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  2. Glad to hear Sassy is feeling better! :D
  3. Poor Ford! Lesson learned...I hope! :o I hope Ford heals up cleanly and quickly.
  4. If your neighbor would keep Snoopy at home he wouldn't have to accuse his wonderful neighbor of stealing his dog and narrowly escape getting stabbed with a grilling fork! Animal Control might be just the remedy. (I also got a vivid picture of you brandishing the fork while shouting curses in his direction. :lol: )
  5. It's so true that time passes and dulls the ache, but all it takes is one clear memory and it all comes flooding back full strength. I think we've all experience that sharp recall. :cry: My boys and I are thinking of you today, Tammy.
  6. :cry: What a heartbreaking thing for you and Cheech. I was so sorry to read your news this morning. I know you will make him as comfortable and loved as possible during the rest of his time with you. He can't understand why he is feeling so sick, but you can and will do what he needs to have done when it is time. The boys and I are sending thoughts of strength and peace your way this morning.
  7. Harley is just fantastic and adorable! :D
  8. Great picture of a smart girl about her work! :D Very Cute!
  9. :cry: Of all the writings that describe the final courageous thing we can do for our companions this one is the one that touches me the most. I'm so sorry for your loss, Ickle. Thank you for posting these poignant words. :angel:
  10. They look like little darlings. :angel:
  11. I love the big fella at the top! Just look at that big goofus pupper! :iloveyou: The girls are pretty too, but he's wonderful. 8)
  12. I wish you and Mac the happiest of homecomings! Wonderful news. :D :D
  13. Why is it I never am smart enough to grab a tissue [b]before[/b] I read one of your posts? What a lovely poem. :iloveyou:
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