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  1. My dogs just sleep on the tiles. I've given up buying beds as Indy just rips them to shreds.
  2. Another vote for a Neo. She is gorgeous.
  3. [quote name='CoalSky'][quote name='Malamum']So, did you go on your holiday while she was missing?[/quote] Yeah she did, she bought a collar and dish for her missing dog while she was gone too :-?[/quote] Oh you are right. I didn't read her email properly - it was too long and rambling. I breaks my heart think about that poor missing dog sitting on the doorstep while they were away enjoying themselves at Disney. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. Indy thinks he is a bear. Kira thinks she is a mountain goat.
  5. [quote name='"Oscar The Grouch'] I keep my two on a short leash at the point where they are made to stay right by my side, where as this other person was not doing the same.[/quote] Then this is where the other person [b]was[/b] doing the wrong thing. You didn't say that in your original post. You initially made it sound like the other owner was just standing there minding their own business.
  6. So, did you go on your holiday while she was missing?
  7. Ditto to what HF said. I will never give my dog aggressive dog the opportunity to harm another dog. I am always on guard and watch him very very closely around other dogs to make sure he has enough space. However if another owner lets their dog get in my dogs face and invades our space, without giving me warning or enough time for me to tell them to back off then there is not a great deal I can do. I do watch other owners like a hawk though as there is always someone who just lets their dogs approach other dogs without asking. I’m always ready to blurt out “my dog is not dog friendly” in order to get people to back off. Just because a dog is in public doesn’t mean it’s automatically ok to approach it. Normal doggy courtesy must still be observed.
  8. [quote name='ObedienceGrrl'] To me, the stupid owners are the ones who have ill manered dogs and do nothing about them. They think it's okay if their dogs jumps all over people and pulls on the leash.[/quote] Yeah but their dogs are friendly, so that makes it ok. :roll:
  9. Good for you Leah!! He looks adorable.
  10. [quote name='Michele'][quote]Before letting your dog approach another – you should ALWAYS ask the other owner if its ok. People that don’t do that are the ones that are idiots.[/quote] MAL: I think he did ask the owner if the dog was friendly... I have to disagree with you. IMO, I feel that if you have an agressive dog and you bring that dog into Petsmart where you know there are going to be other dogs, then your dog should be kept on a leash and muzzled. It's the owner's responsibility to make sure it doesnt attack another dog.[/quote] [quote]Normally, I would let the dogs slowly go up to the other one and make friends, but for some reason I asked "Is your dog friendly" [/quote] The "but for some reason" makes me think it's not a matter of course for the original poster to ask if it's ok for his dog to approach others. Michelle, I agree with you 100% about people needing to keep thier dogs under control. However Oscar never said the other dog was unleashed and that it was attacking anyone, or even displaying aggressive behaviour for that matter. All the other owner did (only going by what was originally posted) was have his dog with him and then when asked if his dog was friendly said no. If anyone asked me if their dog could approach Indy - my answer would be exactly the same.
  11. Um no the owner wasn’t an idiot! You yourself said you normally just let your dogs go up to any other dogs and you made it sound out of the ordinary that you actually asked if the dog was friendly and if it was ok to approach. Before letting your dog approach another – you should ALWAYS ask the other owner if its ok. People that don’t do that are the ones that are idiots. The only reason you know that this other dog was dog aggressive is because the owner told you it was not ok for your dog to approach. Nothing wrong with that! As long as the dog is under control and is no threat to anyone, then it has as much right to be taken places as any other dog. Not all dogs like to have their personal space invaded by strange dogs approaching them. As a responsible owner you should know that and show other owners some courtesy. Just because someone takes their dog out in public, it doesn’t mean it’s a free for all for other dogs to get in their faces.
  12. Glad to hear she has settled in so well, as it must be a big adjustment for her. Though as long as you are there I bet she doesn't care where she is.
  13. :o :o Wow, you are away from dogo for a little bit and you miss all the fun. :cry:
  14. :( It breaks my heart to hear stuff like that. I hope the poor little girl is ok.
  15. I think you need to knit her some jumpers. She would look very cute :D
  16. [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote name='BuddysMom'][quote name='Michele']ok, i'm sorry ONLY because it wasn't right...but I really don't want to be sorry......can you follow that??? :D[/quote] Yes I follow :P Tru it wasn't right but we are only human. We have been wronged, much worse, a whole bunch of innocent animals have been hurt, and it is only natural that we'd want to gang up "like schoolgirls" and figuratively kick some a**.[/quote] Amen![/quote] Again - I'm not saying I'm above acting like a schoolgirl myself. I just think stuff totally unrelated to her animals would have been better in NDR or Just Us. That way it is more likey just to be amongst the regular dogoers rather than out there for anyone to see.
  17. Oh me either, I will gossip and bitch with the best of them. However Naomi's shenanigans when it comes to her marriage have no bearing her ability to care responsibly for her pets. We have been inviting people from rescue organizations who have no past history with Dogo to come and view our posts about what Naomi has done with these poor dogs. Carrying on like schoolgirls about things that have no relation to her animals may lead them to not take us seriously.
  18. [quote name='Kat'] Yes you shouldn't shout and reprimand a puppy throughout house training but when that pup is a dog that is fully house trained, then yes I do believe in reprimanding the dog verbally unless the situation was unavoidable and the owner was out for too long/dog was sick.[/quote] I don't think there is anything wrong with shouting and repremanding the dog if you catch them in the act of peeing where they shouldn't. However, if you don't catch them in the act and are just getting cranky when you see the puddle, the dog is going to have [b]no idea [/b]why it's being yelled at. They don't associate the yelling you are doing now with the pee they did two hours ago.
  19. I think that email spot on. There is no need for the 99% of us Dogoers to be on that list. Providing them with info on Naomi is one thing, but it's not necessary for us to be privvy to all the info in their database. People like Tammy or Cynthia who are actively involved in rescue are a different story.
  20. Thanks Baileysmom. I was getting the timing confused. Wow, has it really been a year since she got Boonie it doesn’t feel like that long ago. Do you know anything about the circumstances surrounding Boonie being PTS? Cynthia has told us that the poor little mite had a heart murmur but Naomi told us he had untreatable heartworm.
  21. Thanks. It must have been when Justin was on leave. I was starting to think that she bought someone else along with her pretending he was her husband.
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