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  1. imported_Kat

    Sleeping Dogs?

    thats great that the new bed went down well :D Kes sleeps in her crate beside my bed. Shes just now starting to settle and lie of her own accord, but if she wasn't crated she would go go go all night. Border collies don't know their limits!
  2. imported_Kat

    My dogs are retarded

    Susan's dogs are terrible for running to the door and barking when the doorbell or door knocks. Kes doesn't really do it unless its a very realistic doorbell ring.
  3. imported_Kat

    Why is it..........?

    oh what a can of worms you have opened! my personal opinion: I am against it for aesthetic reasons. Dogs should be allowed to enter the show ring and be shown for the standard which they were originally bred for. Thankfully the UK has led the way in this thinking and has banned cropping/docking. However I am for it if there is a valid medical reason. i.e. if a dog has a whip like tail that is continually bleeding from the dog whacking it against a wall, then yes I agree that the dog should have its tail shortened to prevent further injury. I don't accept people wanting their dogs ears cropped so that their appearance is better. The same as I just don't agree with people messing with using glue on ears to tip them. The vet where I worked at docked tails of pups that were 1-3 days old only before the law was passed, only because he would rather see the job be done neatly than a botched up back alley job. I've seen some terrible botched up dockings before...animals that have been subjected to having a rubber band placed around their tail to cut off the circulation put through a slow painful experience for weeks.
  4. imported_Kat

    A couple hard questions for you.

    I'd have to have someone active to live with that could handle me so I would go for R2 I think and I would choose to be Kes because then I get to be my normal hyper bouncy self and I would just really be me in a dogs body :lol: I reckon if I was a dog I would be that much of a handful that I would likely be at a rescue centre as a hopeless case that couldn't be rehomed :lol: oooh I just got a deja vu feeling!
  5. imported_Kat

    Do you know what to do?

    Been in a situation before where Dad and I were confronted by a Dobermann that belonged to the farm across the road from us. We went over to the farm to look for one of our cats that had been missing and Jacko was out and we didn't know it. We climbed up onto the car roof, avoided his eye contact and stayed really still and prayed that the owners would come out which they eventually did :lol:
  6. imported_Kat

    A puppy's 12 days of Christmas

    aww thats too cute :D
  7. imported_Kat

    Ear allergies?

    elimination diet is the best thing I can think of too. Usually corn/yeast products can contribute to a lot of ear infections from what I've seen. slightly warmed olive oil is the best thing to help soothe ears but if you are very sore, don't attempt to clean them up too much just now. Poor wee Zebra, give him a hug from me :wink:
  8. imported_Kat

    I have to find a new dog sitter

    Yikes, thats not a good record for a dogsitter! When I petsat I was sooo cautious to make sure none of the dogs/cats/parrots etc got out or my life wouldn't have been worth living :o I would have a wee look about and see if you can find another petsitter who is more competent.
  9. imported_Kat

    It's been almost a year

    It really has been a fast year....*hugs*
  10. imported_Kat

    What a night...*UPDATE*

    Yes if this has just suddenly flared up after giving antibiotics, she could well be sensitive to them. Baytril is a good antibiotic but giving the generic version isn't the same as actual baytril and therefore its more likely to be harsh on her sensitive stomach. Hopefully she will get back on track soon :wink:
  11. imported_Kat

    Boxer traits,and clowning around!!

    All the boxers I have known have all been big ligs! We had one boy that we treated at the vets called Humphrey. He was brought in one day having been kicked by a horse and had to have his broken leg plastered. That big galoot lapped up all the attention when he had to have the physio that followed. There was one day that he was across the road at the park with his owner, and I was in the surgery and that big galoot burst in through the door and jumped up onto the consultation table with a big silly grin on his face as if to say "right! I'm ready for my physio" :lol:
  12. imported_Kat

    Greenies may be harmful

    wee experiment: take a greenie and cut it in half. put it into a basin of water and leave it over night submerged. have a look what it looks like in the morning to see exactly what you are putting into your dogs GI tract. I guarantee you wont give greenies ever again.
  13. imported_Kat

    Barkley is such a good boy!

    aww poor wee pupper. Hope he feels better :D
  14. imported_Kat


    thats so cool! Divina is just a diva :D
  15. Truly disgusting... I remember that Sabine. It was on the news a few years ago I think. :(