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  1. ozzy is the WORST as food stealing! if you turn your back while in the kitchen he'll steal it from ya. he's really good at stealing sandwiches one time he stole 7 steaks that my sister and her boyfriend bought :o boy were they pissed!! he's stollen cookies and cookie dough too, also loafs of bread i put maggie's dinner in the sink to thaw(she eats raw..) the other day and ozzy stole that too :x
  2. i tried the treadmill with my dogs and they all freaked out :roll: if your tread mill has one of those safety things where you attach the cord to yourself and if you slip or something it yanks a lil thing out of the treadmill and makes it stop...well if yours has one of those i would attach it to Kat's collar.
  3. i'd give it another week or two and if it hasnt gone down i'd definately take him back in i dont remember how long my boys were swelled for...but i think it took a couple weeks
  4. yes i buy them toys, treats and bones and anything else i like for them. i dont have a set amount, i have 7 dogs, i think this year i probably spent $30.....if i had a job i'd probably spend a hundred or more :lol:
  5. i made a post in the general section...but the appointment went well the vet said it should go down within a few days but if it doesnt then to bring him back in...he gave me some anti inflamatory pills :)
  6. Took barkley to the vet for his swollen ear...its no biggy just dont want it to get worse...they gave me some anti inflamatory pills to give him...if he starts shaking his head or pawing at it i'm just gonna wrap it like i did with maggie when she got this.. anywayz he was soooo good at the vet! he was pretty scared and wanted to leave but after a few minutes he settled down and laid by my feet while we waited. there was a little dog that came in that was growling at him(she was attacked by a dog before and thinks all are going to hurt her now..poor thing) and he just kept laying there :angel: then when the vet examined him he just sat there..he was terrified for sure..but he was still a good boy and let the vet examine him.
  7. [quote name='rotten_two']can you tell if something might have bitten or stung him?[/quote] i looked over his ear the best i could and i didnt see anything...he ha some hairy ears though so its hard to tell
  8. well its swollen just a tad bit more so he has a vet appt at 4 today
  9. i have one dog bed, it's a rectangular type one, i got it at the tractor store where i get my dog food..its ok..just your regular dog bed. i also just gave them the huge round coushon from my papason since the wood part broke..they like that :lol: since you like sewing i'd definately make your own, it's usually cheaper and then you can design it anyway you want :D
  10. I was just petting barkley and I noticed one of his ears was heavier than the other :-? Its swollen but not visually noticeable. he hasnt been shaking his head much and he doesnt scratch at it so what could cause the swelling? i guess if it doesnt go down tomorrow then he'll be off to the vet
  11. to me when someone says pit bull they are referring to an APBT.. no i dont think its right to refer to an AST or STB or any other breed as a pit bull..
  12. i was going to suggest Husky also but wasnt sure if she was up to their energy level. if she doesnt already know, make sure she knows that Huskys are NOT content to just lay around all day, they need to be exercise daily and i'm not talkin like a walk around the block, they need to go on at least 1-2 long walks a day or they will become board and tear up things, also hey are notorious escape artists, anything less than a 6 foot fence wont keep a husky contained!
  13. cocker spaniel? collie? beagle?
  14. rottis *can* be dog agressive but I think if raised as a puppy with other dogs then it would be ok.
  15. What i am wondering is how they are going to know if she stays put or not? will they have someone watch her?
  16. hahahah i hope all 26 inches of snow falls! :evilbat:
  17. hope they dont become "un rare" in your country, around here they are already in shelters and rescues :(
  18. Yes you can use human stuff. I use a liquid glucosamine from wal-mart and i give maggie the human dosage..probably more than she needs but it wont harm her so i say better safe than sorry syn flex seems to be the best stuff out there and they have a dosage for weight chart....
  19. [quote name='Michele']she was sentenced to ONLY one night in the woods....not enough if you ask me.....[/quote] maybe not but it's alot better than the usual slap on the wrist that most animal abusers/neglecters get
  20. :evilbat: [url]http://www.newsnet5.com/news/5346814/detail.html[/url]
  21. they dont have a 40lb bag, biggest is 35lbs and i pay $26 for the senior, i think the adult is a couple bucks more and i pay $8 for 6lb bag of the cat food
  22. teeth marks wouldnt bother me at all, a pee stain wouldnt bother me either unless it was huge or there were a bunch of them.
  23. i'm a lil weird :lol: but i love the smell of the chicken soup dog food! :oops:
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