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  1. I just noticed what's going on here.. (how weird huh? :roll: ) i'm so sorry about poor Cody, i really liked that dog, actually i liked DAL too... what a shame. Congrats Michele, you're doin' a great job here. RIP Cody, poor dog. :(
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    I'm very sorry Mouse. R.I.P. Gladis
  3. [quote]But I just don't get it tho - why is it important for a dog to want to fight another dog? Just because it's breed tradition? Or is there some other purpose it serves? I feel that every breed was created for a purpose - some for protection, some for hunting, etc etc... What is the value of breeding dogs that only want to fight each other? What purpose does this serve? What void is it filling?[/quote] Yes, those questions are the same i have. [quote]THEN you have the responsible dog fighter, takes excellent care of the dogs, the dogs live inside the person's house, they are treated like one of the family. [/quote] :-? Well i'll better stop reading this thread, there's nothing that can change my mind about this topic.
  4. Well i'm totally against dog fighting. I understand every breed has a reason to be, bulldogs were used in Bull baiting and thanks to that today K can enjoy her favorite breed, but that doesn't mean bull-beating was ok, i just can't imagine a bull-baiting fight today, as well as a dog fighting where two pit bulls get into a match forced by their owners. So sorry Hmmm but this [quote]I do it becasue it is the only way to keep the breed the way it was meant to be. [/quote] is not enough reason for me to put two dogs to fight each other just because they're pit bulls. My bassets have never catched a rabbit and they're still basset hounds, and Tina is a Dachshund but she has never seen a badger. This same reason is given for those who breed bulls for bullfighting they say if weren't for them the species could get extinct :roll: So, i can understand two humans boxing, or wrestling, fighting with martial arts, even killing each other in a war! because they [b]know[/b] what they're doing and nobody force them to do. But to take two dogs and put them to fight is totally a wrong human behavior. You can't compare those times where dog fighting and bull-baiting were legal to these days. Now animals have rights, and they deserve a quality of life in agreement to this modern society.
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    Vote for Lucky!

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    Would you steal a dog?

    Maybe i can, if i see the dog is being abused in a very bad way, I've never done it, I always ask the former owner if he wants to give me the dog. Lola and Fiona were in those cases. :)
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    Think good thoughts for us!

    Good vibes to Goo!
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    Decisions, decisions....

    :lol: :lol: Thanks again... i just left Tina at the vet, she was acting strange and i though she was about to have the puppies, she will be there today for observation just in case she need help with the delivery... i'll post news later. Well, i guess i need to get a camera asap before you reject me from the board. :)
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    Decisions, decisions....

    Thank you all :) The vet says she can have the puppies :D , the x rays showed 4 pups well sized, so here i am... a whole new backyard breeder :-? We're switching to puppy diamond food and the vet gave Tina some vitamins and calcium tablets. [quote]I must say, if we don't have photos, I demand some questions answered. What size doxie is she? What kind of coat does she have? What colour is she? [/quote] Tina is a standard smooth hair dachshund, she's red, or brown.... she looks like Annie (Goo's dachsie) I need a camera! :roll: wife wanted a black and tan, but Tina got first. If you have some advices for breeding they're welcome, i think i'm gonna spent lots of time in that thread. :)
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    Vote for Elijah!!

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    Decisions, decisions....

    Yesterday we went to see Tina and got back home with her :roll: i'm gonna take her to my vet today and i'll ask for the x rays. She reacted well with the other dogs and had a good night sleeping in crate, no accidents in the house. The bad news... my camera is broken i need one urgently or you'll never forgive me for have a new dog and no pics! :oops: Later i'll post the results of the x rays and what my vet said about it, thanks for your thoughts.
  12. Well if you don't remember... my wife wants a dachshund and i was looking for one, i've been sending emails to breeders and i'm on the waiting list of one also i'm looking in the shelter but until now i haven't found one. So yesterday i got a call from the shelter, they told me they found a female dachshund who was abandoned because [b]she's pregnant![/b] :evil: the vet says she's about 4 weeks pregnancy. I went to see her and she's so pretty and well behaved, the history they told me is: she was a family dog but her owners never fixed her and they let her roam loose, so she got pregnant the first time last year and the father told his daughter that if Tina (that's her name) got pregnant again she had to go! (what a jerk). Well it happened that idiot took the dog and kicked her out! :bad-words: and now she's looking for a home. Honestly i can took her and i'm starting to think i will, but the responsibility of take care of the puppies will be hard work (i'm gonna need some help!) especially because nobody knows who's the father, so i just hope it wasn't a big dog. Later i'm gonna take my wife to met Tina, and we'll make the decision. I'll keep you updated.
  13. I know your pain, when tabatha got lost was a very hard time for us, i hope Leo get back asap, paws crossed.
  14. Whatever it takes!... we spend a strong quantity in Tabatha's surgery and two months later she died of cancer, i don't feel the surgery was a waste, she deserved that we tried to do our best to kept her healty. Of course when the vet tells you that the dog will not have a good quality of life, it doesn't matter if you spend lots of money, always will be better put the dog to sleep.
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    How do you correct your dog?

    I agree with the strong NO and they stop, or sometimes i say loud the name of the guilty one and it works... most of the time is Fiona, she's the most active :roll: