulated either. I think it should be up to the individual. Like DF said, there are far more important animal issues that need to be dealt with.
  9. We have a new graphics artist in our midst! NOT! LOL!
  10. Nope, mine look nothing like your pupper!
  11. Court, thank Dog your dogs let you know! I'm glad your son is going to be okay. Dogs are SOOO perceptive. Just ask Kat about her Sheltie roomie!
  12. I'm so sorry you lost your babies. They were both so beautiful. Cherish their memories.
  13. It was Internet dating for all three of mine. I moved back home to take care of my dad when he was dying of cancer. He had always been a huge dog lover (we always had dogs in our family growing up), and it's a big house with a big fenced yard. So I started looking on Petfinder.com for a Golden Retriever. I saw Jackie's picture and immediately fell in love. They listed her as a 1-1/2 year old Golden mix (maybe with German Shepherd and Collie). She had been rescued from the pound so there was no background on her. My dad, brother and I went to meet Jackie and we all fell in love. T
  14. Good post TDG! I agree that there's no reason for docking/cropping in this day and age. And I think the Boxers with tails look awesome!
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