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  1. aww what a wee pet! You have to think of a name for him now :P
  2. Some dogs are so intuitive for sure. Now Kes I have to admit and be honest and say she isn't. She hasn't ever shown any sort of strange behaviour before i've had a seizure whereas Meghann the sheltie who isn't even my dog is dead right every single time! Hope your son feels better soon, Court :wink:
  3. thats great that the new bed went down well :D Kes sleeps in her crate beside my bed. Shes just now starting to settle and lie of her own accord, but if she wasn't crated she would go go go all night. Border collies don't know their limits!
  4. Susan's dogs are terrible for running to the door and barking when the doorbell or door knocks. Kes doesn't really do it unless its a very realistic doorbell ring.
  5. Kes only arouuurr type growls when I wind her up or ask her what do dogs say? :lol:
  6. Kes would say " pack as much fun into life as you can and don't waste time sleeping when you could be running around mad"
  7. nope Kes looks nothing like your dog but Miss you crack me up :lol:
  8. oh what a can of worms you have opened! my personal opinion: I am against it for aesthetic reasons. Dogs should be allowed to enter the show ring and be shown for the standard which they were originally bred for. Thankfully the UK has led the way in this thinking and has banned cropping/docking. However I am for it if there is a valid medical reason. i.e. if a dog has a whip like tail that is continually bleeding from the dog whacking it against a wall, then yes I agree that the dog should have its tail shortened to prevent further injury. I don't accept people wanting their dogs ear
  9. I typed a reply earlier and got that stupid gateway time out thing. :evil: I got Kes last May. For nearly 9 years I trained and handled and competed at the top with a Border collie called Meg who belonged to other people close by my house. Everyone here wh is a regular on the board knows Meg. A dispute ended that and I was heartbroken and was just so sad and lost over 14 lbs with the stress. I asked for my own puppy and my parents sai no and that they didn't want another dog in the house (at the time we had our family Golden Retriever called Zoe who sadly passed away only a few months ag
  10. lol yes consider your butt well kicked! :P There has only been a few ocassions with Kes where I couldn't get her out and that was because I was recovering from seizures, but Shannon always takes her out if thats the case. I love walking her. I love being outside no matter what the weather is like and I've been running her 5 miles now nearly every weekday morning, with the aim of getting up to 10 miles because I need to get back to proper fitness again and my aim is by feb/march to get back to running 20 miles comfortably within 3-3.5 hours or less if I can manage it. 2006 is my year to g
  11. Oh heck now if were talking about cats, then Phoenix takes the biscuit! That cat has eaten anything that he possibly can get his greedy little paws on :o His favourite has been my sweeties supplies! One night he had a blooming field day eating half a bag of maltesers, an apple puff, choc chip muffin and a bite of an orange dairymilk. That was in [b]one [/b]night...he tasted everything and nibbled on everything that was in the bag that I thought I had cleverly hidden under my husky dog on my bed but he found it all.. He did it for spite! I swear he did it for spite because previous to that he
  12. lmao R2! Actually Kes loves to watch the squirrels, shes totally fascinated by them. We have them here in droves! :o At the park this morning they were having a mad time chasing over the trees and Kes was running back and forward like an eejit and launching herself at the tree trunks trying to climb! :lol:
  13. oh good lord, what hasn't Kes stolen is more like it! a christmas tree bun a thanksgiving roll that i had buttered on my plate a piece of cake steak from my dads plate a waffle the list goes on....but you have to have eyes in the back of your head when Kes is around :lol:
  14. I'd have to have someone active to live with that could handle me so I would go for R2 I think and I would choose to be Kes because then I get to be my normal hyper bouncy self and I would just really be me in a dogs body :lol: I reckon if I was a dog I would be that much of a handful that I would likely be at a rescue centre as a hopeless case that couldn't be rehomed :lol: oooh I just got a deja vu feeling!
  15. Been in a situation before where Dad and I were confronted by a Dobermann that belonged to the farm across the road from us. We went over to the farm to look for one of our cats that had been missing and Jacko was out and we didn't know it. We climbed up onto the car roof, avoided his eye contact and stayed really still and prayed that the owners would come out which they eventually did :lol:
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