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  1. [quote]If both dogs are on lead it wouldnt be too hard too keep them apart.[/quote] :o Are you sure about that? Even dogs that aren't all muscle can show some amazing hidden strength when they want to get to another dog. Abby is (now) passive dog aggressive and I would still never, ever attempt to walk her next to another dog she didn't know, even if they were both on short leads. It's just way too risky. Even if you're using a choke collar or prong, with both hands being utilized to control the dogs it's hard to use those tools correctly and effeciantly. I just really can't fathom anyone being able to do that safely.
  2. [quote]1. Is it ever ok to buy a dog from a back yard breedeer, even if you like the dog and want to keep if for yourself.[/quote] Like others have mentioned, I believe very little in this world is black and white. Each situation is different. Like in DO's case, it's hard to turn down a dog when you're sitting right in front of it watching it suffer and knowing you can make its life better. And honestly I don't believe ONE person not buying from a BYB makes much of a difference. The public really needs some education about BYBs- shelters already play the "save a life" card, but what also needs to be happening is educating people who really want a pure bred dog on what makes a responsible breeder. It's not that people are thinking "Gee I really want a $700 dollar dog that might not even be pure bred and will probably die by the age of 5 because its parents were never health tested." They're just ignorant. The majority of people have never been told about BYBs and how they hurt breeds and the pet population in general. They don't realize that just one litter is too many, etc etc. Education really needs to be expanded beyond "Save a life because it's the right thing to do." [quote]2. Is it ever ok for a rescuer to accept a dog from a back yard breeder?[/quote] I don't see why not. If rescues don't accept the dog/puppies who knows what could happen to them. The rescuer can also then get that breeders name and put him or her on DNA lists etc and maybe give a lecture on breeding puppies and adding further to the overpopulation problem. Since not all ignorance can be cured that might not always work but the shelter worker can go "Okay, look at these adorable puppies you just gave me. We're over flowing with puppies. I'm going to have to put down some adorable puppies just like these to make room for the ones you just brought in." Emotion gets to people more. Sometimes it's what can break through that thick wall of ignorance. [quote]3. Is it ever ok for rescue organizations to accept money from breeders, good or bad?[/quote] Of course. Slapping the label "dirty money" on it is just that- a label. That money can still be used to buy supplies for animals in need. A BYB donating money to a rescue is a good thing. At least that shows they have some sort of heart and realize that shelters need help. Then maybe shelter staff can get to know the person and talk to him/her about their breeding practices. It's just another oppurtunity to educate someone who might not realize how much what they're doing hurts the animals they care about. [quote]4. If you do any of the above, are you condoneing or supporting their practices?[/quote] Condone, no. You can buy a dog from someone in order to rescue the animal from a bad situation without condoning or in any way agreeing with how the breeder handles their dogs. As for support, it depends on the situation even then it's open to debate obviously.
  3. CC I really don't think we should take this any further. spirallollipop realized she was in the wrong for being so quick to formulate an opinion on us. She did her research like we suggested and apologized. There is no need to start a board war by bringing her comments back up. She apologized, I see no need for a ban. She seems like a good person to me. Everyone makes mistakes.
  4. I'm sorry if we're coming across as jumping on you. Everyone here just really cares about the welfare of the animals. In the long run it will be better for everyone if you have your dog spayed now. Less risk of the dog trying to escape to mate, less risk of cancer and other related health problems, less risk of adding more puppies to an already over-populated dog population, less stress and things for you to have to worry about. :D
  5. Wow, congrats to both of you! Way to go Candy! I wish I had known about this, I might've been able to come. :(
  6. On re-reading the e-mail I found the Morgan was pulled. :oops: I can't believe I missed that! Great news though. :D
  7. :( I recieve e-mails from many shelters around Virginia about dogs in need of rescuing, foster homes, transports, etc etc. This dog was in an e-mail I got today: Subject: KW 6076 -Gold Retriever Mix - King William This dog is at the King William County pound in King William, VA. This is Morgan. Morgan is a gorgeous gold Retriever mix. She is around 7-9 years old, and weighs around 40 lbs. Morgan is due to be euthanized August 29. Please email or call ASAP if you can help save her. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/Abker/image002.jpg[/img] She looks so sweet, yet so sad. I wish I could take her. :(
  8. Rowie I looked at the site again, and it's basically an auction site, like ebay. Only this one allows people to sell animals. Look: [url]http://www.mercadolibre.com.co/jm/search?as_categ_id=1071[/url]
  9. I think you did the right thing DAL. Good for you for having the courage to put Stryker's best interests before your own. I'm sure he'll have a great life in his new home. :)
  10. I saw that eppie the other day. The people had good intentions, they just really don't know how to handle dogs, and obviously never bothered to ask a trainer. WHY they went to Dr. Phil I don't know. :-? Personally I think the advice he gave them was horrible. He told them to get a fence and keep the dogs outside. (Actually he payed for a fence to be installed.) The problems could EASILY be solved with some good old fashioned obedience training and some NILIF. ANY local dog trainer could have told them that, if they came to this forum WE could have told them that. But no. They go to Dr. Phil to get advice on their DOGS. :roll: Last time I checked Dr. Phil was more of a people person.
  11. Thanks for your reply Kat. I do think going on NILIF would be a good idea and could help. As for the BC, I'm aware of how demanding they are. From the time I've spent with Heinrich though he seems more on the mellow side, and I think the amount of exercise I give Abby will be enough for him. (That's including walks, agility, and training time.) If it's not then of course I will step it up and do what need be to fulfill his needs. I think my family could also participate in helping exercise him. But we'll just have to see, I have to bring this up to my parents again, as I had just started re-thinking it and they probably thought I had given up on him. :P
  12. I also volunteer at my local shelter, I'm there almost everyday. I walk and socialize the animals, and teach them basic commands and leash manners. As I get older I'd like to get more involved and start helping transport animals or whatever else I can do. The situation with my own dogs and my parents prevents me from fostering, but in the future I'd like to do that as well.
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