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  1. Great story Court, specially from Laurel, i remember she had some agressive issues. My bassets love cats too, they can sleep or eat together. Tina is another topic, she has learned to live with our cats, but she still hates to see strays on roofs.
  2. I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving, but that's a good fact to know :)
  3. I think you just deserve it... [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TgCFAjoYiM2grJUbzkj87*l!DkqITX2W8TkMkhUeQsBdd*NIbaP1ZlCwUYyrdxqbc4SebIpzVErCOXZ2sO4E8EK!V7cfYOcKlZXh4zaosePjdSrNYtEuUQ/michele%20badge.jpg?dc=4675545293686120621[/img] Congrats! :lol:
  4. I just noticed what's going on here.. (how weird huh? :roll: ) i'm so sorry about poor Cody, i really liked that dog, actually i liked DAL too... what a shame. Congrats Michele, you're doin' a great job here. RIP Cody, poor dog. :(
  5. I'm very sorry Mouse. R.I.P. Gladis
  6. What a moron... yes you're right AAP it doesn't look like a bloodhound... some people... :evil:
  7. I need to ask for Gilligan to get back immediately! i'm imaging him in a Redskins uniform! :lol:
  8. Papers in here are full with that type of announcements :x it's disgusting.
  9. Awsome, congrats!! :)
  10. Have a nice trip Court. :)
  11. [b]HAPPY BELATED BITHDAY BK![/b] :bday:
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