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  1. imported_Kat

    My dogs are retarded

    Susan's dogs are terrible for running to the door and barking when the doorbell or door knocks. Kes doesn't really do it unless its a very realistic doorbell ring.
  2. imported_Kat

    Ear allergies?

    elimination diet is the best thing I can think of too. Usually corn/yeast products can contribute to a lot of ear infections from what I've seen. slightly warmed olive oil is the best thing to help soothe ears but if you are very sore, don't attempt to clean them up too much just now. Poor wee Zebra, give him a hug from me :wink:
  3. imported_Kat

    It's been almost a year

    It really has been a fast year....*hugs*
  4. imported_Kat

    Boxer traits,and clowning around!!

    All the boxers I have known have all been big ligs! We had one boy that we treated at the vets called Humphrey. He was brought in one day having been kicked by a horse and had to have his broken leg plastered. That big galoot lapped up all the attention when he had to have the physio that followed. There was one day that he was across the road at the park with his owner, and I was in the surgery and that big galoot burst in through the door and jumped up onto the consultation table with a big silly grin on his face as if to say "right! I'm ready for my physio" :lol:
  5. imported_Kat

    Greenies may be harmful

    wee experiment: take a greenie and cut it in half. put it into a basin of water and leave it over night submerged. have a look what it looks like in the morning to see exactly what you are putting into your dogs GI tract. I guarantee you wont give greenies ever again.
  6. imported_Kat

    Barkley is such a good boy!

    aww poor wee pupper. Hope he feels better :D
  7. imported_Kat


    thats so cool! Divina is just a diva :D
  8. imported_Kat

    How good is a dogs memory

    Meg remembered me after 4 months of me being apart from her in the Netherlands :D . I was so scared she would forget but that wasn't the case. There have been a lot of studies done into dogs memory, so if I get a chance later today, I'll try see if I can access any of the journal archives.
  9. imported_Kat

    Turkey danger to dogs

    Turkey skin contains certain chemical compounds which dogs cannot digest. It accumulates in the dog causing acute pancreatitis and liver failure, in the similar way that grapes and raisin poisoning works. Therefore one serving can be deathly to your dog.
  10. imported_Kat

    Help.... found a dog. *updated*

    Angie, call Consuelo because she has experience with heelers and she might have some ideas for rescue contacts :wink:
  11. imported_Kat

    amazed with Kes

    I am so amazed at how well Kes has settled in! Shannon and I went last night to walmart and bought her a larger crate and shes as happy as a pig in mud. He thought this was brilliant going out "shopping for our daughter together" :lol: Shes accepted the rules of the house and respects the other 2 dogs and shes behaving herself really well. She slept with Shannon and I last night with her crate on shannon's side of the bed and there wasn't a peep out of her. Hes so sweet with her as well and says he has a 7 month old daughter :lol: :D . I'm going to start taking loads of photos :D I'm so proud of her, I really am. Shes just a baby yet and to go through that plane journey and come into strange surroundings, I thought she would be a bit stressed for a few days, but shes brilliant! Peg and Angie: I can't wait for you to meet her when we meet up! :D Alright I'm done bragging on my girl now :lol:
  12. imported_Kat

    Thats a crossbreed isn't it?

    Funnily enough Court with you mentioning Labs it sparked off a convo that I had with a guy who lives a few fields over from me. He shoots with his labs and has 3 of them, but he also shows. He was telling me that one of his bitches was mated 4 weeks ago to another stocky gundog type lab, but that he had some show people approach him asking if he wanted to use their dogs, which he declined because he likes the old type. he has a line of labradors that was started back in the 1800's of which his father and his grandfather bred dogs from, and I think its just wonderful because now his son has a bitch and is learning from his father so that he too can carry on the name. I definitely do think that the older style Labs and also most of the older style dogs are much better than what we have today. In the future when I am getting another BC years down the line, I will come back to Ireland or Scotland and I'll get a BC from there. The farmers in my opinion don't need to use genetic tests with the exception of CEA and PRA to register a dog with the ISDS . They just know how to breed a darn good healthy dog, and their eye for selection in my opinion outshines any sort of modern breeding done today.
  13. imported_Kat

    Need some good thoughts..*Update*

    brill news to wake up to! :D
  14. imported_Kat

    Need some good thoughts..*Update*

    very positive thoughts going out to hope that Trouble is found safe and sound. Keep us updated please Star :wink:
  15. is that that dog of r n p's?