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  1. Free: MAKE MY DAY...... Laurel: did you say food? food? can I have some of yours?
  2. Neither of mine growl at me, except Free does when we play rough. but its a wimpy growl at that, and more just a vocalization. mine are not allowed toseriously growl at me for any reason.
  3. he's home, on high powered antibiotics, and inhaler and some expectorant to cough up the crap....damn kid....well, his girlfriend knows now and she'll rag him to no end if he does this again. he listens to HER (figures)...... Free is the healer dog. I'm sure her anxiety set Laurel off, and you'd have to be DEAF to sleep thru that bay.... he sounds better already. but I am counting the antibiotics to make sure he takes them all til they're gone. I told him they have to stay in the medicine chest so the dogs wont get them.... :evilbat:
  4. my son is in the hospital. pneumonia, in both lungs. he's had a bad cold and been coughing roughly for 2 days. worked both days tho I said he should stay home. came home from work, took cold medicine, passed out on the couch. I have been ragging and offering to take him to see a doctor, typical male, not necessary. Free woke me up an hour ago. whining, demanding. Laurel was also whining, baying. Kyle was on the couch, shivering, freezing and with a high fever. I just got back from the hospital. He'll be ok, he's on antibiotics and willbe there until tomorrow. If I dont beat him to death for stubborness, he'll live. listen to your dogs. they know more then we do.
  5. docking and cropping had purpose in hunting and guarding dogs that goes way back. the tails were docked to prevent injury, and I have seen hunting dog tails mangled and broken. cropping was done mostly in guarding dogs to prevent the ear from being a point of grabbing by an assailant. today, unless the dog is working, it is not necessary, but I will advocate a dock for a hunting dog that has had problems with his tail in the past. Laurel's tail is permanently kinked, and had been broken while she was hunting. the vet says its ok, just watch the bump, but since she;s not hunting now I see no reason to dock it.
  6. [quote]oh good dogness, what an afternoon....and naturally its the worst day of the week...wednesday when all bad things always happen! [/quote] but...but...but.... WEDNESDAY is Prince Spaghetti Day!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: glad it all worked out for the best. 8)
  7. Outside of a dog, a book is mans best friend. Inside of a dog its too dark to read. Groucho Marx
  8. Kes is still young though. the instinct to protect doesnt come naturally til adolescence...and some never acquire it depending on breed.
  9. I would call the vet. I cannot take quite a few different antibiotics. some make me throw up, some give me diarrhea....sounds like your pup. :o
  10. I sympathize. people like that twist me up so bad I could do something desperate and illegal, causing pain.... never thought of the grilling forks though.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: although I once told one of my X's friends, who was too touchy/feeley for my taste, that if he didnt stop I would twist his undies in such a bunch he'd be guaranteed to never have offspring..... :oops: anyway, I agree that Snoopy needs a new home. Maybe AC could help.theres no law against getting drunk on your own property, but there are certainly laws against verbal harrassment of the neighbors while in a drunken state. Its called Drunk and Disorderly in most places...
  11. Laurel has fear issues, so not a good example. It takes a while to get her to warm up to anyone she doesnt know. Free is the psychic (psycho) dog. certain people she will warm right up to....others.....nada. I dont know if her apprehension makes me nervous or vice versa, but either way I stay wide of people she obviously doesnt like. except small kids. she doesnt like any of them. they make her very nervous and she stays away from them. she is the un-labby lab.... 8)
  12. thanks everyone.....PC tolerated him up to a point, he must have crossed that point. he is very "big" on himself....he's lucky the dogs are cat tolerant, since he tries to take them on too...they ignore him, although Free will lift a lip if he pushes too hard... he doesnt realize how lucky he is that PC taught the dogs cat manners in his younger years.... :-?
  13. young kitty, large, strong...decided he would take on PushyCat...(people dont take on PC, he's not exactly friendly even at the best of times). PC is 18 and some. Ford is a little over a year....Ford is twice his size. Ford now has a noticeable toothmark under his jaw. you think he'd of learned by now..... :roll: :roll: :roll: can I put Neopsporin on it to prevent infection, or will it hurt him if he licks it off.... both are neutered.
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