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  1. I love how vocal Boxers are. They are a great breed, and I sure hope I will be lucky enough to have a Boxer someday.
  2. One word: Costco. Their selection changes weekly for me. I cant remember the price, $20 or $30 for a bed big enough for a 95 lb. Akita. Works for me!
  3. I dont have any good links, but Jindos and Akitas have not been mentioned yet.
  4. [quote name='Michele'] I think it is unacceptable to put down RottenTwo (and to hijack Mei-Mei's thread; you know who you are) as to how she trains her dogs or the advice she gives out to others on training issues. It shows a lack of respect and that is not a nice thing.[/quote] Come on out and say my name Michele, there is no need to tip-toe around the tulips. I stand by everything I said. Only thing I said wrong was about R2's training methods AFTER she started dissing Cesar's methods (without going into detail as to why she didnt like him, as well as sarcastically putting me down for having pics of him on my pc.) If R2 was my trainer, and xyz person on forum abc was calling her a boil on the ass of _____, i would stand up and defend her just as quickly as I would Cesar. Then, I merely pointed out that I have personally seen many success stories and that I would stand by his side in the future. Where the fuck do I deserve to be called an egotistical starfucker who throws money at people to know them? I already apologized for knocking her methods, but I NEVER said anything about her personally. I have already said everything I am going to say on that subject, its just a pity when you find out someone's true nature. The best reply R2 could come up with explaining why he is a bad trainer was that flooding 'could' end up making a dog more agressive and teaches it learned helplesness. Yea, and I 'could" get hit by an 18 wheeler everytime I step out of my apartment. As said before, I am over this. I think I did a fine job of bringing up my points, and the only response was "Fine, go throw money at him and try to get closer to Jada and Will Smith." Seems like a pretty weak argument why I shouldnt go to him. If anyone else wants to cry to me about crapping on Mei-Meis thread or R2's training methods, do me a favor and save the whine and cheese for a picnic, or a pm addressed to me. I apologized to Mei-Mei, and as far as R2 is concerned, I apologized for dissin' her methods, and thats it. I cannot believe that any sane person would feel that I was not personally attacked (with sarcasm or not.) I have mentioned celebritiess in certain stories in the past, but to say I have a huge ego and try to get closer to celebs cause thats the kind of person I am is pretty darn rude, no!?!?!? C'mon now, thats pretty wack to jump to a generalization like that. Its no different than me saying R2 hides behind her computer, and has such little self-esteem that she cant even post a picture of herself. Maybe if she had some of my massive ego she would have a tad more self-confidence. Oh, and thats just my brand of sarcasm.
  5. [quote name='Kat']I'm going to leave this thread now because its too contraversial for my liking, and just say as a final word that I see that trainers have different methods of training. I prefer to use compromise based training that isn't based on force with choke chains or have a heavy hand. To me thats old school training and I'm glad that I was brought up in a dog club that banned choke chains. peace out![/quote] Thats cool, no hard feelings. I dont feel that choke chains would be necessary when training Border Collies either. And I am NOT putting down BC's, cause they are the bomb-diggity. Peace out!
  6. Sorry for the spelling error, I am trying to multi-task over here, my proof-reading has been put on the backburner. So, yes my five cents, not sense. :P If I called Joe Blow a stupid, fat, ugly, lazy, good-for-nothing POS whose mom wears combat boots, would it be ok if I said "Oh yeah, thats sarcasm dude. Chill." R2, I am over this, and I am completely over you. Obviously my posts offended you to the point that you had to reply with personal attacks (whether or not they were sarcastic is irrelevant.) So, I am sorry for offending you, and belittling your training methods earlier. There is no doubt that you work hard at what you do and have all dogs best interests' at heart. Am I being earnest? Yes!
  7. LOL, Pyr I am all Cesared out! Geez, I am not going to get any work done today. Thanks R2! :hand:
  8. My Akita has tried to break out of her varikennel numerous times with no luck. It's crazy, you can see the chew marks on the plastic bottom by the metal door.
  9. Yea, but in my opinion Alan, you are not doing the APBT breed a good deed by walking a dog-aggro pit around a pet store on eggshells. People will notice you getting between your dog and any other dogs to avoid any possible situations, and walking away from other dogs and down empty aisles. I can pretty much promise you that they are not thinking "What a responsible APBT owner, he is aware and avoiding any potential situation." They are going to think "Look at that guy hovering over his dog, it looks like a problematic pitbull, why did he even bring his dog in the store?" It's unfortunate but thats the way it is. Same thing when people see muzzles on dogs...The average owner is not going to think about how responsible the owner is for muzzling his dog in public. To each their own, my dogs get stressed out from being in close proximity to other dogs, I dont like to aggravate them on purpose. I can control them well enough so that they will not act out in my presence, but I dont take them to the local petshops, in general. Kira only gets to go if she happens to be in the car and its a hot day.
  10. Just wanted to add that of course it's owners responsibilities to keep their dogs under control and not running up to other dogs without seeing if its ok first. Does that always happen? Absolutely not! When a dog comes charging your dog-aggressive dog at Petco and your dog bites the heck out of the other dog what are you going to say? "Sorry its the other dogs fault because they didnt ask me if my dog was animal-friendly." 99/100, the owner of the dog that bit the other one would be stuck with the vet bills.
  11. I dont get it. I only read a few posts, so correct me if I am wrong. You guys are advocating taking aggressive dogs to Petco, as long as they are on-leash and "under control?" Sorry but around here you cannot just assume that Muffin's owner is going to ask "Hi, is your dog aggressive. Can we come over to say hi?" What ends up happening is that Muffin's owner ends up checking out a new super-duper dog toy while Muffin rounds the corner on her Flexi-leash and walks right up to a dog-aggressive dog without her owner even knowing what here dog is doing. I really disagree with a lot of you here, aggressive dogs do NOT belong in Petco or another pet store with small aisles. Its the same deal at dog parks. I have had to risk getting bitten numerous times for breaking up a dogfight (which my dogs were not even involved in) only to hear a girl crying that "I cant believe my dog bit your dog. I can usually control her fine." Or whatever the case. And R2, I dont understand how you had a problem with me handling my bud's dob (who I had control of at the dog park) yet its ok to bring an aggro dog to a dog store with tiny aisles? I could bring Kira to Petco, and she would not do anything to another dog that approached her. She would if I wasnt standing on the other end of the leash. But, I figure if she is aggressive, why would I want to stress her out and bring her arond dogs that irritate her?
  12. Dex is a total PITA when its time to clip his nails. I have found that the best time to cut his nails if after I have exercised him hard and he is very tired. He struggles a lot less when he has no energy to try to escape his dads evil clutches. :evil:
  13. If your dog has a torn pad, soak it in some Epsom salt and warm water. Thats my addition to Pyr's great list.
  14. drjeffrock

    rottie on tv

    [quote name='Jessashelony']I dated a guy in high school named Tandy. His last name was Key... So everyone called him TK.[/quote] [img]http://img83.exs.cx/img83/9995/3bunny_pancake.jpg[/img]
  15. drjeffrock

    rottie on tv

    I like rockwilders.
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