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Zoe has crossed the bridge

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Thank you so much everyone from the bottom of my heart. It is difficult not to have Zoe here. I go out to the utility room and see her empty bed and expect to see her in it. Kes climbed into her old bed earlier and lay down in it with her head down. Considering Kes never sits still, it was very strange so I think Kes is missing Zoe too.

Zoe as you know went last week to the vets for 2 nights on a drip. I spoke to the vet yesterday as I had taken Kes up about clicking in her hips. One of the vets who I like a lot but didnt treat Zoe told me that Zoe was perky enough when she was in. Dad told me when he picked her up she was so much worse and again said about euthanasia which this particular vet dismissed. When she went home, she went downhill rapidly. She stopped eating, she lost weight and had no energy at all. I was shocked to see her last night when i came home, and perturbed that the vet sent her home in such a state. She couldnt even hold her head up and her eyes were closed. She was cold and her heart rate was weak. She was dying yesterday... I've worked in a vets long enough to know the signs, so no regrets at all. Zoe was an amazing family pet who gave us 14 years of happiness and who received 14 years of a very good life. She won't be forgotten.

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