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New Boxer pup - Just had to share :o)


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Hi all, I haven't been here for a long time but last night I got my adorable little Boxer pup and felt an undying urge to come and share some gogeous pics with you all :D

I've been waiting for him since before he was concieved, one look at both the parents and I knew this was the cross for me. I'm so happy, I'll admit it, I did have a few tears of joy running down my face this morning, it is SO GOOD to have another Boxer in the house!

His dad just won Challange dog and runner up BOB at the royal easter show the other day, and at 7 years of age too, thats something to be proud of!

OK, I wont keep you waiting any longer, here are the photos of the extemely gorgeous "Merlin".






Now is he just the most gorgeous pup you've ever seen, or is he the most gorgeous pup you've ever seen?

His mum (Barbie) and dad (the famous Jamie), as well as another photo of him, stacked (Oaf - Boxberry Fame N Fortune) can be seen at:

Oh, Loaf and Aqua are from a previous mating of Barbie and Jamie, very cute, Aqua was runner up top dam in England for 2004 :D

This little angel is going to be spoilt rotten, I've said it before and I'll say it again - HE'S JUST PERFECT! :angel:

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Well if you are lucky I will post updated pics weekly :wink:

Of course they will be the first of many, unless that is, my camera dies of a cuteness overload!!! :o

I can't wait until he's had all his shots and I can take him to training and show him off to everyone there!!! He's gonna steal quite a few hearts this young boy... :wink:

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Guest Mutts4Me

Merlin is gorgeous!!

How's he getting on with Montie, Cassie, and Diego?

Can't wait to watch him grow up :)

OMG, he has a tail, how cool :lol: (I know you were considering buying out of country for a docked tail, but that is one precious, white-tipped tail!)

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I'm still getting used to the tail (it was whacking me in the face this morning while I was snuggling him in bed), but the white tip is very precious!

He is only having supervised play with Diego at the moment as I don't want Diego playing too rough and injuring him (he is so tiny and precious!). Montie is asserting his authority over him, as he always does when a new dog comes to the house (you need to when you're that small!) but Merlin is a fast learner and is staying out of Monties way. Once Merlin is a couple of weeks older Montie will fall in love with him and be all over him - I've had a couple of RSPCA pups over the past few months and Montie is always like this, once the pup is mature enough to respect Montie Montie starts his "I love you so much!" doting that he does, its very cute! Cassie is not all that sociable with new dogs so just kind of ignores him. Diego loves him though! He's obsessed, he's in love! How could you not be??? :wink:

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Mei-Mei, you forgot one thing, those gorgeous little puppy kisses! He has got THE sweetest little licks, melts my heart away! And you're right about the ears, so warm and floppy and fuzzy, just adorable. He is absolutely kissable!

DAL, here is Diego giving it all his got for Best Puppy in Show - he was beaten by a stunning Papillon (owned by one of the best breeders in the world mind you!), but I was so incredibly proud when he won puppy in group!


I will get some more of Montie and Cassie some other time - its puppy feeding time now though! :D

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Aroura! [i]So[/i] great to see you back again!

Merlin is absolutely stunning. :o Where in the world did you find such a CUTIE? And I just [b]love[/b] that tail! And his coloring and that little ball in his mouth and.. and.. how can you stand having such a CUTIE at home?? And I'm so glad the other dogs are warming up to him. We need new pics of all the dogs, by the way! And soon!

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Why the heck did you leave us in the first place?! I don't think I can bring myself to forgive you. The wound is still so fresh... :cry:

[i]Not[/i]. It's so good to have you back! I've always loved your Boxer pics! You have such beautiful dogs and Merlin is no exception -- what a little sweetheart. Can I have him? Please? :lol:

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