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    How many of you use a Dremel (or some type of grinding tool) for nails? I love mine, but I was wondering, how short can I go? I have heard that if you go a little shorter each time, the quick recedes. Is that true? The boys do so well with it. They both just lay there. Hunter ususally lays his head on my outstretched leg and shifts when I switch paws. Dakota just sniffs my hair the whole time! And Tater's F.M. says that she uses a Dremel too, so I won't have to worry too much about getting him used to it!
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    I have a banned breed!

    Our homeowners association just sent out our new rules and we have TWO viscious GSDs!!! I didn't know that....I'm soooooo glad they told us!! I would have never known that they were mean!!! What would I have done without that information? *gag* We will be fighting this HARD. Also.....no dogs over 65 pounds. This is a BRAND new neighborhood. When Jeremy and I first moved in, there was NO HOMEOWNERS ASSOCATION. We were also the VERY FIRST PEOPLE THERE BY OVER A MONTH. We were told that there wouldn't be one until all 400 homes were built and occupied. Well.......there are a total of 14 homes occupied. And now we have one. No dogs over 65 pounds, no pits, no bullies, no rotties, no dobes, no GSDs, no aggressive dogs, or no dogs that create a nuscience. Our neighbors have two boxers (over 65 pounds), one has a male rottie, one has a cane corso, and one has two LARGE mixed breeds. WTF???
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    It's on the way! Got it off of E-bay.....so I'm happy with the price!!! I'm excited to use it......I have rakes and blades and everything. My next step is to shave the GSDs bald like the Cresties.
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    Why is it..........?

    I see no problem with it when it is done correctly. I don't think I would crop a dogs' ears.....but I also don't see myself owning a dog that would need that done. But I'm not going to freak out on someone who has it done to their dog. I'll save my energy to have someone get their pet altered instead! :D
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    More Designer Dog Breeds!!!

    Uh guys....she's doing it cuz she's PO'd at the designer dog craze. Here is what she says: [b] Day in and day out lately ‘doodle’ is the word on everyone’s lips. They’re the “must-have” thing these days, designer breeds with fancy names, hypoallergenic claims, and promises of “it’ll be a breed soon!” It makes me sick. So I aimed my anger in a direction that’s sarcastic, but hopefully thought-provoking. All of the “breeds” named are actual, in-use ‘designer’ names. It angers me that people are willing to pay for overpriced mutts, and it makes me madder to know they’re being bred by the thousands just to make a quick buck. Cocker x poodle, Pomeranian x peke--we’ve had these mixes in our shelters since day one. And these same expensive “hybrids” are being euthanized en masse for lack of loving homes. Don’t get me wrong, I love mutts. My childhood dog was a mutt, although she’d be a “foxadoodle” today. But it’s time we called a spade a spade (and spayed all these poorly bred mixes, too!) None of these dogs exist, of course. Their personal stories aren’t really true. But we hear stories and excuses JUST like these on a daily basis in shelters nationwide. Purebreds and mutts alike, turned over for reasons identical to these. Oh, it’s of worth to note: every single dog photo here is of a shelter animal, current or adopted. And they’re all either the exact mix the name belongs to, or a fullblooded purebred that goes into that go into creating that mix. Interesting, no? [/b]
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    don't make me kill somebody! *UPDATED*

    I'd totally be calling AC next time. And, along with the others, you totally made me laugh out loud!
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    Pit Bull Wedding?

    And they also raised money for the local animal shelter. I think it's nice!
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    Does your dog not like some people?

    Tater loves everyone. He'd go home with anyone who looked at him. Dog lover or not. Hunter and Dakota take time to warm up to people but aren't overly thrilled until meeting them for 6 or 7 times. PoGo growls at everyone he meets at first, but then falls in love with anyone who will hold him.
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    Luke the battering ram

    PoGo always is behind me, jumping up and launching off of my butt. It's not cute anymore!
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    Dog Attack/Face Transplant

    I heard something about that on the news but didn't know that she had it because of a dog attack. Maybe we should ban Labs now? Sorry......just slipped out......
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    Dog beds?

    We needed to get REALLY big beds for the GSDs and all of the ones in the petstores were like $80 and up. So I went to Target and purchased two twin sized comforters (at $14 each). They LOVE them! We have them folded up and they sleep on them every night.
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    My friends getting a foster!

