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  1. I've seen that stuff on tv and it looked like a total scam to me. Also, what I didn't get is why they had people spraying this stuff all over supposed "urine" on toilets and floors and such instead of just cleaning it off. "Oh, there's pee all over my toilet. I can't be bothered getting it off; I'll just spray over it!" Do people really do this?? :o That kind of advertising pretty much convinced me that it was a scam. I'm sorry you got taken, BM, but I'm kinda glad to hear some feedback on it. :oops:
  2. My doggers won the toy lottery this year. Thanks to the generosity of my Secret Santa, and then the generosity of an even more secretive Santa, my dogs are set. I'm just going to pass the goodies around on Christmas day. Hey, they don't know that *I* didn't buy them! :oops:
  3. What creative use of words you have there! Am I a bad person for admitting that I giggled out loud at the image of you threatening to stab someone in the eyes with your grilling fork? :oops: Perhaps it is time for Snoopy to disappear into the hands of a more responsible owner (or group). :o
  4. Most of my dogs love people, nearly all people. PJ (Toy Poodle) is probably the absolute most friendly, people lovin' dog we have. Tucker is a typical friendly Lab who adores people which is what made him perfect as a therapy dog. Peaches the Dobe is the least menacing, most friendly attention ho you could imagine in a dog. Peanut (other Toy Poodle) really likes people, doesn't care much for strange dogs. Perry and Pauly (Standard Poodles) LOVE people. Perry loves people onsite, completely and unconditionally. He'll greet you as if you are a long lost friend that he hasn't seen in forever, even if it's his first time ever meeting you. We've really had to work hard on curbing that enthusiasm. Pauly loves people, too, but he tends to be more cautious. He has trust issues stemming from his past, but he loves people as long as he doesn't perceive them as threatening. He seems to be a little more intimidated by men. Devin (the youngest Lhasa) likes people ONLY if he isn't in a crate or in the car. He has a split personality. He will not let anyone (other than hubby or me) else near a crate or the car if he's in them, even people he knows. He says he will bite, and he means it. As soon as his feet hit the floor, he's the most loving, happy, outgoing dog. Weird. Our Simon Schnauzer is a people lover, too. If we don't keep him on a short leash (literally), he can be very intimidating and "in your face," but he's just very exuberant and vocal. He sounds menacing (people with terriers can probably relate) with his grunts and snorts and guffaws (can be perceived as growling by people who don't know better), but he LOVES people... a little too much sometimes. About the only dogs we have that do not like people are Chico (Chihuahua), Missy (Lhasa) and Fred ('nother Lhasa). We didn't socialize them well in the early days (didn't know any better), and it shows. Chico and Missy will try to get away from you, but Missy will bite if someone were to reach for her. I mean, neither of them are coming after you as long as you don't corner them. Chico isn't "yappy" and ill mannered as far as aggressively going after people. He's pretty well behaved. He just doesn't like to be cornered by strangers and unfortunately many people can't resist picking up the Chi since, of course, they are meant to be held and all :roll: . Chico is just fine on all fours being left alone. I almost hate to admit that he's not very well socialized and doesn't like people because it seems to fan the flames of "nasty little ankle biter" and "yappy little dog" when he really isn't. He's well mannered and tolerant as long as strangers respect his boundaries. :oops: Fred will try to get away from you and then freeze in his tracks and poop where he stands if a stranger comes too close. :oops: So only three out of eleven of mine don't like people, but it's totally our faults for not socializing them when they were young. The rest of the gang are people lovers.
  5. Court, really keep an eye on that sore. Cats are known to get abscesses, especially from things like bite wounds. You'll just want to really pay attention to it. Sorry Ford had to learn the hard way.
  6. It doesn't seem like a year. I'm so sorry you're feeling down. It has been a really rough year for you. :(
  7. You know those egg crate type of mattress pads? You can cut those to whatever size you need and then make a really simple cover for it... think of a glorified pillowcase with one open end. You can either leave the end open, or use velcro fasteners (I don't bother trying to do zippers... too much trouble). It really only takes a few minutes to make, and it's simple as falling off a log. We like to cut those pads to size and then double or even triple them over so that they're really thick and plush. Another thought is to see if you can find some old furniture that still has halfway decent cushions. You can recycle those cushions as dog beds and cover them the way you want to.
