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  1. pomeranians

    My Mother-The Moron

    Takona (the one that runs off the most) is a husky/lab. Max is a chow/lab. Electric fences shock the dog when they run up to them, right? I don't know if my mom would go for that. Though if they are the underground kind, she might.
  2. pomeranians

    My Mother-The Moron

    Yes. :cry: She doesn't do a damn thing about it. (Luckily we live in a semi rural area, otherwise those dogs would have died long ago...)
  3. Four cats, two guinea pigs. The dogs love them all.
  4. pomeranians

    "Find the pitbull" websites

    Does anyone know the link to a good "find the pitbull" site? My mom is really sure of herself, she thinks she knows just what they look like, and I bet not, so I'd like to prove her wrong for once.
  5. I take Conner on walks, but nothing else right now. I'm going to do agility with him when hes old enough, but currently, walking is it.
  6. None for me, either. I don't go to petstores that often, though.
  7. pomeranians

    He stacks!

    Yes, I much prefer the natural ears as well.
  8. pomeranians

    tasty toys

    There are balls you can buy which you can put treats into. My pups [b]love[/b] them. Keeps them intertained for hours. Nylabone also has some flavored bones available. If Qwill doesn't chew things up too easily (don't want him to digest a bunch of the stuff), than those would probably work for him.
  9. pomeranians

    I'm coloring my Pit Bull pink.

    Sad dogs have to get into situations like that... I have a "friend" (more like ememy I try to educate), over the internet that might be getting a Schnauzer here soon. She knows absolutley nothing about the breed, found the breeder in a magizine, and is one of those people that will be tired of it in a month. First she loved Rotties, than it was Poms, because she thought Conner was "so cute", and then corgis. And now "shunzars" as she calls them, because her grandmother has one. Argh, I wish she could [b]at least[/b] learn to spell the name of her "favorite breed" right. :x I'm disgusted by people like that, but what can you do. :( Its just sad dogs have to suffer because of the stupidity of people, it really, really is. I will have to admit though, I'm thinking about dying Conner after seeing those pictures. I'm going to do some research on it, as long as its safe, I don't see any harm in him being blue for awhile... :lol:
  10. pomeranians

    I hate People

    Gah, and this guys is still your friend?
  11. pomeranians

    Conner is NOT listening...

    I'm pretty stern with Conner. But right now,[b] everything [/b] is a big game. "Catch me if you can" is definetly one of his favorites. And as it turns out, I can't catch him. :lol: I'll keep working with him. He can, and does get on my nerves, but I just think of how he'll eventually be - Obiedient. (Hopefully that is...)
  12. pomeranians

    Conner is NOT listening...

    Well, just asked my mom about the leash thing, heres what she said. "Omg, no way thats going to work. I don't think so." :roll: She's ridiculous. Anything that involves a dog being on a leash/chain she is totally against. :x So, I'll try this by myself, make sure I have it first though. You have the dog leashed all of the time, and your suposed to have them come to you at various times during the day? If thats all there is to it, I think I can handle it. :wink:
  13. pomeranians

    how to get a dog to LOVE the car

    I think you've got the right idea with what your doing now. Taking him to fun places, and trying to make the car ride enjoyable by giving treats & praise is about all you can do. Although, if he does like to see out the windows, possibly try putting some phonebooks, or a step-stool on the seat, so he's able to see out. That might help a bit. I have a quick question while we are on the subject of carides myself, though. Do you know how to prevent puppies from throwing up in the car? My pup gets very sick when he takes "trips", and while I want to take him everywhere, and make sure he gets well socialized, I can't with this problem. If you have any advice on that, please let me know. The vet said he should just "grow out of it", but hes been in the car on several occasions, and he is still having trouble. :(
  14. Oh.... You are so lucky you don't live near me. Because if you did, Merlin would have mysteriously disapeared by now... :wink: But I do have to say, he sounds alot like my pup with his trick learning skills! Maybe a little better, even though I hate to admit it. He's just such a cutie, can't get enough of that face! :D
  15. pomeranians

    Showdog Moms and Dads

    I missed the last fifteen minutes of it...but WHOA. :o Some freaks are on that show! :lol: But seriously, those guys and the dogs? :( Poor little things. They are treated like little barbies. I was very suprised that a breeder would actually give them a dog. She must have been somewhat irrisponsible atleast, I can't think of anyone who had their dogs best interests at heart who would sell to someone who belived in dogs as dolls and only dolls. :roll: As for the other people...the lady and son with the Assuies were actually, uh, normal. They seemed to be really great dog owners. But the German Shephard and Greyhound owners, weird! I didn't see the lady cry about the sperm, but I'll take your word for it. Greyhound people, I feel sorry for the dogs in a way, they have no structure, they are able to do what they please, as a couple others said. I think Chalcy was lucky, Kyra's a pretty awsome owner. :D I think thats my thoughts on just about everyone on the show. I'll definetly be tuning in next week...I doubt I'll be as suprized then though...