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    Lab Colors

    I always say a black lab, only because when I say lab they almost ALWAYS ask what color. But if i was calling to make him an appt I'd just say lab.. lol. We do that around here because labs are the most common dogs!
  2. Thats cute Kat :) Oh yeah Smokie's very growly during play time too. It's cute :lol:
  3. Have your dog(s) ever growled at you? I cant' think of time in particular where Smoke has growled at me... but he did get mad at me once when I wouldn't let him in the camper. While he slept with my brother one night he was on his feet so my brother kept nudging him over to move with his feet. Smokie finally get fed up and growled and wraped his mouth around my brothers ankle. Ofcourse he didn't bite down. Guess he wanted to say stop it and i'm serious! My Grumpy dog! And then he had to sleep on the floor for doing that, if I remember correctly! He also growled at my mom once, when she tried to take him from the underneath the camper (he thought my dad was in there). My mom had to open the door and show him my dad wasn't in there and then he happily went with her. But she would not tolerate smokie growling, I'm sure he got in trouble for that! My parents send them to a room like a child when he gets in trouble lol.
  4. Sorry! I just wanted to say that Smokie loves his dog bed!!! They couldn't get him out of this morning and he snored all night really loudly!!! I can't wait to see it {tonight}.. now I wish we would of got him one a long time ago! So to make this chattable, where do your dogs sleep?
  5. LMAO! That's funny. Sometimes I'd knock on the wall to see what he'd do but he caught on.
  6. Not even close, but you guys dogs are beautiful! [img]http://www.fetching-pixels.com/smokie5.jpg[/img]
  7. Instead of having a crate how about a larger area where a gates guarded off for her? I have no idea about crate training. I never used them, sorry! I'm sure ppl here will have better suggestions.
  8. Lets share stories! My brother and his friend were fishing down by the ferry boat, about 2-3 miles away. They rode their bikes up there. And they found a dog wondering around. I'm not sure if they asked around or not the owners, but they had the dog follow them home on their bikes. I know, Scary! So they basically stole him, instead of left him there. They were there a lot and nobody went looking for him :( Anyways the kid got to keep the dog for a couple days until his mom decided one dog was enough. I never met the dog but me and my bro begged my mom for him she said no..our last dog had just died. So we figured if we had any chance of getting this dog we had to go straight to bug my dad. And finally he agreed. And that's how we got Smokie. He was about 1 years old and we've been blessed to get such a great dog. I personally think he was left outside all the time and kind of abused, even though he knew basic commands. I assume that just by the way he acted. Anyways hope I don't get scorned too much. :lol: No matter how we got him, I think he was meant to be with us.
  9. :lol: I think Smokie was beaten with a rolled up news paper at his first home, so when ever my dads reading the paper he's alert and scared if its rolled up. You scared me too! Glad it's not true though!
  10. Ash

    Tv Dog shows

    Does anybody check out the Dog Whisperer or K9 Karma? What do you think of them?? I just watched the dog whisperer for the first time yesterday. I really liked it. I really like k9 Karma as well.. Charlie is such a cute pup! It's cool to see how reserved the dogs are at her yoga class.
  11. When I move out, i want four! My boyfriend is absoultely terrified. My dream is to have 4 dogs! I feel so guilty for not even having one. Well Smokie's back home, and I still consider him mine even though he's my parents. As far as Smokie, we've aways been allowed to have only 1 dog at a time... but with his personality I think it's best he's the only dog. All of my dogs will be from shelters..although at some point in my life I do want a cavalier king charles spaniel.
  12. Poodles and Lab mixes just make me sick the thought of them mixing, and people making a profit of them. I'm against them. The only time I'd ever get one is if I heard about really bad cruelity, and I wanted to get the dog out of a better situation. Even then, I can't imagine not adopting a dog out of the shelter. I would think a lab and poodle mixed is not always hypoallergenic. I don't have a problem with mixed breeds, that is in shelters. Aren't there enough of them?
  13. If I was for something like this I'd be for circumcision.. I totally disagree with altering bodies even if it is animals-- (other then spading, and neuturing). Just don't think it's necessary.
  14. Smokie loves to walk outside and run around out there.. However he is scared of almost anything! My dad bought a telephone magnet that rung like a phone and he goes running when ever we press it lol. That sounds great if you can get your dogs to use it! I thought they were illegal in a lot of places for fighting pits though...see how much I know.
  15. Smokie steals any beef jerky in site. Once my brother was waiting for his pizza cool on the table, and the mailman came with a delivery and when he went to walk back in the kitchen. Smokie was ontop of the table eating his pizza!! LOL! Needless to say, Trav didn't touch it after that.
  16. I looked, but I don't have great advice.. I wish I had greater knowledge of things in that situation!
  17. I agree with R2. I had this open for a while and only posted when there were a couple replies.
  18. I honestly think a puppy should be with its mom until it is 8 weeks old at a minimum. Call a local vet, your puppy shouldn't be fed a complete solid diet yet in my opinion.
  19. I love that: That's great! This is my favorite If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them. I put Smokies treats in my pocket sometimes and he's always trying to look in the side of my pockets(i usually where hoodies). I'm defiently going to fwd that to some dog lovers I know.
  20. [quote name='BuddysMom']I know I should avoid eye contact, move slowly away, etc ... but in reality my first instinct, which I have sucessfully used about three times, is to scoop up a handful of gravel and charge the suckers like a raving maniac, yelling GO HOME, waving my arms, and throwing stuff at them.[/quote] Same here. I wish I would of done something like that. My cousin Hali had this dog and it was growling at me snapping in all, and I was running home. It was dark and nobody was around. Finally I made it somebodys house and turned around and kind of kicked the dog on the side by his head (I didn't know what else to do I was like 14)..and the dog ran away after that..and I continued walking home. Another time my cousin Kristins Collie Max bit me in the butt but it was right outside my house and my dad came out and chased the dog lol. Just to add something off topic... My dad was drunk outside in the camper (my mom doesn't let him drink in the house) anyways there was a white dog in the yard, and he kept saying come here boy, and stuff. ... turns out as he got closer it was a wolf! :lol: Luckily, it just ran away after he got closer.
  21. No, it's not the kid, it's her mom , looking for that type of dog... Cassie would never want a mixed dog, but yeah they are rich and spoiled.. I think when your in that situation, sometimes you care less about things that matter. I can't rehome the dog. They have a heated garage specifically for her.. but really the dog spends a lot of time at the grama's across the street, she's allowed to go in the house over there... so the grama takes good care of her.
  22. I agree. I'm just saying what I'm assuming from her post. I got to stop doing that!
  23. I unplugged my phone.. I'm so mad I'm seriously shaking. Her reason for getting the maltese/bichon mix is Because it's white, and one has curly hair and the other doesn't. And ones a little bigger so she'd like the mix, and so it didn't fro up like the bichon Forgot to mention, their yellow lab is very obese weighing in at 113 lbs. Edit::: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that me and Cassie spend a lot of time looking at dogs together, and she only like the bichon when their puppies NOT when there adults...
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