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  1. For those of you who pick up (poop) after your dogs, do you ever pick up a wrong pat and get totally grossed out? :lol: You know? You expect nicely formed, slightly squishy, WARM (fresh) poop, but your fingers (in a plastic bag) wrap around a hardened COLD lump? :placz: *shudder* When that happens, I freak out. :P :lol:
  2. Oh GROSSS!!!!! *where's that gagging icon?*
  3. My dog had fluid retention in his testical sacs as well. They never felt hard though. Great that you're taking him the vet to check it out. :)
  4. Can't help one single bit, but am sending you positive thoughts. Hope your labby improves (ALOT!) soon!
  5. This is embarassing to admit... I can't whistle. :oops: Not even to save my life. And you know, I never knew what I was REALLY missing, until I read Sabine's post. :cry:
  6. Definitely the plushy pillow beds at our house. :roll: Otherwise Cosmic will give us his "I can't believe you're treating me this way" look the whole day. And try to hijack OUR pillows. Ours are filled with (supposedly) some sort of superior fluff. But they still get flat! :-? :P Sucks but thankfully a quick trip to the laundromat gets them all poofy again! I have no idea what the laundry guys to to the beds.
  7. I say BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR WALLET around that girl!! :lol: Bets are it wouldn't be too difficult for her to figure out how to exchange the papery stuff for food & toys next! ;)
  8. Cat! :D Cosmic does this weird flexing of his paws all the time. He'll grab his favourite toy in his mouth, plonk himself on his bed, stretch out his paws and kinda flex his "claws" - sometimes until he falls asleep! :lol:
  9. :o Whoa. There is no amount I wouldn't pay to get my baby back.
  10. This is an idea that bf & I have toyed with for a long time. We'd like to teach Cosmic to "read" a menu. :lol: How it might work: [b]Tools:[/b] - 4 Menu "Cues" ---> Laminated pictures (a fish, a cow, a sheep and a chicken) glued onto differently shaped objects. (Could be children's plastic toy blocks or something.) - Lots of cooked fish, lamb, beef and chicken. :lol: - A clicker. Starting with one cue, we'll teach him to associate bringing us (or pawing) a specific cue with a certain type of food. Eg.: When Cosmic paws the 'chicken' cue, he gets a piece of chicken. Once he learns one cue, we teach him the next - and interchange them so that he understands that the different cues stand for different foods. Once he learns all 4 :D (YAY!) we can ask him at dinner: [b]"Chicken, Fish, Beef or Lamb today?"[/b] :eating: :lol: :lol: And he'll paw the cue to 'order' his meal!! :lol: Cool or what?! 8) And we don't have to guess his favourites anymore. ;) Anything you guys would like to teach your dogs? And how would you go about teaching it?
  11. I don't really like being licked on the face as well. Mostly cos' I'd get pimples! :P
  12. Licking - esp. around the mouth - is also a submissive gesture. So it's their way of telling us that they look up to us as leaders. :D
  13. The Thai King is my favourite monarch in the whole world - and I'm not even Thai. He keeps a pack of rescued street dogs right in his palace! :D His favourites even follow him about - sometimes all the way to important meetings. He's well known for his kindness and compassion - both to his subjects and to dogs. Hell, there's even a book written about the King's "stray" dogs. :lol: Anyway, because he's much loved, the Thais are quite kind to stray dogs. :D It also helps that most of the population there is Buddist - Buddist teachings preach kindness to all animals. :) Not that they (the dogs) don't need help. :P
  14. I would be angry. Mostly because I can't stand deceit. And passing off MY dog as theirs would just raise all the hackles in my possessive streak. Unless, like Ash said, his photo was included in some kind of "gorgeous example" directory. :lol:
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