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  1. Don't you guys just HATE it when a new member comes here, asks something, and when we answer saying "Hey listen, maybe it would be better this way" get all pissed and point to a specific member and say "Thanks for your useful advice" then leave???? Its happening a lot lately. Its like they're not even asking for advice at all! HELLO PEOPLE, don't come here if you want us to sugarcoat our replies! [size=2] Not targeting you Carol. :) Just using an example![/size]
  2. Yes, I am uncomfortable around certain dogs. Not because I'm scared of them, but because I know if we ever got into a situation in which the dog started getting agressive, or bit someone, I would be completely clueless as to what to do (not experienced enough).
  3. [quote name='Michele'][quote]But anything valuable in the car was still there, such as my game boy sp sitting in the middle seat. [/quote] the only thing valuable in the car was your companion.....geez....[/quote] Michele, I think she was just trying to imply that things a possible robber could have stolen were still there. :wink: Didn't read the whole post yet. :oops: Hope you find Kiani.
  4. Why isn't this all over the news? Why aren't people bashing Poodles left and right? Why aren't they trying to ban Poodles? Oh wait. Because its not a Pit. Well, this is a small step towards getting people to realize [i]any dog can bite.[/i]
  5. She's probably going to run out and get a Titan Bulldogge now. :roll: Why can't people listen to advice before defending themselves aggressively?
  6. [quote]In order to stop all the dog fighting and torture of ANY breed, we need stricter laws for the HUMANS, not the animals.[/quote] Wise words. I like that! :)
  7. 6 hours! :o Amazing! Thanks for the story, eric. :) I'm overcome with emotion, too..
  8. Very touching story, Alan. :( I'm so sorry about Scrappy.
  9. JessieM05, did you look at the links Mutts4Me posted? Or Gooeydog's post? They were really helpful. Even if English Bulldogs had so many health problems, the cure to this [i]isn't to breed hybrids and sell them off as new breeds.[/i] These breeders are breeding them for so much money, its impossible to believe their intentions really are that good. Mixing the English Bulldog with another breed will NOT give you a healthier dog, all those excuses about longer snouts and all that BS (again, here Gooeydog's post comes into play).. its the exact same story with Labradoodles and Puggles and al
  10. ...and you know, if they're trying to re-create the old bulldog, then it isn't really their breed in the first place. :roll:
  11. :o I didn't think there were that much!
  12. What's wrong with us brunettes? *cries big salty tears* I wanna see a pic of a brunette, dammit! :x :lol:
  13. JessieM05, welcome to the board. :) I'd read Gooeydog's post if I were you, it really clears some things up.
  14. I agree with BK and Malamum. Our posts were actually irrelevant to the matter at hand. I'm sowwy. :oops: *cry face she can't find*
  15. She got rid of Zoey, did she? That smurfing bitch. BTW, did you notice she isn't in any of the pics with the ex-con? He could be a lie, also. Just random pics she got from him as they were chatting on MSN or whatnot. She sent this as a PM so she knew he wouldn't find them maybe.. if only she knew. :evilbat:
  16. [quote name='JackieMaya'][quote name='Rowie-the-Pooh']You know what we should do from now on? If we find that someone on here is up to something fishy, we should say so from the get go and not try to stifle our feelings because s/he is our friend. It could save us a lot of heartache.[/quote] Don't we already do this? We are known as mean prison bitches, you know.[/quote] True :lol: . But what I meant was that some of us felt something fishy about DAK since the very beginning but didn't say anything because everyone else really liked her. Then we began to like her ourselves until she li
  17. Actually, I don't think Zoey was Justin's dog before they met. I think they got her after they got together, because I remember her saying five months after getting Zoey, they got Cody to "keep her company". :roll: You know what we should do from now on? If we find that someone on here is up to something fishy, we should say so from the get go and not try to stifle our feelings because s/he is our friend. It could save us a lot of heartache.
  18. No one messes with Dogo and gets away with it. :evilbat:
  19. Thank God they gave him back. Now, he'll hopefully go to a much better home then with these idiots! :x
  20. [quote name='Crested'] :cry: Poor Cody... Poor Zoey... :cry:[/quote] Poor Moose, Stryker and Boonie. Not to mention Tank! :( Welcome back, Crested! And thanks Lorraine for giving Michele and Dogo some time to explain things!
  21. Urrrgh. It will never end will it (this whole stupid doodle bussiness)? :(
  22. I love going out. :oops: If I stay at home two days in a row, I go crazy *unhealthy too, I know*. But its so boring at home. >_<
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