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  1. My dogs just sleep on the tiles. I've given up buying beds as Indy just rips them to shreds.
  2. When we go walking Indy remembers every house that has or has ever had a dog in the yard.
  3. Could be :wink: :wink: I was more thinking of anyone who won't take his shit. If he senses weakness he will try and exploit it.
  4. Um no the owner wasn’t an idiot! You yourself said you normally just let your dogs go up to any other dogs and you made it sound out of the ordinary that you actually asked if the dog was friendly and if it was ok to approach. Before letting your dog approach another – you should ALWAYS ask the other owner if its ok. People that don’t do that are the ones that are idiots. The only reason you know that this other dog was dog aggressive is because the owner told you it was not ok for your dog to approach. Nothing wrong with that! As long as the dog is under control and is no threat to anyone, then it has as much right to be taken places as any other dog. Not all dogs like to have their personal space invaded by strange dogs approaching them. As a responsible owner you should know that and show other owners some courtesy. Just because someone takes their dog out in public, it doesn’t mean it’s a free for all for other dogs to get in their faces.
  5. :o :o Wow, you are away from dogo for a little bit and you miss all the fun. :cry:
  6. Oh me either, I will gossip and bitch with the best of them. However Naomi's shenanigans when it comes to her marriage have no bearing her ability to care responsibly for her pets. We have been inviting people from rescue organizations who have no past history with Dogo to come and view our posts about what Naomi has done with these poor dogs. Carrying on like schoolgirls about things that have no relation to her animals may lead them to not take us seriously.
  7. [quote name='Kat'] Yes you shouldn't shout and reprimand a puppy throughout house training but when that pup is a dog that is fully house trained, then yes I do believe in reprimanding the dog verbally unless the situation was unavoidable and the owner was out for too long/dog was sick.[/quote] I don't think there is anything wrong with shouting and repremanding the dog if you catch them in the act of peeing where they shouldn't. However, if you don't catch them in the act and are just getting cranky when you see the puddle, the dog is going to have [b]no idea [/b]why it's being yelled at. They don't associate the yelling you are doing now with the pee they did two hours ago.
  8. All the doggies are very cute. Though, boy that dobe is huge.
  9. Unless you caught her in the act of actually peeing, she wouldn't have known what she was being yelled at for anyway.
  10. Cynthia, I don’t think anyone here blames you. I think everyone is still trying to get their heads wrapped around the amount of lies that have been told are just trying find out as much info as possible. I do have a question though. You mentioned above that Boonie had a heart murmur. Naomi told us all that she had have him PTS due to a severe case of heartworm that was untreatable. There is obviously a big difference between a heart murmur and heart worm. Can you confirm which was the case? I’m not having a go at you at all – just trying to work out if the circumstances surrounding Boonie being PTS were lies too.
  11. Do you think that some of these far fetched ideals about responsible dog ownership such as; not being away from the home for more than a few hours, or not letting a dog be outside in your own back yard unsupervised have come about with the increased popularity of Internet forums? I can't honestly believe that people have always thought this way as the examples we have been discussing are totally unrealistic ideas. It's got me wondering if the increased amount of time that people tend to spend on forums discussing how they care for their dogs has led to this raised standard on what is considered responsible dog ownership. It's like some kind of warped concept of keeping up with the Jones', everyone is trying so hard to prove how responsible they are and how much better they care for their dog then the next person.
  12. Wow, this thread is making my head hurt and it's becoming more and more ridiculous. Mei-Mei, thanks for saving me the trouble and posting everything that I want to say. [quote]So Seijun, would you argue for me to be able to keep an elephant? How 'bout a giraffe? Or a hippo? Or a gator? If I was able to sufficiently care for these animals would it be okay for me to keep them? Or is it only the 'cool' animals like big cats and wolves that deserve the questionable interference of human beings? [/quote] What about a dolphin, it is ok for me to keep one of these in my pool?
  13. I totally agree with K. I know we all like to think our dogs would be a hero and save the child in question but it's just too big a risk. In reality we have no idea what our dogs would do. They could get in a fight with the other dog and still injure the child further in the process just because it was in the way. Or even worse they could totally go into prey drive join in on the attack. There are way to many what if's to act like it's the movies and that your dog is going to save the day. I would get my dog out of the picture and then do what I could myself.
  14. How cute. She sounds like such a smart girl. :D
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