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  1. omg he is lovely, what an adorable litle boy, and if he grows up looking half as good as he looks like as a puppy he will be a stunning boy, congratulations ! And just out of curiosity, who is his sire and where was he imported from ?
  2. We don't have senior handling here, so I just do normal handling :wink:
  3. Sending lots of positive thougths for her
  4. [quote]Oh and someone mentioned Sieger shows. They aren't just for GSDs, I know Rottweilers compete in them too. Not sure of what other breeds do though.[/quote] I know, but these are breed specific shows, the siegershow for the GSD only has GSD, the rottweiler has a siegershow aswel, dobermanns too.
  5. Actually, all the dobermann breeders in Europe use two -nn, wich is correct, also if you are doing a search on the internet, if you tipe doberman you get american sites, but if you tipe dobermann you get European sites. Ohh and sizzle, she is totally lovely
  6. [quote name='AllAmericanPUP']there is a country that does require the dogs be showed and worked...cant remember wich country though[/quote] In most FCI countries working dogs require a working test to become champions, and all working breeds require a working test to become international champions. I think that this is a very good thing and should be used more extensively (sp?) so breeds that were bread for a purpose have to show that they not only look the way the breed is supposed to look but they can also work, a border collie can not become an international champion if it can't herd. We can also take a look at a breed the AKC breeders are ruining, the GSD, in Germany, there is a show of shows for the GSD, only shepherds and no other breeds, called the Bundessieger or Siegershow. To be able to participate there a dog has to be both correctly built and be able to work, and they begin by testing the work, and if the dog does not pass that he can not get into the conformation evaluation. This I think is a very good way of jugding dogs of working breeds.
  7. we have loads and loads, wich is quite good, since then it is easier to do avalance sears exercises, but I particularly don't like it that much, I love summer, green grass and heat, and I woud prefer having it that way all year roung here... but no... This is the first winter in five years though that we have had good snow, last few winters have been very cold but litle snow and no skiing
  8. Is that legall ? I would think that you would have to sign something stating that she was not your dog, since you were co-owning here
  9. The breeds that I would not want to own are breeds that don't mix well with my lifestile, I love the temperment and look of the huntingdogs, but I don't hunt. Hounds don't appeal to me neither do terriers. I want dogs that are smart and like to be with you and learn, train and work. Also I would not go out and buy a very wet mouth breed, Im not a fan of drool, but if I could take in a rescue then things might sound a bit differently. I dont mind hair or grooming, but Im not going to get a standard poodle until I can afford to keep it well groomed, So, to sum things upp, I would not go out and get hunting breeds, hounds, most nordic breeds, large mastiffs, and most lapdogs. This is not because I don't like them, by no means, just because they don't fit into my lifestile and they likely would be happier with an owner that is more involwed with them.
  10. A friend of mine will be going to Crufts as well as a junior handler (be sure to say hi to the girl from Iceland :wink: ) I started showing when I was to old for Junior handler, but I love showhandling anyways, totally addicted !
  11. Thats great, wonderfull that she is doing so well now, and hopefully she will fatten upp a bit soon :D
  12. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *drooooool* oops, sorry for that, didn't meen to drool, have to get a napkin to dry this upp
  13. Im so so sorry, what an awfull time *hugs*
  14. Congrratulations Cruiser, and what a beautifull dog
  15. :WTF: What a strange person... do people really have nothing other with their time to do than to "steal" other peoples dogs and success, It could be that you have a stalker... :o
  16. Well I have two breeds that tend to be somewhat misunderstood, actually the border more than the dobie. People here tend to think that dobes are maneater (off course not true) but off the guardbreeds they tend to be a bit more aloof and vary of strangers than the others. Actually he doesn't need as much exersice as Fluga but gets just about as much :wink: He's not a people dog, he doesn't like people to ooh and aah over him, he likes it better if he gets to sniff them and tel them what places he likes to be scratched (under the neck but don't tell :lol: ) The border is not as popular here, but there are hoardes of border mixes, and they come in all sizes, actually most mixes tend to be called border mixes. A lot of people don't always realise what kind of work a border is, how much training he needs and how much stimulation. Does not change the fact that the border is the breed for me :fadein: I think, though, that when you get a dog, it is your responsebility to research the breed if you didn't do it beforehand (wich of course you should have) but it can also backfire on owners, everyone telling them how much exersice and stimulation the dog needs and they totally overdo it and end upp with a nervous wreck.
  17. hmmm where to start, ok all my animals by age: [b]Gr
  18. I remember wathcing jay lenno some time ago and Nichole Richie was on it and she had recently bought a pom puppy, and the guys were totally scaming here, because she had money, and the puppy was sick and also too young I think, and then she said that she had called them pretending to be an old man, and they gave here a totally different price that time. One would think that celebritys would have a litle more money sencen than that :roll:
  19. A H.O.A. is the most ridiculus thing I have ever heard, why should they have power over your property, it is YOUR property :WTF: Hope it all goes well, and do fight this !
  20. Just from going over the information provided on the webpages it would be dificult for me to decide, I too really like the fact that the first breeder is also a judge, but I would prefer to get photos of the dogs descently stacked, so you can best see their conformation, bredder number two has really nice dogs, seems to have a lot of them according to their webpage, but that might also be because they are advertising dogs they are handeling and have bred, I would like to see their older dogs, because it usually takes a litle more time than a couple of years to get to know the breed well enough to be breeding on a large scale. Breeder number three is also very appealing, has good looking dogs and infomation on all their dogs, precent and previous, wich is also waluable for you, the buyer, because you can get information on the relatives of the dogs you are interested in. So this kinda sound like a dating show, who will it be, breeder number 1, number 2 orrrr number 3.... It's all upp to you, we can only give our opinions, the choice of course is yours, good luck, I really wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now (wait a minute... I would love to be contemplating dog nr.3 so thats not completly true... :wink: )
  21. I particularly like the build and look of the boxberry boxers better, but what Im not really thrilled about is how many dogs they seem to have, and all of them are under 5 years old. I personally don't really like it when dogs live in kennels, its ok from time to time, but
  22. No they don't, they have a single coat that constanrly grows like hair
  23. I wasn't saying that he/she was a novice, I was just saying that I would not recomend dobies for novice owners :wink: Im sorry if it got misunderstood :oops:
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