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  1. Looks good, well referenced. Good website, I'm impressed :) Nothing I would buy though, got everything I need here is Aus :) I like to buy human products, for the same reason I don't buy dog food. Personal preference.
  2. Yes pro biotics are good to add to the diet, I just buy the human ones and give them to the doggies, to be honest they aren't real fans of yoghurt so this works better! I live in Australia, so probably not a school you've heard of! Unfortunately I couldn't get Chino into Puppy Pre School - He missed the boat, as he was ten weeks old when I got him and they'd already started a course (even though I knew all the dog training, I just needed him to get the socialisation - But by the time they actually returned my call 3 weeks later I'd missed the course!). He's started training now though,
  3. Hello sosexxetrini :) I would say there are a lot better things that you can be feeding a puppy. Milk is not natural for a dog. Yoghurt has calcium like milk, but it is more easily digested, and contains pro biotics. Cheese makes a good training treat in small amounts. Soy milk is not good for dogs, for starters, soy binds to other nutrients which can lead to a malnourished pup. Also, it is not natural (even more so than milk) and contains oestrogen, not good to be feeding to a pup! One month old, did you breed it yourself? Or has the breeder sold it to you at 4 or 5 weeks
  4. That's what I was looking for too Ravyn! But now that I have one that isn't so dark I am happy with that :wink: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v299/Aroura/PhotoLibrary-1146.jpg[/img] How's that for making your girls tail look non existant? :lol:
  5. Here is an updated picture of Elmo [img]http://www.dogzonline.com.au/images/profiles/53/10167_172.jpg[/img] Meg will be arriving to Australia today and remain in quaruntine (I think) for a little while longer, I'm looking forwards to updated pics of her :wink:
  6. My Papillons dew claws were left on. I was going to get them removed when he was desexed but the vet said they should be fine and to remove them as an adult can cause a lot of trauma (have to cut into the bone etc). He has torn them numberous times, and hates having them clipped - the rest of his nails stay worn down by running around. Believe me, I know about the damage a Boxer bum can do :o
  7. [quote name='Kiwi'](which has reared it's ugly head here and led by a MP who doesn't even own a dog :roll: ) [/quote] I think it's the same most places - it's all about politics, not the welfare of the dog, the people who pass these laws don't know a thing about dogs :evil: As for only docking the ones that are going to working homes, aside from what you said - there is no reason for it, why not dock all the pups? There is substantial evidence that the pups don't feel a thing, unless the owner to be doesn't like the look (like one weim owner I know who has a weim born before the
  8. [quote name='Ravyn']And its not that breeders will stop breeding. Its that GOOD breeders will stop breeding, leaving the field wide open for every BYB wanting to make a buck to even FURTHER mutilate the breed, not by tail docking, but by creating boxers with horrible heart problems, hip problems, eye problems or cancers, too large or too leggy or too long in the muzzle (or too short!) and with awful temperments. Boxer lovers do not want the boxer as they know it to go extinct. Same as any other lover of any other dog breed. Preservation of the breed as it is and as it is meant to be is key. Bo
  9. I posted something similar recently, should be no more than a couple of pages in if you want to have a look for it. Plenty of good ideas there :D
  10. Well I put breeding/showing as one in the same thing, otherwise there would have to be more variables (such as breeding without showing, showing without breeding, breeding/rescue without showing...) and it would get too confusing. If you rescue and show or breed just put it down as the showing/breeding/rescue option and you can post a note that you don't breed :wink:
  11. I voted the same as you Irena (thought I'd better vote on my own poll :wink: ). I do rescue, and show, and may breed my boys if the right circumstances arose :D
  12. I'm just trying to work out what percentages of Dogo does rescue/breeds etc, just for my own curiosity - but please vote I want a valid response!
  13. Agreed with everything Ravyn has said, you keep taking the words out of my mouth! But possibly one of the biggest reasons I say it is helping the breed (people can debate the tail injury thing as much as they want - I've seen what it can do and it ain't pretty!) but is because of the breeders who are no longer breeding due to the legislation. These are long time breeders who have strived for the health of the breed, if they stop breeding people who know nothing about the breed will take their place and god knows what the future has in store for Boxers. [quote]I'm going to throw myself o
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