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  1. [quote name='cheechweech'] I don't believe in cutting off pieces of living things so that they can conform with some arbitrary standard, or so that they "look right".[/quote] No? Do you have your ears pierced? The only difference I see between piercings and cropping is you choose to get a hole in you, and you choose for teh dog whether he gets to keep his ears or not.
  2. [quote name='DivineOblivion19'][quote name='Sabine']:wink: ...........as far as tails go: I don't think there are any tails out there as vulnerable as a Dane tail. :roll: :P :-? Why don't we humans amputate our fingers when we're little? We may cut ourselves or break them some day. Same argument. :wink: :P :)[/quote] [color=indigo]If I cut my dog's tail off she simply wouldn't be able to wag, her life would not change.[/color] :-?[/quote] But she'd be able to wiggle her whole but t instead like I've seen a lot of docked dogs do. :) I think its adorable. We, however, use our fingers MUCH more than dogs do their tails, even if it does limit their communication ability. And yes, dogs do use their whole body to communicate, but the main things used are the head, ears, and tail. From a distance, its easier to see a dog with ears and tail raised, a possible sign of aggression. If the dogs don't have those, its harder to distinguish when a dog is being aggressive or passive. An example I heard before. Someone had two boxers, call them A and B. Both neutered males two years of age. Dog A was cropped/docked, dog B was not. Dog B was also the more dominant one of the two. Everytime they would meet another dog, Dog A (C/D'd) would be met with suspision and often aggression, even though he was the submissive one. DOg B, who was "whole", but often aggressive, was almost never met aggressively. Of course many other things could have come into play here, however the most obvious difference was that dog A was C/D. Another example was a labrador, a goofy, happy, submissive dog. He was 99% of the time greeted with friendly intentions. However because of an accident, his tail had to be docked. His owner reported that after the surgery, more than half of the time dogs reacted aggressivly to him, most likely because they were unable to see the position of the tail. I do believe that docking (not cropping in this day and age, maybe) is necessary in WORKING dogs. I see no reason for it in show dogs, nor breeds that were never even cropped to begin with (like APBT's for example, from what I know they wern't cropped in the pit, why crop a dog that trots around a little ring in shows?) Like I said, I would definately support breeding working dogs with thicker, less likely to get injured, tails. Perhaps even if this could only be acheived by outcrossing.
  3. I'm not against it per se, however I'd never have it done to any of my future dogs. Not only because of the pain, but because cropping and docking severly limits a dogs ability to communicate with other canines. However, I hate using the excuse "leaving dogs as nature intended" considering nature did not shape dogs, we humans did for specific puposes. Can you that are against C/D say it shouldn't be done in working dogs to prevent injury? Many spaniels and pointers have thin tails that are easily damaged, so they're docked to prevent a painful tail injury. When docking was outlawed in a specific country (I can't remember which) they did a survey, and 43% of working hunting dogs damaged their tails in some way. To me, this proves that in certain curcumstances docking can be a necessity. However, I would definately support breeding for a thicker stronger tail type, perhaps like the labradors, which rarely gets damaged when working.
  4. Unless she has a really sensitive stomach (which she does doesn't she?) I doubt it would be the baytril. Lucky was on it for a foot infection, and he has a really sensitive stomach too with no bad effects. My rat girls are also on Baytril for a respiratory infection, ad no side effects either. I would call the vet too.
  5. [quote name='Lucky Chaos']The pain of losing them never truly goes away does it? It'll be three years in a couple weeks since I lost Koda, but it seems like no time at all. Maybe because they never truly leave us, never leave our hearts. Losing them has to be the hardest time of pet ownership ever, sometimes I'm not sure why we'd put ourselves through it. But its worth it, even for the short amount of time they're with us. What a gorgeous girl she was, and I know she's playing happily at the bridge, waiting.[/quote] Sorry, handsome boy, not girl. One of my hamsters is named Smudge, so I guess I assumed. :wink:
  6. The pain of losing them never truly goes away does it? It'll be three years in a couple weeks since I lost Koda, but it seems like no time at all. Maybe because they never truly leave us, never leave our hearts. Losing them has to be the hardest time of pet ownership ever, sometimes I'm not sure why we'd put ourselves through it. But its worth it, even for the short amount of time they're with us. What a gorgeous girl she was, and I know she's playing happily at the bridge, waiting.
  7. Hey I think its cute, whatever floats your boat. Its not like its harming anything, or they want to breed the dogs. Not that I'd ever do it personally.
  8. Aren't they born all white from their dalmatian ancestry? (Do I even have the right breed?) She could darken, but then again she could be mixed with something if she was a shelter pup too.
  9. [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote name='Lucky Chaos'] One small request though, is it possible to put it on top of your other siggy? Just cause I have to scroll over to read posts since its wide. :)[/quote] Is it that wide? It's fine on mine... I will change it... :wink:[/quote] Its probably my screen, it keeps adjusting itself lately. :-? I think I need a new one. Thanks though!
  10. Thats awesome Izzy! And we all know Michele deserves it! One small request though, is it possible to put it on top of your other siggy? Just cause I have to scroll over to read posts since its wide. :)
  11. Just one more rescue(s) she'll never be able to get a dog from again! [url]http://forum.animalrescuecooperation.org/index.php?topic=5309.0[/url] If anyone wants to submit any corrections to what I wrote, feel free. I'm so confused/upset about this whole thing I can't be sure if I got it all straight. :-?
