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  1. Lucky Chaos

    Is my queensland a queensland?

    Aren't they born all white from their dalmatian ancestry? (Do I even have the right breed?) She could darken, but then again she could be mixed with something if she was a shelter pup too.
  2. Lucky Chaos

    This is Lorraine with Amazing Aussies

    Just one more rescue(s) she'll never be able to get a dog from again! [url]http://forum.animalrescuecooperation.org/index.php?topic=5309.0[/url] If anyone wants to submit any corrections to what I wrote, feel free. I'm so confused/upset about this whole thing I can't be sure if I got it all straight. :-?
  3. Lucky Chaos

    What Breed Is My Dog?

    Wow, she's gorgeous! I could see kelpie, although they're pretty rare. She does have more of a kelpie rather than a border collie build, with the BC colouring. However, she could easily be purebred too. Here's a couple pics of a purebred working bred smoothcoated, prick-eared BC. [img]http://www.lockeyebc.com/images/Pearl_standing330.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.lockeyebc.com/images/Mick_and_Pearl_stump_440.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.lockeyebc.com/images/Pearl.jpg[/img] Your dog is a little leaner, but if I'm not mistaken she's stil young? And may fill out more.
  4. Lucky Chaos

    Wife left one of the dogs outside...

    Could have been a wolf, but its REALLY rare for them to go anywhere near human dwellings. Eastern coyotes are also much larger than southern coyotes, so you never know. Could have been a coyote wolf cross too, not very likely but it DOES happen. Where is your cottage again? (thats where you saw the canine right?) I believe they descovered a new sub species of wolf a few years ago, one that has reddish points like a coyote, but is much larger (Canis lupus lycaon I think it is). I don't know if their range extends where you are though, as I believe they're mostly near Algonquin park.
  5. Lucky Chaos

    PuppyFinder- edited by K

    [quote name='AllAmericanPUP'][quote name='Lucky Chaos'][quote]bravo to the wonderful people who think they know everything from getting info off something they read. [/quote] If that was directed to me, I didn't meant anything by my last post, I just read the article previously and thought I'd throw it in. I wasn't in any way saying that gamebred dogs aren't stable.[/quote] it was directed at me :wink: you couldnt pay me to take a pup from hmmm, i dont care how well bred your dogs are...i wouldnt support a dog fighter[/quote] Yeah but, don't you want a pup from Cold Steel pits? (Or like them anyway) As far as I know they don't fight, however they do have fighting dogs in their recent peds, is that really all that different?
  6. Lucky Chaos

    PuppyFinder- edited by K

    I don't like banning the ignorant, because you never know, maybe they'll eventually see the light. However with this person, I doubt it. She/he's far too caught up in her/his idea that we're all trying to force out beliefs on them. So I'll put in a third vote.
  7. Lucky Chaos

    Need a little help I am really heartbroken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup, sounds like he's being a bratty puppy and needs some reinforcing that you're alpha. Spanking won't do anything, because he won't know what he's getting punished for. Dogs are NOT humans in furry suits, they're dogs and deserve to be treated like what they are.
  8. [quote]like cheeky said before this breed was NOT created to be fought against each other, they were bred for bull baiting wich is equally a disgusting sport and when it was outlawed the people couldnt just stop, noooo they had to find something else equally barbaric and disgusting so they starting pit fighting. [/quote] Again, why is bull baiting disgusting but not hog hunting? And the ancestors of the breed were bred to fight bulls. After bull baiting was outlawed they added terrier to the breed, and bred the size down as they needed a more agile and less powerful dog to fight other dogs. So truely the breed wasn't completed until they were bred for pit fighting. From what I understand anyway.
  9. Lucky Chaos

    What do you guys think?

    [quote]It seems like the trend for many breeders today is to recreate the origional English Bulldog. [/quote] There's already recreated bulldog breeds, the ancestors of the pit bull WERE the dogs that brought down bulls. Afterwards they were crossed with terriers and made smaller for the pit. The American Bulldog was created by people who crossed the English Bulldog with the APBT, and probably Boxers too to get the original bulldog look except larger and heavier (usually) than the APBT.
  10. Lucky Chaos

    What do you guys think?

    [quote name='K']Oh lordy...not this again too...whats happening? If anyone wants to see the original Bullenbeiser( Banter Bulldogge or BullBoxer whatever you wish) being re created.. [url]http://www.pulldoggies.com/welcome_to_pulldoggies_kennels.htm[/url] Todd is a really nice man and has helped me with several placements of these...'types' of dogs in the past...[/quote] I don't see how you could support breeding crossbreeds, especially now. I'm glad they work their dogs, all the more power to them but I won't ever support crossbreeding when there's absolutely no need for it. Whatever, just my opinion. If you call bull boxers a breed, whats to stop the goldendoodle people from calling theirs a breed too?
  11. Lucky Chaos

    Vote for Lucky!

    I voted! He's handsome.
  12. Lucky Chaos

    Guess What!!!

    [quote name='newfiemom'] Signed, One of the mean, horrible, disrespectful people here at Dogo, writing from prison.[/quote] :cunao:
  13. Lucky Chaos

    Guess What!!!

    [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote]have you looked in a mirror lately? [/quote] Nope... Because last time I did I scared the sh*t out of myself... :o[/quote] At least you can make fun of yourself. :roflt:
  14. Lucky Chaos

    Guess What!!!

    Well its over a day and a half later... wonder where she is? I think she owes us some explanations. :roll:
  15. Wow thats surprising, I've always heard females are more affectionate, and judging by my three Chaos is the cuddliest out of them all. Probably depends on the dog. Now what about depending on if the dog is intact or not? Would an intact male be less affectionate than a fixed one? What about a female, especially when she's in heat?