  8. I reckon you really do need to start again. In my own experience, whenever you've had aggression issues with dogs, you have to constantly be on your toes. I don't think dog aggressive dogs are really ever cured as much as they are controlled, you know? If you stay on your toes, you can usually see the signs of trouble brewing (posturing, hackling, whatever body language) before it ever reaches boiling point. Good luck starting over. If you were able to do it before, you should be able to do it again. Only this time, don't let your guard down. :wink:
  9. This guy was boarding at our clinic and I thought of you. He's such a ham, a clown and a real love. I took 382948267203846 pictures, but he is in constant motion, so everything else was a blur. I could see me falling in love with one of these. Anyway, just a share. :) [img]http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c360/HFeathers/Bulldogboarder.jpg[/img]
  10. [quote name='drjeffrock']I dont get it. I only read a few posts, so correct me if I am wrong. You guys are advocating taking aggressive dogs to Petco, as long as they are on-leash and "under control?" Sorry but around here you cannot just assume that Muffin's owner is going to ask "Hi, is your dog aggressive. Can we come over to say hi?" What ends up happening is that Muffin's owner ends up checking out a new super-duper dog toy while Muffin rounds the corner on her Flexi-leash and walks right up to a dog-aggressive dog without her owner even knowing what here dog is doing. [/quote] Doesn't that make Muffin's owner the irresponsible one? I do not see the point in keeping my dog confined his entire life because of the possibility that others might do something irresponsible. [quote]I really disagree with a lot of you here, aggressive dogs do NOT belong in Petco or another pet store with small aisles. Its the same deal at dog parks. I have had to risk getting bitten numerous times for breaking up a dogfight (which my dogs were not even involved in) only to hear a girl crying that "I cant believe my dog bit your dog. I can usually control her fine." Or whatever the case. And R2, I dont understand how you had a problem with me handling my bud's dob (who I had control of at the dog park) yet its ok to bring an aggro dog to a dog store with tiny aisles? [/quote] Maybe the PetWhatevers in my area are different, but the aisles in our stores are not "tiny." There is plenty of room to keep two well leashed dogs separate, even when passing. Maybe we need some clear cut definition of "aggressive." If I had a dog that was obviously on egg shells and uncomfortable, or a dog that was strangling itself at the end of a leash all the way through the store trying to get to other dogs, well, probably not going to take him into PetWhatever. Other than that, Muffin's owner is irresponsible if she's letting Muffin wander around out of sight on a flexi lead. The dog I have that is dog aggressive loves to go out. He isn't stressed by being out, and he loves to travel. He just doesn't dig having other dogs in his face. He's not going to go out of his way to approach them. I'm perfectly ok with that. I'm not going to keep him confined his entire life just because other dog owners might be irresponsible and let their dogs wander unattended. Even if Muffin's mom is being a total airhead and not paying attention, I can promise you that I am totally aware of what's going on 360 degrees around MY dog. Muffin would never have a chance to make it to him unless she was totally off leash. Granted, mine is a Schnauzer and not a Pit Bull, so I'm not worried about harming the breed's reputation. I don't know if that would make any difference to me, anyway. I worry enough about how irresponsible people affect my dogs. It's why I have a fence, it's why they aren't allowed as much time outside as I'd like, it's why I walk the perimeter of my yard daily looking for "treats," and I'm sure there are many other aspects of our daily lives that are affected by other people's irresponsiblity. I draw the line, though, at keeping mine confined 24/7 and not allowing any of them to leave the house because someone else *might* do something irresponsible like let their dog wander around unattended. Anyway, while we're debating this, how about a clear definition of aggression, and how much is tolerated? We may be debating different things entirely. Again, I wouldn't take a dog that was straining at the end of its leash, [b]uncontrollable[/b] or unhappy.
  11. [quote name='Oscar The Grouch']And yeah, ordinairly, while cautious, I typically dont just out right ask. I think the owner bears some responsibility to protect other dogs from their own dog also given that petsmart is somewhere where you EXPECT to see other dogs.[/quote] Other than keeping the dog under control, leashed at their side, what else should they do to protect other dogs? I expect to see other dogs in PetWhatever, but I do not expect anyone to just let their dog approach mine. I'm responsible for keeping my dog under control, as anyone is with theirs, no matter how friendly they think their dog (or mine) is. I expect you to keep YOUR dog under control. Doing rescue work, I might be socializing a nervous dog, or a dog with some degree of dog aggression, by taking them into places where there are people and other dogs. PetWhatevers are often the perfect, and sometimes just about the only place to do this. It isn't fair to label a person irresponsible just because someone might do something silly like assume my dog is friendly just because he's there, and let their dog approach it. Each owner is responsible for their own dog, and that means keeping your own dog under control. IMO, it should be basic doggy and owner manners to never let your dog approach another without the consent of the other owner.
