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  1. Ooops sorry didn't see the disaster part til now :oops:
  2. :o [url]http://www.designerdogbreeds.com/[/url] :roll: Labradinger? :roll:
  3. My baby is 8 years old today :o I can't beleive it because it seems like just yesterday she could fit into my coat pocket and baby doll bonnet (yes I put that on her when we 1st got her :oops: ) and stroller! Happy bday Dahlila baby!! :bday:
  4. Cinco does this to. Just this morning I woke up to his legs kicking me! He also makes this woof woof woooooof sound to sometimes!
  5. I entered him in Decembers Pet of the month on petendipity [url]http://www.petendipity.com/petofthemonth.htm[/url]
  6. [color=violet]$300-$4.00?! :o Purebred rescues don't even charge much around here! I think the most I've ever payed for a dog is $200! Cinco was $94.59 and Dahlila Was $200.00 but puppies are usually more expensive to cover 1st shots/speutering[/color]
  7. Cinco does this to. Just a few days ago Lizzie had somehow gotten behind my bed and crawled into the built door. Cinco must have smelled her in there because he kept going upto the drawer and sniffing it out. Finaly I opened it and out popped Lizzie! :o
  8. [quote name='Clueless']Awww, come on guys, she is just an attention seeking troll who probably doesn't even have a dog let alone - lost it went to disney land bought stuff for said lost dog got home and by some miracle the dog found it's way home Oh, and Sandy, I know where you are posting and they will eat you alive over there, in other words they will get your number real quick and ignore you.[/quote] I probably know 2 but not saying for sure.
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