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  1. Glad to hear Sassy is feeling better! :D
  2. Poor Ford! Lesson learned...I hope! :o I hope Ford heals up cleanly and quickly.
  3. If your neighbor would keep Snoopy at home he wouldn't have to accuse his wonderful neighbor of stealing his dog and narrowly escape getting stabbed with a grilling fork! Animal Control might be just the remedy. (I also got a vivid picture of you brandishing the fork while shouting curses in his direction. :lol: )
  4. It's so true that time passes and dulls the ache, but all it takes is one clear memory and it all comes flooding back full strength. I think we've all experience that sharp recall. :cry: My boys and I are thinking of you today, Tammy.
  5. :cry: What a heartbreaking thing for you and Cheech. I was so sorry to read your news this morning. I know you will make him as comfortable and loved as possible during the rest of his time with you. He can't understand why he is feeling so sick, but you can and will do what he needs to have done when it is time. The boys and I are sending thoughts of strength and peace your way this morning.
  6. Harley is just fantastic and adorable! :D
  7. Great picture of a smart girl about her work! :D Very Cute!
  8. :cry: Of all the writings that describe the final courageous thing we can do for our companions this one is the one that touches me the most. I'm so sorry for your loss, Ickle. Thank you for posting these poignant words. :angel:
  9. They look like little darlings. :angel:
  10. I love the big fella at the top! Just look at that big goofus pupper! :iloveyou: The girls are pretty too, but he's wonderful. 8)
  11. I wish you and Mac the happiest of homecomings! Wonderful news. :D :D
  12. Why is it I never am smart enough to grab a tissue [b]before[/b] I read one of your posts? What a lovely poem. :iloveyou:
  13. I'm sending all the positive thoughts possible for Ford. I hope he comes home safe and sound. :cry:
  14. Great post! :D Made happy tears... Great job, Travis!
  15. I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope that Trouble is found soon and safe!
  16. Happy Anniversary! :D May you and Sydney have many more wonderful years together!
  17. Hehehe...I love the first picture of Peaches with her "baby". She looks positively matronly. :lol: Neither of my boys are fixated on toys. When I first met my husband he had a lab/chow mix named Bear. Bear NEVER played with toys. My sister brought over a rubber squeaky dumbell toy for him and Mark said, "He won't like that - Bear doesn't like toys." Hehehe! When Bear set eyes on that toy, he was in love! He would take it outside, bring it inside. If he forgot it outside he would whine at the door when he realized it was missing. :roll: When he passed away he was buried with it in our back field. I wish Peaches many happy moments with her child!
  18. Nice ventilated hat! Great job, Pooh Bear! :lol: It's the cute, innocent looking ones that you really have to be on guard against....hehehehe! Reminds me of a dog we had briefly named Yogi. One weekend he died of a sudden and intense grand mal seizure before the vet could get the shot of valium into him after we raced him to the vet on a Sunday. But that's another story. He was the worst chewer I've ever seen, but a more lovable, beautiful mutt dog never lived. He was as big as a sofa! We got him from our local shelter. A big, blonde, long-haired collie-like hunk with prick type ears whose tips just bent over the slightest bit. Anyway....he would lay on the floor in a doorway..with us watching him, mind you, and ever so gradually move his muzzle over to the door frame. A grinding noise would commence as he would start "cribbing" - isn't that what horses do, JM? - on the woodwork!!! We'd give a yell...he'd stop! And then the whole process would start all over again. During the 6 months we had him he ruined an antique kitchen set, two doorways, and the edges of two stairs. But...dang...he was an enormously cute dog! Cute, JM, but definately not innocent! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. I think it's great you want to share with others! :D
  20. That all seems perfectly normal to me. My plate holders says, "I love my big dog, and my big dog loves me." I must admit to feeling a bit self-concious at times while riding around with hubby driving the car.... 8)
  21. Aaaw! Pooh Bear has got you wrapped around his little paw...hehehe! Dogs are so adorable. Those little moments do add up! :D
  22. She is a sweetheart, and your love and pride for her shines from your tribute.
  23. [quote name='CincoandDahlilasgirl'][quote name='Michele'][quote name='Jessashelony']She gave Zoey away before Justin even got back? :o[/quote] yes, but she promised him that she would get him his Great Dane...the dog he always wanted......[/quote] Wait isn't HE the one that WANTED Zoey?[/quote] She gave Zoey away? :o How did I miss this?! Grrrrr. I retract my earlier post about keeping my opinion to self. Thank you, Michelle for spreading the news to rescues, etc. about her revolving door use of animals. :evil: Selfish. That's the bottom line. She's selfish and spoiled.
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