  12. I'm with Mal, too. I have at least one dog that absolutely would go at another dog if it got too close. It wouldn't keep me from taking him into PetWhatever or anywhere else. I have him under control. He isn't roaming the store and he isn't allowed to actually approach another dog. As long as other people respect OUR boundaries, all will be fine. Besides, how would you ever socialize an aggressive/non-friendly dog if you didn't take them out around others? People would consider you irresponsible if you didn't attempt to socialize your dog, but they consider it irresponsible when you try. I think Mal is 100% dead on target.
  13. It still sounds like so much fun. One day, when I don't have 8389472013750 dogs, I think I'd love to do something like that.
  14. Wonderful news, and one more step on the road to normalcy. :)
  15. Yikes! I'm so glad it wasn't worse than it was. From the size of the Bouviers I've seen, it could have been much, much worse. I don't blame you for shying away from that dog after that.
  16. Those are called martingale style collars, aren't they? That's what I have for my Dobe for walking.
  17. DP, a lot of people swear by leaving loaded Kongs and hard toys such as those and Nylabones out for dogs. Mine just aren't really interested in them other than interactive play (throw/chase). Also, Perry can actually whittle even a large Kong into smaller pieces and he eats those. I don't want him eating Kongs when I'm not home, so I don't load them up and make them "edible." Still, others swear that it's great for keeping bored dogs busy. Anyway, that's why I give mine things like tp rolls and old magazines to shred. It gives them something to do, but aren't necessarily choking hazards when I'm not home.
  18. [quote name='DogPaddle']For those of you who have had relapses in house training (not elimination just chewing and getting into things) and who have gone back to the basics: How did it go? Did you go right back to crating? Did you, eventually, regain all the lost ground? [/quote] I must have missed this initially. Not that I can be much help. :oops: We have housetraining relapses allllllllllll the time (like you, not meaning pottying... just house manners). :roll: The dogs that have free reign of my house 24/7 are Perry (Standard Poodle), Tucker (Lab), PJ (Toy Poodle foster) and then sometimes Pauly (other Standard Poodle). My Standards do take spells of stupidity :roll: . They don't have potty accidents, but they occasionally get a destructive streak. The thing is, it's like it becomes a compulsion. It may start with nibbling on the bedspread, for example. Then it turns into EATING it (that was Perry... part of my bedspread is gone). It just seems to develop into a compulsion. Some of the stuff I do is giving them things to work on that are legal, but they don't know they're legal. For example, I'll leave old magazines out. While I'd like to be an all or nothing idealist and say that dogs should never, ever be allowed to destroy anything, I'm not always home to be the enforcer. I'd much rather walk into a mess of shredded paper than, say, a shredded couch. I also leave stuffed toys around, but I don't give them right to the dogs. Oh, they have their own toys that I do indeed offer, but I'll leave something "taboo" (and really cheap like dollar store stuffed toys) there, too. Again, it's just the lesser of the evils... coming home to destroyed home vs. coming home to destroyed cheap stuff. Either way, I have a mess to clean, but it doesn't take too long to clean up some shredded paper or toy guts. Very often, the "toy" that I offer is just some scrap fabric sewn together with a bit of batting inside... costs next to nothing for me to make (and I often re-use the stuffing :oops: ), and they are for the sole purpose of being destroyed. Sometimes we have to remove the diversion (or rather the dog). For example, Perry became so fixated on my bedspread (it's now ruined, with a huge part of it gone) that we now shut him out of the bedroom during the day when no one is home. We'll eventually leave it open again, but it's like having to break a bad habit. He'll eventually forget about it and order is restored. It also makes me very glad I went for the el cheapo bedspread over the pricey one I'd been eyeballing (common sense prevailed). :o I'm just rambling, but basically my suggestions are to perhaps try leaving some kind of temptation that you really don't mind being destroyed. Something "taboo" that they aren't given (along with "real" toys that ARE offered)... magazines, cheap stuffies, oh! old toilet paper rolls are wonderful, too! It gives them a chance to "work" (read be devious) and may save the house (and your sanity). Also, it sounds like it's time to move the trash can where the dogs have zero access to it (a pantry or closet maybe?), and close the bathroom doors. I can't tell you the last time we've had open bathroom doors in our house, and you'd just about need a safe cracker to get into our trash can. I'd remove these temptations outright and give them things they CAN have (even if they are destroyed). Of the handful that are left loose in my house 24/7, some are 100% reliable and would never bother a thing (Tucker the Lab and PJ the dream foster Poodle), and then some have bouts of destructiveness (ahem Perry and Pauly who are both six years old, by the way... certainly no puppies).
