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    my two shar-pei Paddy and Tiggie

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  1. mouseatthebusstop

    Uploading picture problem

    [IMG]http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c250/mouseatthebusstop/SychnantPassHouse051a.jpg[/IMG] the delightful Paddy and Tiggie on holiday in Wales
  2. mouseatthebusstop


    [url]http://www.simpsons-online.co.uk/acatalog/c_furminator.html?SID=180&PAGE=PRODUCT&PAGEFILENAME=c_furminator.html&v_1%21RC-TBx_2=on&v_1%21RC-TBx_1=1&Q_1%21RC-TBx=1&x=49&y=48[/url] link strol to bottom of page see film clips
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    [quote]CHAMPION BELLICOSE HEAD CASE 'CASEY' 15-10-2000 22-6-2006 Im not sure where to start with this except that Casey has been a touch quiet, at Southern Counties she didn't want to show or bait, I decided it must be her age and the fact she'd been shown since 2002, however a lump appeared in her thigh coming up quickly over a month, I took her in a few days back and they took cells away to test, I got a call from the vet asking me to take her in to have the lump removed today. Ive just got back from one of the worst days of my life, I was in when they opened her up, the lump was cancerous and entwined in her muscle, the vet tried to get it out but it was so mingled in the mass he couldn't go any deeper, he was worried hed damage her spine nerve endings etc, she was in such a state inside I was advised not to let her come around, im sat here distraught, although I expected it to see it for yourself and to have to make that decision was one of the hardest things i've ever had to do. Casey wasn't just a show girl she was my best mate, she loved everyone and ive never heard her grumble at anything or anyone, she often kissed and cuddled the judges and so many commented on her nature, why is it always the nicer ones ? Anyway im writing this so no-one will have to hear it from rumours or spread untruths. Casey was a once in a life time dog and taken from me far too soon, linda [/quote] in Linda's own words Casey has been lost to cancer Linda my thoughts are with you
  4. mouseatthebusstop

    doggie with a cough

    see your vet, best to be safe
  5. mouseatthebusstop

    shih tzu behavior

    Sorry I do not know anything about shih tzu puppies - can you contact the breeder for advise?
  6. mouseatthebusstop

    Xmas E-Mail

    :( sad
  7. mouseatthebusstop

    First EVER Online Dog Show!!!!

    sounds good
  8. mouseatthebusstop

    meet Harley....

    very nice
  9. mouseatthebusstop

    Dog beds?

    Tiggie has a create with the door open fitted with a comfi pad inside Paddy has a large ovel plastic bed with a comfi pad in it at night they sleep on a human bed with us
  10. mouseatthebusstop

    how long is a bitches period

    good memory Jaci
  11. mouseatthebusstop

    Do you celebrate your dogs birthday!

    We try to do something special try When we had Poppy we had a party when she reached twelve for the grandchildren and my sisters grandchildren - Paddy and Gladis were both only puppies and enjoyed running around with the children playing musical chairs joined in all the games
  12. mouseatthebusstop

    So, how about your house?

    As I approach the door I can see them both through the frosted glass standing at the door waiting Paddy runs around in a circle in front of me. Tiggie trys to push him out of the way to get nearest to me
  13. mouseatthebusstop

    Trivia Quiz ---Dogs Do not Eat These

    I also got five
  14. mouseatthebusstop

    Scott said Yes!!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: thats not fair
  15. mouseatthebusstop

    Jesse is 14 today!

    HAPPY 14 th BIRTHDAY JESSE :bday: