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I have a banned breed!


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Our homeowners association just sent out our new rules and we have TWO viscious GSDs!!!

I didn't know that....I'm soooooo glad they told us!! I would have never known that they were mean!!!

What would I have done without that information?


We will be fighting this HARD. Also.....no dogs over 65 pounds. This is a BRAND new neighborhood. When Jeremy and I first moved in, there was NO HOMEOWNERS ASSOCATION. We were also the VERY FIRST PEOPLE THERE BY OVER A MONTH. We were told that there wouldn't be one until all 400 homes were built and occupied. Well.......there are a total of 14 homes occupied. And now we have one.

No dogs over 65 pounds, no pits, no bullies, no rotties, no dobes, no GSDs, no aggressive dogs, or no dogs that create a nuscience.

Our neighbors have two boxers (over 65 pounds), one has a male rottie, one has a cane corso, and one has two LARGE mixed breeds.


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Guest Anonymous

Were you notified about a Home Owners association being formed? Were you notified about any meetings? Given the chance to speak against this or even told they were considering this? If not I think you have a good chance of being able to have this over turned or at least have your current dogs grand fathered in.

I wish you luck!

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That is absolutely ridiculous :roll:

OGirl....just move down here....h*ll, some guy here in Largo decided to put A HORSE (illegally)in his backyard for his daughter, and the city RE-ZONED so he could keep it(despite protests from his H/O association). :lol: Somehow I don't think home owner's associations have much pull [i]here[/i]

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I dont think they have a leg to stand on. You had the dogs when you moved in, there was no homeowners assoc at the time, so you broke no rules. Your dogs have done no wrong. Get together with the other neighbors and make a bid deal out of it. Take it to the News. Make these people high profile, and tell them you're going to do it, and that this will discourage other animal lovers from buying their houses. If you have to, get together with the neighbors and take out a full page ad in the newspaper warning people about their rules and not to buy a house there.

Hit them where it hurts themost....in their wallets.

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homeowners associations have got to be one of the most stupid inventions ever.

i can do nothing but roll my eyes when people talk about this "free country" and then mention some voluntarily formed group that restricts everyone's freedom just to have a certain image. sadly they seem to become more and more prevalent.

obviously someone is making rules here that can't be enforced since you and the other dog people moved in before they were established. on top of that you weren't even informed.

if i were you, i'd talk to all the other dog people, form a dog owner's association and fight.

good luck.

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We are all pretty upset about the whole thing.....

When we first moved in, like I said, there was nothing. We signed nothing in our closing......

That was April 30th.

In JULY we got a packet in the mail 'welcoming' us to our new homeowners association! We were floored. Especially since they said the ONLY fence material that can be used is wood. We had a $6000 vinyl fence installed in May. WTF??? So we fought tooth and nail for that fence. Especially when the fence contractors looked for a H.O.A. for our new development and couldn't find one. They had a lot to be worried about too, because if they installed a fence that wasn't 'allowed' they had to come and rip it down and put up a new one at no cost....and also give us any money back that was overage.

Now.....our neighbor came over on Wednesday to show us this new packet of rules he got in the mail. No one else has gotten one yet. Just them.

It's really awful. Now, I can understand a H.O.A. if we lived in a condo....where they would take care of the entire outside of our building.....but WE BOUGHT THE DAMN HOUSE!!!!! Will they cut my grass? No. Will they shovel my driveway? No. My sidewalks? No. The streets will be taken care of by our city......NOT the HOA!!! What are they doing for us????

So trust us.....we are VERY upset and will be on the phone with them on Monday morning. Oh....and BTW....our HOA consists of a husband and a wife who DO NOT live in our development. WTF????

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[quote name='ObedienceGrrl']
Oh....and BTW....our HOA consists of a husband and a wife who DO NOT live in our development. WTF????[/quote]

:o :WTF:
Grrrrr, nothing makes me madder than other people telling you what you can do with YOUR property !!!!!
And the HOA is run by people that don't even live in the neighborhood ????? What Is that all about ?????
I would get together with the other neighbors and ask them all whether they want their lives to examined under microscopes and run by someone else !!!!! I don't think anyone would want to live this way !!!
I think you need to get a petition going against an HOA !!! :-?

