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  1. Bubblezzz

    Poop Picking

    For those of you who pick up (poop) after your dogs, do you ever pick up a wrong pat and get totally grossed out? :lol: You know? You expect nicely formed, slightly squishy, WARM (fresh) poop, but your fingers (in a plastic bag) wrap around a hardened COLD lump? :placz: *shudder* When that happens, I freak out. :P :lol:
  2. Bubblezzz

    Pooh Bear's favorite winter sport is ...

    Oh GROSSS!!!!! *where's that gagging icon?*
  3. Bubblezzz

    Dog beds?

    Definitely the plushy pillow beds at our house. :roll: Otherwise Cosmic will give us his "I can't believe you're treating me this way" look the whole day. And try to hijack OUR pillows. Ours are filled with (supposedly) some sort of superior fluff. But they still get flat! :-? :P Sucks but thankfully a quick trip to the laundromat gets them all poofy again! I have no idea what the laundry guys to to the beds.
  4. Bubblezzz

    What other animal is your dog like?

    Cat! :D Cosmic does this weird flexing of his paws all the time. He'll grab his favourite toy in his mouth, plonk himself on his bed, stretch out his paws and kinda flex his "claws" - sometimes until he falls asleep! :lol:
  5. Bubblezzz

    Hypothetical question

    :o Whoa. There is no amount I wouldn't pay to get my baby back.
  6. Bubblezzz

    I know! Lets ask Courtnek!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't really like being licked on the face as well. Mostly cos' I'd get pimples! :P
  7. Bubblezzz

    I know! Lets ask Courtnek!!!!!!!!!!

    Licking - esp. around the mouth - is also a submissive gesture. So it's their way of telling us that they look up to us as leaders. :D
  8. The Thai King is my favourite monarch in the whole world - and I'm not even Thai. He keeps a pack of rescued street dogs right in his palace! :D His favourites even follow him about - sometimes all the way to important meetings. He's well known for his kindness and compassion - both to his subjects and to dogs. Hell, there's even a book written about the King's "stray" dogs. :lol: Anyway, because he's much loved, the Thais are quite kind to stray dogs. :D It also helps that most of the population there is Buddist - Buddist teachings preach kindness to all animals. :) Not that they (the dogs) don't need help. :P
  9. Bubblezzz

    Spooked Easy?

    [quote name='JackieMaya'] and Jackie, who had been lying down, leapt up in the air.[/quote] :lol: Poor Jackie. Cosmic hates balloons. Especially when we make squeaky sounds on them. Heheh. :evilbat:
  10. Bubblezzz

    Finally! Photos of us

    [quote name='Alan']The picture is pretty cool. It is missing one thing though. With that basket in Dorthy's hand, you need the guy with the mic behind you, dressed as Yogi Bear![/quote] :lol: That would be cute! Haven't seen an episode of Yogi Bear in years and years.
  11. Bubblezzz

    Finally! Photos of us

    YAY!! :D
  12. Bubblezzz

    Finally! Photos of us

    At Halloween! :lol: Dorothy, Scarecrow & the Cowardly Lion: [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid193/peef81b9c07b0c797ad94048a42149a8f/f18a9f72.jpg[/img] Cosmic the Lion: [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid193/p56ec85b94cb000f9ef1a52151257bd2e/f18a9f51.jpg[/img]
  13. Bubblezzz

    Woolly & Cosmic fighting.

    Coalsky, what you said about "equal" attention makes sense. :P What we want is to distract them from each other. We're also practicing NILIF and have put them both back on Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Hopefully it'll help!
  14. After being with us a few weeks, it appears that Woolly (foster dog) is finally finding his confidence and thus, no longer backing down to Cosmic. :-? We have had dogs in and out of the house from the time Cosmic was a puppy. He usually accepts most of them; wants to play with some, tries to hump others :lol: and ignores the rest. Beyond a few warning growls, he's never been really aggressive. But now that Woolly has been here a while, things are starting to change. Cosmic hates sharing us - and his toys - with Woolly. :P When Woolly tries to get us to play, Cosmic will growl & bark him away. :-? And when Woolly looks like he's having too much fun with a toy, Cosmic snatches it away! So far, warning threats from us have prevented most incidences from escalating. But they have fought about 3 times now. :( Yesterday, Woolly punctured Cosmic on the muzzle. My yells didn't stop them this time and I had to throw a glass of coke (only thing handy! :lol:) on them to stop the fight. They were both placed in a "time-out" after that. The plan now is to isolate both of them whenever they start their nonsense. We're also trying to divide our attention and play with/stroke one each, at the same time in order to prevent conflicts. We also have a spray bottle filled with water & Apple Cider Vinegar to break up fights. My biggest worry is that they might get into a fight while we're gone. :-? I *think* the possibilty is slim, since Cosmic seems to get most aggravated when he thinks Woolly has our attention. Should I be doing anything else? Should I take all their toys away when they're unsupervised? :-? Cosmic is sterilised and Woolly isn't.
  15. Cosmic already received 2 (pre)christmas presents. :oops: :lol: That's how I managed to convince bf that we should buy him a brand new (so fluffy & comfy!) bed and his new "pillow" (large, wooly toy). :lol: I also have my sight set on new toys. 8)