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  1. Toby-Toby toes, Tobers, mutt puppet. Then there is Duece who was mine until I got married, he is my parents min pin. He is Duecy do and Duecy lou. I don't know why it just works. I had tons of them for Mckenzie. Macky doodle was my favorite. Mcknoodle, Mckdoodle, Mckgoober when she was being silly, Mckenzie baby.
  2. Wow rotten, that was so well worded, seems like you thought that out well. Must happen pretty often for you to type so well about it. :lol: I'm laughing my butt off at you by the way. Toby will not go if I am watching, so even though I'm sure he has this happen on occassion I've not seen it since he was little. I also had my hair cut very short on thursday so it wouldn't work as a hanger anymore. When he was tiny though and my hair was half way down my back I would laugh my butt off as he drug the poo dangling from his rear around the room. I mopped alot!!!
  3. Hopefully it's nothing. Maybe she just slept wrong. Poor girl.
  4. Yay, good luck to the doggie and your parents. I'm sure the dog will be very happy.
  5. Great thread. Very interesting replies. Toby would be an teacher. The kids would have to be fairly young, under 8 or 9. He'd make a great kindergarten teacher. He loves kids. He doesn't do so well with adults. I do however see him as being a bit of a weenie in a human world. He would have loads of female friends, no serious relationships and all males would make fun of him and call him a mommas boy. Poor Toby, he would not make it very well in the human world.
  6. There are fines here for your dog being a nuisance. Which I am sure barkin all night would fit into. I'm sure they give a warning first. Next time I will call. Last night she took him in, so maybe it was a one time deal. I sure hope so.
  7. Brad's aunts name is Sheila. Popular name.
  8. Toby is not a cuddler. He will take a nice belly rub or a quick pat on the head, but no hugging. McKenzie was my love bug. When I was down, she would lay her head on my shoulder and let me wrap my arms around her neck and cry. Which I did often because I had a miscarriage a few months before we got her. Then when she had her puppies she paid me back. She laid in my lap and whined. I held her and hugged and kissed her on the head. She was my love bug, but not that way with anyone else.
  9. I think she will remember him.
  10. Well, I didn't call the police, because my husband and my dad are friends with the old ladies son. I was hoping she would do something about her dog and I wouldn't have to be the "bad" neighbor. She didn't leave him out lastnight, so I don't know if she forgot the night before or realized his barking drove us crazy. I guess the car alarm might have made her get it. Who knows?
  11. [quote name='Horsefeathers!']Give the dog a nice Benadryl meatball tonight? :oops:[/quote] Will this hurt the dog? Listen to me asking, like I might really do it. :evilbat:
  12. Well he is not housetrained. I couldn't sleep for he would eat my house and potty everywhere. When she takes him in he stays in a crate. Never allowed loose in the house. So that would be a disaster. I wish she would just rehome him, but "she is so attached to him." Bull Crap, if she was she would care more than to leave him outside barking all night. GRRRRR, I'm frustrated.
  13. Nope won't listen. Her dog is out of control and will not listen to a word she says. She just uses the excuse that he won't listen to her. I've tried talking to her about letting him run loose, him chasing cars, and him stealing from the clothes line of the house behind me. She says she can't do anything with him. :x
  14. Ok, I try to be understanding and "nice" but I was almost pushed passed my breaking point last night. My wonderful neighbor who got the new puppy and started letting her older dog run free may need a visit from the police. Well you guys know that Tanner, neighbors dog, was hit by a truck a week or two ago. Well last night for who knows what reason the lady left him outside. She did not take him in and let him sleep in his crate. Well at 10:00 last night we are laying in the bed listening to barking. I got up to go check and see what was going on. I thought it was the big dog from b
  15. [quote name='K']Why would your neighbours have a 3 week old puppy?....take it to the nearest vet and leave it there for specialist care and attention..they can get the bill when they get back![/quote] Really. Why do they have a 3 week old puppy? Unless it's mother was killed or refused to care for it, but still to go on vacation and leave a 3 week old. I hope that was a mistype. Anyways, no doesn't seem normal at all. Puppy needs a vet or it may be the end. Good Luck.
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