    She's beautiful! I love her white feet!
  14. Remember this post? [url]http://forum.dogomania.com/viewtopic.php?t=23837[/url] Well.....this will be happening tonight (supposedly). And there will be up to 26 inches of snow fall by morning! HA HA HA HA HA loser......Guess she should have fuckin thought about that before she did that to those babies, huh? She's bitching about how it's cruel to her and how it's dangerous to her. Bitch.....she's had time to prepare for this.....those little babies had no clue they were being dupmed in the cold.
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    Woman who abandoned kittens - update

    [quote name='AllAmericanPUP']What i am wondering is how they are going to know if she stays put or not? will they have someone watch her?[/quote] I was wondering that myself.....they've got to put someone out there to watch her......i feel bad for that person!
  16. I take my parent's Lhasa out places. She is dog aggressive if someone is stupid enough to let their dog run up to her and get in her face. But, if you are a responsible owner, you are in control of your dog, he's not pulling and gagging at the end of his leash, then Shasta is fine. I walk down the isle, she is at my side, heeling. I stop, she sits. She is a very good dog. To me, the stupid owners are the ones who have ill manered dogs and do nothing about them. They think it's okay if their dogs jumps all over people and pulls on the leash.
  17. ObedienceGrrl

    Women sentenced to starve!

    This judge has been doing sentences like this for a long time. My mom called me and told me about this She went to see the babies after they were taken in and said they are all beautiful!! But this judge is awesome and I've always thought he's been fair.
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    Fence Question

    Okay....here's my situation: We have a white vinyl 4 rail split fence. Like this: [url]http://www.metropolitanfence.com/images/post_rail/4rail_big.jpg[/url] We did this because our development is built on an old farm house property (very large acreage) and the actual farm house is behind us. Well they have a wood four rail split going around their entire property so we wanted to match them and also not just put up a fence that blocked everyone out, like we were staking out our property. So it works great with the GSDs but the little ones can get through it. We didn't have them when we moved in and put the fence up so it was not thought of at that time. They don't always go through it, but PoGo will on occasion. Tater never will unless I'm standing on the other side. My question is that we need to find something to keep them in! Don't really want to put up anything that's going to look crappy or half-assed. Any suggestions will be helpful! We'd like to get something up in the spring so they can be outside with us and I don't have to worry about keeping PoGo in my sights at all times! He's quick!
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    Fence Question

    That first one that you have looks like what we would like.....but we'd need it to go up cover the first two openings (the ground level and the next one up). PoGo will jump over the first slat and get out that way along with scooting underneath. The trellis might not be bad, especially if we painted it white to match the fence. Thanks....I'll show Jeremy the trellis. I never thought of those before!
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    Neighbor's dog

    I don't understand either...... And I'm the same way you are with my dogs. If they bark outside, they get one chance to be quiet. If not, they come in.
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    What breeds of dogs

    Don't think I ever added! Need to add two more Cresties and two more GSDs. Updated! 1 Akita 2 Alaskan Malamute 2 American Cocker Spaniels 1 American Eskimo 1 Australian Shepherd 5 1/2 American Pit Bull Terriers 1 Basset Hound 1 Belgian Sheepdog 1 Border Collie 2 British Bulldogs 1 Boston Terrier 2 Bull Terriers 2 Boxers 1 Cairn Terrier 1 Cardigan Welsh Corgi 4 Chihuahuas 4 Chinese Cresteds 1 Clumber Spaniel 1 Dalmatian 2 Doberman Pinscher 1 English Cocker Spaniel 1 English Setter 3 English Springer Spaniels 1 Flatcoated Retriver 3 German Shepherd 1 Golden Retriever 2 Hungarian Vizslas 1 Irish Wolfhound 1 Irish Setter 2 Jack Russell Terriers 2 Labrador Retriever 3 Lhasa Apsos 1 Maltese 29 Mixed breed dogs 4 Newfoundlands 2 Pembroke Welsh Corgis 1 Pharoah Hound 1 Pomeranian 1 Rat Terrier 8 Rottweilers 4 Saint Bernards 1 Samoyed 2 Shar-peis 1 Sheltie 2 Shiba Inus 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers 2 Standard Poodles 3 Toy Poodle 1 West Highland Terrier
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    HELP!!! I lost Kiani

    Why do I work? I should so just stay home and be online all day......
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    There's a Chinese Crested for adoption at my favorite rescue

    Thanks.....I"ll ask if they need any help
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    How Old Is The Dogomania Population?

    27 over here!