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  1. DogPaddle

    My dogs are retarded

    Door knocking, doorbells, dogs barking, or fireworks on tv will all get my boys going. :roll: The best has to be babies/kittens/puppies crying. Both boys become very alert, they cock there heads side to side, look at me, and sometimes even whine or go looking for the source, very cute.
  2. DogPaddle

    Why is it..........?

    I am oppossed to medical alteration for cosmetic reasons in pretty much every case in pretty much every species. Of course if a dog ends up damaging its tail or dew claws, paticularly repeatedly then a surgical option can be reasonably considered.
  3. DogPaddle

    What would you do?

    OOOOH! And then I'd shout: "Zaphod, are you crazy!?" And Zaphod would flip out, tear around and generally go crazy and that would keep the fellow busy while I called the police.
  4. I would still have 2 probably, depends on the first dog, if he/she is a snarky, I don't like other dogs dog then I would just have one.
  5. DogPaddle

    Do you know what to do?

    I've had excellent luck with remaining watchful but not aggressive, not approaching but not backing away right away and saying things like: "Good dog, are you a good boy." etc in the cutesy praising voice, it seems to confuse them and disrupt the behaviour and allow you to safely move away. Failing that I think if it was charging I'd have to stand and face it because once its charging its pretty set and I don't run all that fast. So I suppose I'd attempt to punch it in the nose or kick it in the junk.
  6. DogPaddle

    A couple hard questions for you.

    I might choose to be Zaphod. He is always happy, even when I scold him earnestly. Seriously can you imagine going through life that happy all the time no matter what? I just can't *sigh*.
  7. DogPaddle

    A couple hard questions for you.

    CarolK9s dogs! I want hydrotherapy and message therapy and whole health care and a comfy bed and lots of love when I get older and I want to go play on the agility equipment lots before then. There are tons of other people too but Carol was the first one that popped into my head.
  8. DogPaddle


    Have her adopt an adult black lab or black lab cross? Already trained or mostly trained, temperment already known, adult size already known, often good with kids, has enough play and energy for kids usually, easily solid enough to deal with kids, there can be smaller labs between 50-70 lbs or lab crosses 30-? lbs probably and black labs are the most common dogs in shelters and black dogs are hard to adopt out. Good luck.
  9. DogPaddle

    New puppy- advice welcome

    She is great isn't she. I always refer people with dog food questions to her site now. Welcome to Dogo BTW.
  10. DogPaddle

    How many?

    Not me. There are lots of special needs dogs I could do well with but I know my limits.
  11. I would be less confused by it if they were puppies but Kavik will be 4 this December (gosh it is unreal that we've already had 4 years together) and Zaphod turned 3 this past October. Hardly puppies and almost completely out of their teens so to speak. :roll: Oh well, I'm sure it can be corrected I just wondered if someone who had to go back to basics had a timeline or storey.
  12. For those of you who have had relapses in house training (not elimination just chewing and getting into things) and who have gone back to the basics: How did it go? Did you go right back to crating? Did you, eventually, regain all the lost ground? Kavik or more likely Zaphod or perhaps both of them as a tag team have started decimating the kitchen while I'm out. They have been so good for so long I am perplexed but it may be the move I guess. Anyway Zaphod was to the point where anything at the back of the kitchen counter was a real no-no (but things at the front were obviously invitations :lol: ) and the garbage can with the closing lid was working fine. Lately they have dumped the garbage and scavanged, eaten an entire plate of cookies from the back of the counter, taken a loaf of bread off the table (never did that before) and taken to removing whole rolls of tp out of the main floor bathroom and playing with them and eating them (toilet paper has been fairly safe for quite a while too before now.) Gah! I may have to buy another crate as one of there old ones is too small now.
  13. DogPaddle

    Women sentenced to starve!

    I like his other sentences too. He is a cool judge. Which of course means someone will stop him. *sigh*
  14. DogPaddle

    How can you tell when a rat terrier is pregnant?

    Yes she may be pregnent. Best way to know for sure is to take her to a vet. Also if she is pregnent a spay can still be done if she is not to far along, you're vet will know. Best to take her soon though. Welcome to Dogo.
  15. Due to the availability of purebread dogs being adopted for minimal costs at shelters and breed rescues and in the moral interest of treating dogs like companion animals rather than used cars - NO CHARGE. You got a dog; you got it for life, if something unforseen comes up and you can't manage your responsibilities but you can find an exellent home for them - count yourself lucky. You just decided you don't feel like having a dog anymore - they don't deserve to profit for being an ass. You are super in debt and feel that a dog is an asset you can sell off for $300-800 - chances are that amount of money isn't going to make that much of a difference and if the debt is that little why would you sell off a COMPANION, you probably haven't been able to get the dog titled working or show so why is the dog worth any paticular amount of money over the cost of any other purebred for adoption, and again they don't deserve to profit for being an ass.