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  1. Awww, I absolutely adore chow mix pups! Let your mom play with him a little while and maybe she'll fall for him. :wink: Good luck! And we must have more pictures! :lol:
  2. Oh dear, this definitely isn't good. :-? I'd definitely be up for writing some letters to representatives or anything to help.
  3. A few years back Abby stole half a rack of ribs off the table. :roll: She's never really been a food stealer but she couldn't resist those ribs and I don't really blame her. :lol: Boy was my dad pissed though! She ate the whole thing amazingly fast before we could get it from her, she's lucky they all digested okay. :-?
  4. I'm really sorry to hear this news. :( Good thoughts coming to you and Cheech.
  5. I'm comfortable around most dogs. I usually make a point to take out the older or more "difficult" dogs when I volunteer at the shelter. The only thing that makes me feel uncomfortable is when the dog is [i]totally[/i] uninterested in me, because then the animal's feelings/what he or she is going to do can be harder to read.
  6. [quote]If both dogs are on lead it wouldnt be too hard too keep them apart.[/quote] :o Are you sure about that? Even dogs that aren't all muscle can show some amazing hidden strength when they want to get to another dog. Abby is (now) passive dog aggressive and I would still never, ever attempt to walk her next to another dog she didn't know, even if they were both on short leads. It's just way too risky. Even if you're using a choke collar or prong, with both hands being utilized to control the dogs it's hard to use those tools correctly and effeciantly. I just really can't fathom anyone being able to do that safely.
  7. [quote name='ESSlover'][quote name='abker17']I read the other thread and in defense of Dr. J I never got the impression that he was being "holier than thou", ESS. I too think he deserves an apology. [/quote] I know. I'm sorry, Jeff.[/quote] Oh ESS, I meant I thought that R2's personal attacks were uncalled for and that deserved an apology from her. That's between them though, just my opinion. :) [quote]I guess I just know that R2's training methods *do* work, and the way he was putting them down was just pissing me off. She doesnt know all she learned from a book, she has hands on experience.[/quote] I understand your frustration, were I in your position I would probably feel the same way. :)
  8. I read the other thread and in defense of Dr. J I never got the impression that he was being "holier than thou", ESS. I too think he deserves an apology. As for Cesar I really don't know much about him. Does anyone have any relatively unbiased articles/websites/whatever on him and his practices? Can I hear both sides of the debate? What don't you like about his practices R2?
  9. I saw a news program on this when I was very young that was pretty traumatizing. I'm not going to watch the video but I trust it is very bad. The methods used to kill the animals is disgusting and my heart aches that such cruelty is committed whilst the animals stand there wagging their tails at their murderers. :( If I'm understanding the letter correctly they want us to boycott all Chinese goods? That's very hard to do, so many things are imported from China. I already boycott things made with fur and I think that's a better solution. There should also be more publicity on this, I'm sure if the average person knew the animals were tortured in such a horrific manner they wouldn't buy products made with fur.
  10. [quote]where do you draw the line tho? sure, one person isn't going to make a difference, but when even just 1,000 people go by that thought and believe they are the one person an exception is in order for, that's 1,000 puppies bought from BYBs.[/quote] I'm not saying it's at all an excuse to go out and buy from a BYB. I'm saying that I will definitely be the last to give someone a hard time for rescuing a dog from a bad BYB situation, like that of DO. I'm also saying that the few educated people who do go to responsible breeders and rescues to adopt are obviously not making a big enough dent in the world of BYBs. Education really needs to become more prevelant and available.
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