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  1. [quote name='Irena']well in this thing i'm lucky :D no fingers for me 8) :lol:[/quote] In other words you use a "pooper scooper?" Good for around the yard, but what about out on "walkies"? :wink:
  2. Oooh, my favorite subject! Yes I have and it's not pleasant to be surprised. However I do carry extra bags and regularly pick up after other dogs whose owners all apparently walk on water and can't be bothered.
  3. Buddy has also shown his teeth during nail cutting. That is when I reassure him (and then sit on him! :lol: )
  4. Gonna get that wasally wabbit!
  5. [quote name='Horsefeathers!']Also, what I didn't get is why they had people spraying this stuff all over supposed "urine" on toilets and floors and such instead of just cleaning it off. "Oh, there's pee all over my toilet. I can't be bothered getting it off; I'll just spray over it!" Do people really do this?? :o [/quote] :lol: Good point! I think I would have cleaned it first ... :oops: :D
  6. I was taken in by the TV ad, have you seen it? There is a so-called "scientific black light" that shows you where all your old urine stains are, and then you spray the stuff and whopee, the stain disappears! Well there is a room where we KNOW there's some old cat piss hiding out but we can't find it ... So I bought the Urine Gone (in a local store, thank goodness) and try the light in this room ... all it shows are the white and light colored things in the room .. it is just a regular black light! :lol: Anyhoo, it is all going back to the store. It is a complete scam IMO ... I'll be happy to get my $19.99 back but disappointed that it doesn't work!
  7. [quote name='Alan'][quote name='BuddysMom']This was all very interesting; the article and responses. Thanks![/quote] I also agree but let me throw in something to make you scratch your head. I am not saying I believe this, just asking. When I grew up, it was common for everyones dogs to run loose in the neighborhood. Everyone knew whose dogs were whose and everyone got to know each others dogs. People didnt fear the Pit Bull because they knew it belonged to the Jones family and the big Mastiff belonged to the smith family and everyone petted and fed everyones dogs. The bad part is, everyones male dog was getting everyones female dog pregnant. So stiffer laws came and the dogs were secluded from all the neighbors and only a select few got to meet them. When a strange neighbor saw a strange dog, he reacted in fear, and was bitten, wich made other neighbors fearfull and escalated into an epidimic. Could it have happened anything like that?[/quote] Maybe ... The part about people reacting more fearfully to dogs is a good point. But I remember a similar kind of "good old day" and it wasn't really so good. Such as when I was a kid, our lab-shepherd mix killing a neighbor's small dog. (No one knoew what exactly happened; they were both running loose as was the norm.) I personally see almost an epidemic fear-to-hatred of dogs among people who grew up in ghettos, etc ... I think that can be traced back to the 1970s when dobes, especially; followed by other breeds, began to be used on a large scale as an accessory; a bodyguard, status symbol, security system ... but not a friend or a pet.
  8. Thanks for the update. Paws crossed and best wishes for little Nancy's recovery!
  9. This was all very interesting; the article and responses. Thanks!
  10. [quote name='Mei-Mei']I'd just keep my distance, follow the truck and call the police on my cell. :)[/quote] I agree. I wouldn't want to blow my cover. Shooting out tires or confronting may result in my dog getting hurt.
  11. [quote name='Alan'] If local law allows, use pepper spray when charged by the dog.[/quote] It all sounds good except that part ... screw the local law!!!
  12. This is GREAT!! I have been too sick to tell you all, but my brother was asking me about "labradoodles." (My SIL was interested). I told him the what-for and he said I had a year to convince him. Now I know what to send!
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