  19. BM, I think he was answering a question that DivOb posted in the other thread. IMO, that makes it a valid discussion rather than just a sales pitch, even if the tone is a bit condescending (I'll chalk that up to me not knowing him well enough to know if he's just joking around, or if he's truly being sarcastic). Come to think of it, someone on another of my pet boards nearly lost one of her dogs when they were playing and one dog's teeth got hung on the other dog's collar. If I remember correctly (it's been two or three years), the one dog suffered a minor injury with her jaw and the other one was the one being strangled. I think she found them entangled, but not dead yet. They both needed vet attention, though. While I don't think it's common, it's a valid enough concern for me to consider doing something a little different for my little escape artist. Until he learns to recite his name, address and phone number, he is required to wear a collar and id 24/7. It makes me think. I'd still like to know if DrJohn is going to otherwise be involved in our board. :)
  20. Actually, I agree with Woof and Abker. Ideally, the adoption fee should be the same, but rescues often have to operate in the [color=red]red[/color]. I know of some rescues that have higher rates for the more adoptable dogs. It's just an effort to raise more money for the rescue. Fair isn't always fair in rescue work. If it helps the rescue be able to stay in operation while helping find dogs a proper home, I'm ok with it. I can understand where people would be p*ssed by raising rates for some dogs, but by the same logic, ALL dogs should have a chance at a home. You have to pick and choose which dogs to save, and you have to raise money however you can. It may not be fair, but you can only do what you can do. The dogs get a carefully screened home and the rescue gains funds to help them operate. I can't find any problem with that. $500 seems high, but if they can get it, more power to them. Then again, there are breeders that call themselves "rescuers" (not meaning the legitimate breeder/rescuers), but we aren't talking about them. I see them on Petfinder all the time, though. :x
  21. Agreed. While your intentions may be noble, it only makes you look like every other "well meaning" spammer that comes through. We frequently get several a day. Personally, I would love to have a veterinarian on this board. If you truly want to make a difference, stick around and join the discussions. We'd likely give your sales pitch a lot more credibility instead of seeing you as just another hit and run spammer. There's no need for you to be so indignant. At this point, why are we to believe you are any different than any other spammer that posts their stuff and bolts? Stick around and join us. I might be interested in safety collars. I have one escape artist of a dog that must wear his collar/id 24/7 including when inside or crated just because it's the risk I'm willing to take with him. If he ever bolts out the front door (not a fenced area), or the fence, he's a goner. Until he learns to recite his name, address, and phone number, he will wear id 24/7. I can see a useful purpose, but I honestly did not even click the link just because I see so many hit and run spammers and nothing about your post made me think you were any differerent. Anyone can say "I'm a vet." Stick around. I'm sure many of us would love to have you.
  22. [quote name='courtnek']I'm in....did you think just because I'm old I would be offended? shame shame HF...you should know me better by now... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: but if the younguns object, I'll let it slide. you guys decide.... 8)[/quote] Oh, for the love of...! :roll: NO, I didn't think you were too old (I don't know that you'll be the oldest person there), and NO, I don't think anyone's going to object. I would have said that to anyone if I weren't sure they were aware of the content. :o Maybe it just means [b]I'm[/b] getting old. :oops:
  23. [quote name='courtnek'] hey, how do I gain entrance to"JustUs?" am I disapproved for some reason? :( [/quote] COURT! You do realize, don't you, that JustUS is the XXX rated super adultified, questionable contentified, anything goes section? I mean, you're certainly welcome to join it, but I thought I'd give you fair warning so that you wouldn't be expecting one thing and see something else entirely. :oops:
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