I live in a town that tells us we can't have more than 2 dogs.......but 10min. away in crowded city streets and apt.'s the city allows 4 dogs per household....... :o
What kind of sense does this make ?????
If I won the lottery I'd be out of here and in the country in a flash !!!
I'd turn into Fuzzy Lumpkins..(Power Puff Girls) "Git off my Property !!!" :lol: :lol:

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[quote name='TDG']if i were you, i'd talk to all the other dog people, form a dog owner's association and fight.

good luck.[/quote]
Dog Owner's Association! I love it! 8)

I have never understood why it is so desireable for some people to live in places that restrict everything from what kind of fence you can have to actually what color your house can be or even what color curtains you can hang in your windows. Not talking about you, OG, but the people who actively seek out these places and actually agree to these kinds of ludicrous rules upfront.

I've always wondered this and maybe someone here can tell me...

Since you buy and OWN your home, what feasibly can these HOA's do if you break the rules? I mean, if you decide to paint your house Barbie doll pink with purple polka dots and put up a chainlink fence, what can they do to you and how do they have that power since they aren't an actual entity of the law? I understand they're trying to keep property values up (I reckon?), but still, how do they have the power to enforce it if you OWN your home?

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Guest Mutts4Me

[quote]You own the home. I'm with HF - What can they do legally?
Phooie on them.[/quote]

You'd be surprised: [url]http://www.bankrate.com/brm/news/real-estate/HOA-horrors1.asp[/url]

This thread really irks me. This situation really irks me. BSL irks me in the first place, but there's nothing like getting no warning about it. Like "Hi, you've bought a home, but now we don't want your dogs to live in it." Or, in our case, "Hi, you've purchased a membership at our campgrounds, and you've been a nice customer for these couple years, but guess what, you can't bring your dog any more." Right.

I wouldn't move into an area considering BSL. But if it's all secretive and suddenly (after you've paid) you get slapped in the face with it, that's just obnoxious.

HOA and Dog Law: [url]http://www.dogbitelaw.com/PAGES/home_assoc.htm[/url]

Cases of dog owners v. HOA:


I'd do what others have suggested and join forces with all the other dog owners - not just the "bad dog" owners, but as many as will join you, because even those without banned breeds can often understand how it affects them.

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I am so sorry you got messed up in that crap. We moved 2 years ago and were planning on getting a brand new house but all of the stupid areas around here had those associations so instead we bought a 10 year old home that didn't have one. I will not live my life by those wackos who love to get into everyones business. We don't have any funny colored homes or old beat up junk heaps on blocks in our neighbor people have respect for each other because they choose too not because they are forced too. Well at least so far. :lol:

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The only reason we chose this house was because it was a BRAND new development and the builders actucally told us that they didn't think there would be a HOA.....and if there was, it would be after all 400+ homes were built.

Seeing as we were the very first people to move in, we figured it would take a LOOOOOOONNNNNNG time.

Man....this just burns me. But thanks to you guys, I can let it out plus get some ideas! I'll keep everyone updated!

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The original purpose of HOA's was to have a "ruling body" who could force people to keep their property up to certain standards. This keeps the property values up for all the residents. It stops the people who dont mow their lawns, leave trash all over the place, park junk cars on the front yard, that sort of thing. If you live across the street from people who dont keep their property up, yours loses value just by proximity.
In theory a good idea. But now it has gotten out of control, just like living in the "historical society" houses. HOWEVER, in most cases the HOA is there when the house is purchased, and you agree up front to abide by their rules. This is after the fact. Like I said, I dont think they have a case.
There were no rules concerning dogs when you bought the house. Theres a housing development by us that has the same rules. No dog over 35 lbs, and these yards are HUGE. You could have 6 dogs and still have enough room for them all to run around. One guy defied them and has a Golden. Not sure how he did it, but he did. I see the dog in the yard every morning when I drive to work. I think you're probably ok, but if unsure check with a lawyer. I believe you would be considered "grandfathered" since you bought the house before the HOA was established. Ask Kat maybe. Doesnt she have a law degree?

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Each person in this country should have the freedom to do as they please, as long as it does not harm others. Unfortunately, you've indicated you have "vicious" german shepards. Are there children in the neighborhood? I in no way mean to insult, I'm just concerned about the welfare of other citizens. Vicious animals need intensive training and rehabilitation.

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i am new to this site and i saw the threads about the wolf hybrids and i thought it was insanely funny also i just happen to live in a place where they are legal and i have two cubs they are................you will enjoy this arctic timber wolf/shepherd mix and the other is siberian husky arctic timber wolf mix they are great animals and thos who make a mockery of these animals make me sick.

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