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  1. pomeranians


    Ok, we need a fence very badly, but my mom is worried about the cost. So, I need to know a few things. Anyone here who has a fence, can you please tell me the following: Type of fence you have Approx size of your yard Place purchased Cost Thanks in advance. :)
  2. pomeranians

    I made a decison

    Welcome back! :D
  3. pomeranians


    :cry: So sad :cry:
  4. pomeranians

    My Mother-The Moron

    Takona (the one that runs off the most) is a husky/lab. Max is a chow/lab. Electric fences shock the dog when they run up to them, right? I don't know if my mom would go for that. Though if they are the underground kind, she might.
  5. pomeranians

    My Mother-The Moron

    I'll try that, though I hope she never goes across the street again. She normally just sits at the end of the drive, she just recently picked up that habit. Thank you very much for the advice, rotten_two. :fadein:
  6. pomeranians

    Ackkkk. This lady at work wants a Goldendoddle..

    Arg...The idiots in this world... :x
  7. pomeranians

    My Mother-The Moron

    Yes. :cry: She doesn't do a damn thing about it. (Luckily we live in a semi rural area, otherwise those dogs would have died long ago...)
  8. pomeranians

    Celebrities who own your breed?

    Nichole Richie and Hilary Duff have poms...but I don't know of anyone else.
  9. Four cats, two guinea pigs. The dogs love them all.
  10. pomeranians

    "Find the pitbull" websites

    Does anyone know the link to a good "find the pitbull" site? My mom is really sure of herself, she thinks she knows just what they look like, and I bet not, so I'd like to prove her wrong for once.
  11. I take Conner on walks, but nothing else right now. I'm going to do agility with him when hes old enough, but currently, walking is it.
  12. None for me, either. I don't go to petstores that often, though.
  13. pomeranians

    Pom owners, please!

    Sometimes he's got the "runs", (never badly, just a tad sometimes) other times not. It just seems like every time he goes, hes got something on his butt. What I don't get is that even when his poo's aren't the slightest bit runny, he still gets some on himself. :-?
  14. pomeranians

    first date

    Some people just don't want to listen. Theres nothing you can do about them, sadly. At least you tried DP...
  15. pomeranians

    Just one litter

    :cry:...It happens everyday... :cry: