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  1. Sassy and Maisy sleep cuddled right up with me in my bed..... :angel: (nice little generators) :wink: Gretchen's scared of the water bed, so she sleeps on a nice doggie bed right next to it. :wink:
  2. Gretchen is very growly and vocal while playing too.....Kris calls her "Chewy" (Chewbacca sp?) :lol: Sassy growled at me once because I moved her out of my seat and I just got right in her face and said "Don't YOU growl at me !!!" and she backed off and never did it again. :-? Maisy only growls when she sees cats outside...... :roll: :lol:
  3. Maisy - "Got Food" ? Sassy - "I Vant to be alone....." Gretchen - "I'll try anything once"
  4. Both Jacks came from Breeders (not from the same breeder) Gretchen came from someone trying to pass her off as a purebred Rottweiler puppy. (obviously not... :roll: ) :lol:
  5. I have 3 right now......but would always have at least 2. :wink:
  6. I'm all for leaving the dogs au naturale........(ears/tails) I have Jacks, most breeders dock the tails. Sassy (white one) came to me with her tail done. Maisy (brown/wht - avatar) her breeder didn't agree with docking and she has a natural tail which I find suits her personality !! :wink:
  7. :o Jaci ~ I think it sounds like Emma's got a case of Pica.... :lol: Starr ~ Looks like Starr is trying to levitate one of those fries right into his mouth....... :lol:
  8. :wink: That happened with a package I had on the counter.....bad Kato Kat climbed up to see what was in it (dog goodies) and he knocked one to the floor and the dog got it......wasn't supposed to have it (Xmas goodie) :x
  9. We had a cook-out and my son's friend made the fatal error of getting up and leaving his plate on the back porch table....where Sassy instantly jumped up, knocked his plate down (paperplate) and ate his hot dog, chips, etc...... :oops:
  10. I had that problem with Gretchen (Lab/RottX) the Vet finally attributed her ear infections to food allergy and she now eats IVD (Venison/Potato). I can only get it through the Vet and it's pretty costly at $40/20lb. bag. Considering she eats almost 4 cups/day.....
  11. [quote name='rotten_two']dawg smiled on you that day! did you actually fall or just stumble![/quote] Stupid me....fell :lol: That's when hubby got pissed and had a talk with them about keeping Sooty in better. :wink: She had previously attacked us while out walking in the street, but when she found out that Nakita was no pussy she left us alone...... :evilbat: I was screaming my arse off , no one on our street heard me but someone across the pond heard me and called the police.....they thought someone was being raped !!!!! :o :lol: I had no doubt after that attack that Nakita could hold her own with Sooty but I just didn't want it to happen. :wink:
  12. [quote name='Jessashelony']I would want to be Divina... Because she gets to live with Miss, but doesn't have to hear her shiny! :lol:[/quote] :o [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v200/SassafrassLouise/Emoticons/choke.gif[/img]
  13. [quote name='rotten_two']if only my dogs weren't skeered of the water! :roll:[/quote] If I were your dog, I wouldn't be.... :wink: :lol:
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