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  1. What! :o No camera????? Shame on you! :x :lol: [size=2]sorry...I'm a bit of a Boxer-stalker...and there doesn't seem to be a 12-step program for that [/size]:oops:
  2. Dammit! I knew I should have checked back earlier and seen this. :( I'm so so glad you're ok but I feel awful about you having to give up your animals. :( If it makes you feel any better I live in Largo and the ASPCA is the nicest shelter in this area, from what I've seen. They will be well cared for there. Please message me if there's anything at all I can do to help you and your family!!! ps...If ya need to get out and have a few drinks, DH is a bartender down on the beach in Indian Shores ( a bar called the Blue Marlin). He'll take care of ya ;)
  3. Beautiful bobtails aroura...thx for sharing those pics....and Merlin is just stunning. :D
  4. I am so glad he found a home!!! :D
  5. :o ...I really do need to drop in more often. JM I had no idea you'd adopted another dog!! Congrats on the new addition. I just browsed through some of your pic threads...PoohBear is just gorgeous :D He looks like he fits right in with your girls.
  6. I'm not seeing any Boxer in there either. Gorgeous girl though!
  7. Thanks Ogrrl and Loki....I sent them an email. Keep your fingers crossed that I get a response :D
  8. Does anyone know of any Fila Brasileiro or rare mastiff rescue organizations in Florida??? I'm trying to rehome a Fila, and I haven't the slightest clue where to start. He belongs to a friend of dh's and I don't want him to end up in the wrong hands so I volunteered to help him find a home for the dog. (I'd take him myself if I could...lol) . He needs to re home him as soon as possible so if anyone has any helpful info or suggestions I'd really appreciate it :D
  9. :o OK Aroura...that is just not fair!!! <crosses arms and stamps foot> Little Merlin is absolutely precious!!! Too cute for words... Nice to see you back girl :wink:
  10. crap...its been chaotic here for the past few weeks...we have friends of ours and their kids staying with us for awhile....work has been hellish ...its just been crazy :o . I've dropped in to read threads but I haven't had a spare minute to post! :oops: Nice to be missed though :wink:
  11. [quote name='ellieangel']I have a pair of stumpy wiggle butts too :lol:[/quote] ditto! My two do the famous Boxer Kidney Bean dance.....with nubs wagging a mile a minute...
  12. [size=6][b][color=#FF0000]Happy Birthday!!!!![/color][/b][/size] :bday:
  13. [quote name='Taurus and Jada']Smooshie...did you get the pics I sent you?[/quote] Yes I did :D I pm'd you but I've been having trouble posting on this site so I wasn't sure if it went thru. TDG, that mixed breed site is great!
  14. I'm sorry DAL :cry: did you get my email?. RIP Boonie...
  15. Thx Kat :wink: C&D's Girl....send 'em anyway...I'd love to see more pics of your dogs!
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