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  1. courtnek

    Does your dog look like mine?

    Free looks like Ash's dog (in my sig) Laurel looks like no other dog I've ever seen here...
  2. courtnek

    Skippy DOg Heros

    they are amazing, arent they? I see so every day when I hear stories like this. they just KNOW somehow...
  3. courtnek

    Growl at you?

    Neither of mine growl at me, except Free does when we play rough. but its a wimpy growl at that, and more just a vocalization. mine are not allowed toseriously growl at me for any reason.
  4. courtnek

    Why is it..........?

    docking and cropping had purpose in hunting and guarding dogs that goes way back. the tails were docked to prevent injury, and I have seen hunting dog tails mangled and broken. cropping was done mostly in guarding dogs to prevent the ear from being a point of grabbing by an assailant. today, unless the dog is working, it is not necessary, but I will advocate a dock for a hunting dog that has had problems with his tail in the past. Laurel's tail is permanently kinked, and had been broken while she was hunting. the vet says its ok, just watch the bump, but since she;s not hunting now I see no reason to dock it.
  5. courtnek

    What would you do?

    [quote]LOL No, you're wong! I agree with you! I already knew what you would say. If I ever meet you though, I'll bet I will be the politest guy you have ever met in your life[/quote] ok thats just wrong.....you have a completely wrong opinion of me. I am not aggressive day to day....I actually try to help people with aggression problems...things to do other than kill people...like throw dishes and enjoy the sound of their breaking....relieves stress, trust me... you set up a scenario where my dog (or my kid, or my friends) were snatched. and asked what I would do with a loaded gun at my disposal... I answered what I would do in that situation. thats only one situation. I might not do any of that in a different situation. I might choose to cut off the car, or wait for the police...depends on the necessitty of the situation. there is no perfect answer. all situations require well thought out responses...
  6. courtnek

    Why do dogs attack? One man's view

    [quote]Oh, a combination, I'd say. People, more and more, seem to want to train a dog to protect their home. Quite frankly, I think this is ridiculous, as most dogs are naturally territorial already. They'll come to your aid if you need them to, without the aggression training. Making them more aggressive is just asking for trouble[/quote] I couldnt agree more with this, and I have been telling people this for decades...they just DONT get it that a guarding breed dog (a dobie, a rottie, to some extent a GSD) will guard NATURALLY upon reaching maturity because thats what it was bred to do....its in their genes already, and unless you are police or military, and need a trained guard dog to help you do your job, there is NO reason to do it. a watchdog and a naturally protective dog is good enough for the average household.... :roll:
  7. courtnek

    Why do dogs attack? One man's view

    good article, and what most of us here have been saying like for what? forever now? let me throw something out for suggestion.... why is it happening so much more NOW, then even it did in the 70's and 80's? or is it? are there really more aggressive dogs, or is there more media exposure when an aggressive act happens? I remember when young, hearing about dog bites, sometimes on the news, but mostly from friends-of-friends at achool and at home, so-and so got attacked by a big mean dog out after dark by himself last night.... the common question then was "why was he out after dark by himself?" and "Do they know who the owner is?" or "was it a stray?" if the owner was known, they generally didnt know the dog was out, would pay for the damages, and the medical bills, and the dog would be then more strictly kept inside (sometimes outside as well) or the dog would be euthanized if this was a second or third bite. the law was rarely involved, the biters owner and the bitee's family worked it out themselves in most cases. rarely did I ever hear about maulings, and people being torn to shreds back then....yet PB's existed, rotties and dobies existed, GSD's existed.... GSD's in fact had one of the worst reps back then, as aggressive dogs. my neighbor owned one who got loose and bit my Golden. so what happened in the interim? did the dogs get more vicious, the people get stupider, or the media simply find their newest freakshow to slam down our throats?
  8. courtnek

    Do you know what to do?

    a lot of it would depend on the threat. if it was standing there snarling but not lunging, I might start to back up and look over its head (where I could still see it without staring at it) but if it remained aggressive after that (following or lunging) I would have to yell a stern D*O*W*N*!!!! or SIT!!!! the worst thing you can do is run. If it continued to attack I'm afraid I'd probably kick it, or hit it with a tree branch or something. I dont walk without my dogs. A wielded leash makes a good slap upside the head tool....and I always carry an extra with me just in case something happens, like one breaks or whatever.
  9. courtnek

    Uneasy around?

    there is no particular type of dog I am uncomfortable around...but I have never been bitten, either. I am always cautious around dogs giving off bad body-language vibes....it doesnt matter what kind, the two Chi's next door are ruthless about trying to bite through the fence, yet theres a man here that walks this completely beautiful GSD mix around, who is not friendly, but will be patient and allow attention if his master says its ok...
  10. courtnek

    Best toy ever!

    OMG!! I dont know where you are located, but it must be somewhere near me...that was an EMPIRE commercial in the background.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: the clip was cute. the dog really enjoys it. I tried that once, but Free hates mice, and kills the real ones she occasionally finds in the yard. she went ballistic and tore the fake one up almost as soon as it hit the floor.... :lol:
  11. courtnek

    meet Harley....

    kind of a new twist on "Service Dog" 8) Go to [url]http://www.kake.com/news/features/4/1969117.html[/url] play the video. its hilarious
  12. courtnek

    PETA 'Too Graphic for TV' ...well, duh!

    you can fully support the initial "face" they show people, until you research and realize that there is known payouts for terrorist activities, blowing up of research labs, signs hung in colleges that say "drink beer, not milk"...and this...handed out to grade school children: [img]http://media-carnell.macrobyte.net/animalrights/images/01_06_2004_your_mommy_kills.jpg[/img] if I caught them handing something like this to my grade school child, you'd be taking up a slush fund to bail me out... :evil: :evil: :evil:
  13. courtnek

    Dog beds?

    I'm with HF...egg crate foam, pillowcases and velcro. cases can be removed and washed, foam is cushy and comfy. dogs love them... also if destoryed, they are cheap and easy to replace. and you can choose cases to your decor as well... :lol: :lol:
  14. courtnek

    Fighting again..

    did you ever consider deliberately demoting one of them?