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  1. Zapraszam na bazarki Znajdkowo - Kosmetykowe



    AVON :


    Zapraszamy chocia┼╝ do odwiedzenia :smile:

  2. What she said. It's almost like house training all over again but before you taught them to go in the yard now you're going to teach them to go in a paticular spot.
  3. Door knocking, doorbells, dogs barking, or fireworks on tv will all get my boys going. :roll: The best has to be babies/kittens/puppies crying. Both boys become very alert, they cock there heads side to side, look at me, and sometimes even whine or go looking for the source, very cute.
  4. Sadly I love the look of cropped ears but would never do it myself. It just seems that cosmetic medical alteration for purely aesthetic reasons is innappropriate.
  5. I am oppossed to medical alteration for cosmetic reasons in pretty much every case in pretty much every species. Of course if a dog ends up damaging its tail or dew claws, paticularly repeatedly then a surgical option can be reasonably considered.
  6. Kavik stole a hotdog and bun once and I scolded him and since then he has only snatched buns and only those that people are throwing across the room to another person - a perfectly legitimate mistake I'm sure but it has fueled his obsession with bread and buns. Zaphod (or EatDog as we sometimes call him) is another storey: buns bread plate of cookies a cadbury easter egg and the foil it comes in that some twit left on the stairs enough dog food in one sitting to send us to the vets pizza a whole thing of sweet and sour sauce (he was a trifle hyper for a while) chips - chip bag barely disturbed but empty a number of left overs waiting to be scraped before dishes - dish still on counter fairly undisturbed other stuff, basically he is an opertunistic foraginer.
  7. OOOOH! And then I'd shout: "Zaphod, are you crazy!?" And Zaphod would flip out, tear around and generally go crazy and that would keep the fellow busy while I called the police.
  8. Well I suppose I would try blocking the truck with my car first because although I can aim reasonablly well with a rifle, I'm not sure about a handgun and then there are riccochets and my dogs are in the truck. However, if blocking didn't work I'd try for the tires.
  9. I would still have 2 probably, depends on the first dog, if he/she is a snarky, I don't like other dogs dog then I would just have one.
  10. I've had excellent luck with remaining watchful but not aggressive, not approaching but not backing away right away and saying things like: "Good dog, are you a good boy." etc in the cutesy praising voice, it seems to confuse them and disrupt the behaviour and allow you to safely move away. Failing that I think if it was charging I'd have to stand and face it because once its charging its pretty set and I don't run all that fast. So I suppose I'd attempt to punch it in the nose or kick it in the junk.
  11. I might choose to be Zaphod. He is always happy, even when I scold him earnestly. Seriously can you imagine going through life that happy all the time no matter what? I just can't *sigh*.
  12. CarolK9s dogs! I want hydrotherapy and message therapy and whole health care and a comfy bed and lots of love when I get older and I want to go play on the agility equipment lots before then. There are tons of other people too but Carol was the first one that popped into my head.
  13. They look a little too furry for pit pups to me. However, I think you may have to wait at least 3-7 weeks for even a partly reliable guess. Puppies look mostly alike - there is poofy cute, sleek cute, course cute and curly cute in a variety of colours. :D
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