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  1. I think it's a genuine concern too. Many people keep collars on their dogs because what good are the tags if the dog isn't wearing them when they get loose. Microchips are good, if someone bothers to check for one. Some people are more likely to look for an owner if the tag is seen right away. People think stray when they see no collar with tags. I can't imagine my dogs ever getting out but if some kind of stange occurance happened and they got out I prefer that the first person who gets ahold of him or her calls me directly instead of bringing them to animal control while I am freaking out the entire time. My grandma found her way back to us because of a collar and tag. Right after being diagnosed with alzheimers and before we knew how far along she was she walked out the front door, walked down a block and fell. She had no purse, no id at all. But she brought her chihuahua, Angel with her. Angel had on a collar with tags. The police took the information from the tag and brought her home. Thank God she wasn't hurt and both Angel and grandma got home to us. So I think it's a wonderful idea and don't understand where the hostility towards Dr. John is coming from.
  2. [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote name='SandrA9810']I called it hopeless after five minutes. Do any of you realize what a city looks like? Do any of you realize how far an animal can travel in a short period of time? I looked for four hours before it got unsafe for even us to look. I asked nearby business if they saw her, and nobody did. Where do you start when in a city you don't even know yourself?[/quote] No... We all living in the smurfing hills you dumbass![/quote] I know the above quote happened on page 3 and it's probably way off topic by this page but that comment just had my rolling. :lol:
  3. Cairn6

    National news!?!?

    I don't like the fact that the dogs aren't identified correctly everytime that is wrong. But I don't think this case made national coverage just because it's possibly pit bulls. I think if we ever have a pack of golden retrievers attacking children who were going door to door for fundraising it would make the news. It's not just a dog bite the child is in critical condition and several other people are injured. I hate breed bans but everytime there is a pit bull attack it's belittled on here and picked apart to make it seem not so bad. It's bad it's really bad. It would be nice if we could sympathize with the child who almost lost his life and then talk about whether they are pit bulls or not.
  4. [quote name='Alan']Time for me to log off for the night! Now you guys be good!!!!!!!!! I'll be back another day to argue with ya. Seriously, I may never totaly agree with a single person on here and I will give my POV but, I will never get upset with anyone for giving theres. I love a good debate or discussion, whatever you want to call it, as long as it doesnt resort to name calling. There is never any thing good to come from that, and I am very happy with the way the debates go around here.. Well, at least the ones that I have seen anywway.[/quote] Wow!! Can you stay here and never go? You singlehandly stopped what could have gotten really ugly. You gave Buddy's mom a chance to speak without making her feel she shouldn't have her own opinion. Your a good guy. :D I think we can all learn from that.
  5. My grandmother once told me about a dog they had taken in that had just had puppies but the pups were taken away. I am not sure what the story was but my grandma said this dog was so distraught and when given a stuffed toy she carried it around like it was her pup for years. Now Peaches didn't just have a litter so that can't be why she is doing this now. It could simply be that she just really loves her new toy and feels that there has never been a better toy ever. :lol:
  6. This is off topic but I can't help it I have soft spot for my grandparents and it saddened me that you called your grandpa stupid. :( My grandpa wasn't perfect by any means but I just was raised to believe that you show your grandparents and extra amount of respect and it saddens me that you don't. It's your dog and you have to protect the dog anyway possible and that includes making sure grandpa doesn't get a chance to let her out.
  7. [quote name='Mutt_Lady'] I always have the chuckle (or else I'd cry) when a Lab or a Spaniel attacks someone and there's not a story about it. Nevermind a head-line...bias, bias, bias.[/quote] All those links are stories done about dog attacks that aren't pit bulls.
  8. I know it sucks having to live in someone else's house. We had to do that for awhile with my grandfather that was a clean freak to the point if he saw a fork in the sick he went nuts. But it was his house and there is nothing I could do about it. Remember your dogs may be fat when you leave with them but you have them. I was watching a report about people who couldn't take their dogs with them and dogs wandering around and no one knows where they belong. Try to keep that thought with you while your father in law is driving you nuts.
  9. :o I have no idea how she will manage. Perhaps someone else can help. When my niece was a baby I used to take the dog for a walk with her but she was a 6 year old very well behaved dog and there were no stairs involved in getting out of the house. I can't imagine how she will handle it alone.
  10. Good point Michele a trip to the vet is a great idea!
  11. Oh man you have gotten yourself into a bad situation. The shelties I have met including my own have been submissive, sensitive dogs. The above are so right you got to get her into training immediately. I don't think your actually putting her into her place or it wouldn't keep coming up. You said you retaliated, what do you mean by that? I assume you have never hit her.
  12. I am curious why it is that piss and ass are blocked but fucking is not. Isn't that a bit odd? If I had a choice, which I don't, I think I would rather have the grand daddy of swear words blocked rather then the others. Who makes the rules on censorship? Is the individual board administrators or someone else?
  13. Poor thing! How hard to have to go to a new home so old.
  14. [quote name='JackieMaya']Awww, poor Sassy. I've never had a dog with UTIs, but my mom (who is in a nursing with Alzheimer's) used to get them a lot. I hope the vet can help get her system figured out so that she doesn't continue to get them.[/quote] I'm sorry about your mom. My grandmother is in a nursing home with Alzheimers too. How far along is she? Grandma still recognizes us but has a really hard time figuring out where she is and can't follow a conversation.
  15. That is probably he secret desire but hasn't had a chance yet. :lol: So he took the next best thing.
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