  12. Wow, thanks Lorraine, for taking the time to come here and investighate. Please don't feel bad, Naomi fooled all of us here for almost two years as well, until she was on her third dog (One was PTS for "health" reasons, the other gieven away, and not long ago she aquired the third), then we realized something was suspicious and confronted her. Most of us, myself included, took Cody's death pretty hard, not to mention the story that went along with it was proven fabricated. As far as I know no one really knows if he bit a child, or Naomi herself, but it has been confirmed the bite did NOT happen like she said it did, and no one came to her door and ordered her to have Cody PTS like she said. Its a shame that people who seem to have good intentions and seem to want to help the rescue community can be so deceiving.
  13. Yes, in a perfect world shelters COULD find perfect homes for less than perfect dogs, however, the overpopulation problem is staggering. Many wonderful ADOPTABLE dogs get killed because of space, shelters don't even have the resources or time to work with aggressive or problem animals. Unfortunately, thats the way it is. The adoptable ones get adopted, and the ones that would sit in the shelter possibly for months don't leave. :(
  14. Wow, she's gorgeous! I could see kelpie, although they're pretty rare. She does have more of a kelpie rather than a border collie build, with the BC colouring. However, she could easily be purebred too. Here's a couple pics of a purebred working bred smoothcoated, prick-eared BC. [img]http://www.lockeyebc.com/images/Pearl_standing330.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.lockeyebc.com/images/Mick_and_Pearl_stump_440.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.lockeyebc.com/images/Pearl.jpg[/img] Your dog is a little leaner, but if I'm not mistaken she's stil young? And may fill out more.
  15. I'm not really going to get into this, because I do want to own a "wild" animal one day (a parrot, pionus to be exact) but I just wanted to say Ravyn's posts are amazing, she really does make good points that make you think. I just don't see where you can put a line between wild and domesticated, since all animals WERE wild at some point, dogs thousands of years ago, while some like rats have only been domesticated 200 years or so. SOme are still being domesticated, like birds.
  16. [quote name='Millie']I wish I could remember the name of that movie, but see if you can find it. In it, the rehabber had to train them to hunt. "Two Cheetah Brothers"? I am not sure what the title was. He said something about, that since the two cheetah cubs had become dependent upon him for survival, that he had to "train" them to fend/hunt for themselves. Darn! I wish I could remember that name of that movie! I am only remembering pits and pieces of it. quote: In your example, the cheetas still had the wild instinct to hunt, they just didn't know any better with regards to their selected prey because nobody showed them.[/quote] Was it Two Brothers? I think that was about lions though, not cheetahs.
  17. I'm curious, how do you guys feel about keeping birds or parrots? Technically, they are not domesticated, just captive bred wild animals. What about animals like sugar gliders or flying squirrels? Again, not domesticated, just captive bred. All our animals were at one time wild, and personally I can't see any reason for wanting to keep a wolf (although I absolutely love them, and yes, have secretly dreamed of having one, but I NEVER would), or big cats. Many, many captive bred animals develop behavioural problems, parrots pluck and mutilate themselves. Should we not keep them as pets either?
  18. [quote name='rotten_two']cut the poor old guy some slack he is 15 years old, hairless, blind, missing teeth! in those sweet pictures he is not so ugly![/quote] And unfortunatly looks like the owners trying to make some money off him. :-?
  19. Sorry guys, I'd really love to leave this, since its so sweet, but unfortunately its fake. Not horribly inaccurate, but not on the mark either. [url]http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/gratitude.asp[/url]
  20. I have two males, Lucky was first and then we got Riley 5 years later. In my case, the first one here (Luck) seemed to automatically become the boss. He's really not dominant, but Riley never had any trouble accepting his underdog postion. Now between Chaos (female) and Riley, that's another story.
  21. Just a question I was debating with my friend a few days ago. I came accross a VERY obviously purebred (or close) pit bull on petfinder, listed as a lab/heeler mix. Now it could have been a mistake, but I doubt it. So, my question is, is it right for a shelter to lie about a dogs breed to get the dog adopted? Is it better for the dog to possibly be put down because of the breed, than to lie? Or could lying about the breed cause way too much trouble, since certain breeds have certain charactoristics that owners should be aware of?
  22. Hope mommy to be is doing well. Wondering, what titles does she have?
  23. I found these (yay for google!) pics of an eastern wolf This one's young, so they do get larger. [img]http://www.mcelroy.ca/bushlog/images/10a-4501.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.wolf.org/wolves/learn/intermed/images/AlgonquinWolf202.jpg[/img] Whatever it was, I think thats awesome! There used to be a coyote hanging around the dog park, she lives there for about two years before gteting hit by a car. Sad, but the city isen't a great place for coyotes. She never attacked any dogs though, she would actually play with them.
  24. Could have been a wolf, but its REALLY rare for them to go anywhere near human dwellings. Eastern coyotes are also much larger than southern coyotes, so you never know. Could have been a coyote wolf cross too, not very likely but it DOES happen. Where is your cottage again? (thats where you saw the canine right?) I believe they descovered a new sub species of wolf a few years ago, one that has reddish points like a coyote, but is much larger (Canis lupus lycaon I think it is). I don't know if their range extends where you are though, as I believe they're mostly near Algonquin park.
  25. Our vet used the metal staples on Chaos, and he said they were much safer and wouldn't ever get infected. It was MUCH easier removing them then regular stitches too, no cutting it out, they use this gun thingie thats completely painless as it just straightens the staple and pulls it right out. I would have been p*ssed about the purina thing though!
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