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  1. Our Rottie also suffered from hot spots and malamum's advice is spot on. The area needs to be kept as dry as possiable and this is difficult as you can not get near her to treat her. They can spread like wild fire, start off a small patch and within hours your looking at a huge sore. We found with our dog that it was food that brought his on, anything with preservitives in it. We cut out most meat products and fed Bonnie Dry food (made with Kangaroo meat no additives or preservitives) and vegies, pasta, rice, eggs and yoghurt etc. This helped him, when he had a flare up we would scub with io
  2. As far as I am aware in Australia The "Beware of the dog sign"opens you up to liability as some have said because you are admitting your dog is or can be aggressive. It is so wrong that no body takes responsablity for there own actions now days. :evil:
  3. Thanks HF I see your point, the cut that was glued was a straight tear which wasnt to deep but needed to be held together, The dogs were both also put on antibotics incase of infection, I would definently head to the vet if I felt that it was nessasary and I did, but after seeing the results from the glue I would like to have some at home incase we have any future issues that can be delt with at home.
  4. Hi Guys yesterday I had to go to the vet with 2 of my dogs as they had had a fight, normally we dont have any aggresive behavour to worry about but as we have some new chickens and one got into the back yard with the dogs they fort over it. (naughty dogs) Anyways chicken has gone to heaven and doggies to vets. My question is does anyone know what the glue is that the vets use to stick wounds back together I would like to get some to keep in my dogs emergancy kit. I can ask the vet next time I go in but any info would be helpful. Charlie came off second best which suprised me as she is normally
  5. Welcome Back. Merlin is just soooo cute. Best of luck with him.
  6. Not sure on the best clippers I just got mine from the pet shop. I do my dogs myself and all behave well except Charlie. I almost have to pin her down she goes a bit silly. And she is very strong, it would help if someone helps you keep the dog carm. Good luck and the best thing to do is to get someone to show you how, Vet, groomer or someone that knows how after that as long as the dog isnt being difficult :roll: its easy. :wink:
  7. Shes in our thoughts. Keep us updated.
  8. Mutts4me wrote: [quote]Red Rottweilers... have coloring/markings like Red Dobermans, but are Rottweilers...[qoute/] I get where your coming from with the red rott thing like red dobes (Had a red dobe) but as far as I am aware they dont come in any colour other than black & Tan so therefore I would think that it is crossed. Then people like your boss get hold of them and as you say pass them of as the rare red ones. Having been involed with and owned rotts over some 17 years I have read and own a number of books and Black and tan is the only colour they should come in. Unfort
  9. :o I am sorry you have to work for someone that has totally different values, veiws etc it must make it difficult. You metioned a red rottie that she was kean on getting her hands on. :o What the, whats that all about. And the rest. :roll:
  10. Firstly I am glad that she is healthy, but on the other hand it is terriable that you have been mislead. Can you take it further and look into how this came about and do something to try and stop it happening to others. You are completly right by saying to people to beware and know matter how much research you do can you really trust the person at the other end. Good luck in finding out where your pup really came from. :-?
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