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  1. Great story Court, specially from Laurel, i remember she had some agressive issues. My bassets love cats too, they can sleep or eat together. Tina is another topic, she has learned to live with our cats, but she still hates to see strays on roofs.
  2. I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving, but that's a good fact to know :)
  3. I think you just deserve it... [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TgCFAjoYiM2grJUbzkj87*l!DkqITX2W8TkMkhUeQsBdd*NIbaP1ZlCwUYyrdxqbc4SebIpzVErCOXZ2sO4E8EK!V7cfYOcKlZXh4zaosePjdSrNYtEuUQ/michele%20badge.jpg?dc=4675545293686120621[/img] Congrats! :lol:
  4. I just noticed what's going on here.. (how weird huh? :roll: ) i'm so sorry about poor Cody, i really liked that dog, actually i liked DAL too... what a shame. Congrats Michele, you're doin' a great job here. RIP Cody, poor dog. :(
  5. I'm very sorry Mouse. R.I.P. Gladis
  6. What a moron... yes you're right AAP it doesn't look like a bloodhound... some people... :evil:
  7. 71 Basset Hound :( Oh my poor girls, short, fat, log ears, sad eyes an dumb as concrete!!... i love 'em anyway...
  8. I need to ask for Gilligan to get back immediately! i'm imaging him in a Redskins uniform! :lol:
  9. [quote]I forgot to quote the passage that I wanted, but at no time did I say you couldn't ask questions about dog fighting to Hmmm or anyone else. There are people who post here who breed in a fashion that I don't agree with. Should we ask them to leave too? How bout the people who have outside dogs. Do they have to leave too? How about those of you who have acquired a 'too' young puppy. Should you leave as well?[/quote] I'm Back i can't resist... :roll: i think banning members is not the answer of this kind of problems, or everytime we disagree with something we don't like, we're gonna dump somebody. No i'm not claiming for anybody's head. If you need a vote Hmmm should stay. And in another comment: Alan if you find a termites lovers forum and paste your comment you will find that's not correct, so if we're in a dog lovers forum you can understand why we feel offend by a dog abuse like dog fighting.
  10. Papers in here are full with that type of announcements :x it's disgusting.
  11. [quote]But I just don't get it tho - why is it important for a dog to want to fight another dog? Just because it's breed tradition? Or is there some other purpose it serves? I feel that every breed was created for a purpose - some for protection, some for hunting, etc etc... What is the value of breeding dogs that only want to fight each other? What purpose does this serve? What void is it filling?[/quote] Yes, those questions are the same i have. [quote]THEN you have the responsible dog fighter, takes excellent care of the dogs, the dogs live inside the person's house, they are treated like one of the family. [/quote] :-? Well i'll better stop reading this thread, there's nothing that can change my mind about this topic.
  12. Awsome, congrats!! :)
  13. Well i'm totally against dog fighting. I understand every breed has a reason to be, bulldogs were used in Bull baiting and thanks to that today K can enjoy her favorite breed, but that doesn't mean bull-beating was ok, i just can't imagine a bull-baiting fight today, as well as a dog fighting where two pit bulls get into a match forced by their owners. So sorry Hmmm but this [quote]I do it becasue it is the only way to keep the breed the way it was meant to be. [/quote] is not enough reason for me to put two dogs to fight each other just because they're pit bulls. My bassets have never catched a rabbit and they're still basset hounds, and Tina is a Dachshund but she has never seen a badger. This same reason is given for those who breed bulls for bullfighting they say if weren't for them the species could get extinct :roll: So, i can understand two humans boxing, or wrestling, fighting with martial arts, even killing each other in a war! because they [b]know[/b] what they're doing and nobody force them to do. But to take two dogs and put them to fight is totally a wrong human behavior. You can't compare those times where dog fighting and bull-baiting were legal to these days. Now animals have rights, and they deserve a quality of life in agreement to this modern society.
  14. Bassets are slow, quiet and dumb... Yeah right, my girls love to run, bark and they're not dumb, they just ignore you :-?
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