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  1. [quote name='JackieMaya']Like DF said, there are far more important animal issues that need to be dealt with.[/quote] that's a statement i see coming up quite often in all kinds of discussions and i always wonder why people think that fighting for one cause would take resources away from other "more important" stuff. should we stop fighting for responsible breeding of animals and better animal welfare laws just because human children are suffering for one reason or another and they are more important? should we stop research on adverse reactions of drugs for dogs like for exampl
  2. [quote name='DivineOblivion19'] I would say that at least 95% of our ear crops come from consumers who want the ears done, not breeders. [/quote] i'd be very interested in the reasons why people do it. there is so much stuff people do just because "it's something you do", not because any kind of conscious thought process is involved. there are weirder things people do without ever questioning the idea behind them. lol :) (like for example declawing cats, which is even crueler, but i won't even go there right now.) and then of course there's always the pressure from breeders (i know m
  3. TDG

    Info on food

    as far as mainstream foods go, royal canin is definitely a step up from nutro. there are far better products out there tho, and they won't cost you more than all the heavily advertised popular brands.
  4. i just updated my site with info on a problem with diamond pet food [url]http://www.mordanna.com/dogfood/[/url]
  5. i wouldn't lump removing dew claws into the same category as cropping/docking. back to the topic at hand tho - the argument that people would do it themselves or get it done "chop shop" style by a non-professional if vets weren't allowed to perform it anymore. first of all there needs to be a market for cropped/docked dogs, and a market is always regulated by supply and demand. if as a first step parent breed clubs and the AKC simply stopped favoring and endorsing cropped/docked dogs over natural ones in the show ring, that market would shrink considerably. if it is generally accepte
  6. while i do admit i like the look of some cropped and/or docked breeds, i think it's completely unnecessary and only serves a cosmetic purpose in our day and age. i'm going to limit my arguments to the breeds accepted by the AKC, since i expect relatively few people to be familiar with others, especially in their "natural" undocked/uncropped form as they are now raised and bred in most european countries. why are the tails of some breeds docked, but not those of others, even if the tails are very similar? case in point, dachshunds are working dogs used for the same jobs as many of th
  7. actually it does work, in a limited capacity. blacklight does make organic waste (and unfortunately other substances too lol) show up, i've managed to clean up a couch with multiple pee spots after one of my male cats had an UTI episode and started peeing on all kinds of things. the thing they don't tell you is that you [b]won't[/b] see anything that is still hidden deeper in the fabric/carpet - i think which is what happened to you, Buddy'sMom- since the light only reveals whatever is on the surface and you might already have cleaned that up sufficienly, just not whatever soaked in
  8. it's most likely some type of food allergy. you won't get rid of that by cleaning the ears or giving pills, at least not permanently. have you ever done an elimination diet to try and determine what exactly the problem is?
  9. TDG

    Solid Gold

    yeah, it's a nice supplement and many people have good success with it. :)
  10. be glad you haven't laid eyes on a pig penis yet. you'd be amazed. :lol:
  11. [quote name='abker17']And honestly I don't believe ONE person not buying from a BYB makes much of a difference.[/quote] where do you draw the line tho? sure, one person isn't going to make a difference, but when even just 1,000 people go by that thought and believe they are the one person an exception is in order for, that's 1,000 puppies bought from BYBs. if you go by an average of 6 puppies per litter, that's almost 167 litters of puppies going to people who think they are the one person who doesn't make a difference. just as another example, in a country with a population of
  12. [b]1. Is it ever ok to buy a dog from a back yard breedeer, even if you like the dog and want to keep if for yourself.[/b] personally i think no, it's never okay. all it does is encourage BYBs to breed more dogs. every single puppy sold is more incentive. if nobody would buy their dogs, they would soon turn to a more profitable way to making money. [b]2. Is it ever ok for a rescuer to accept a dog from a back yard breeder?[/b] yes it is. those dogs deserve to be rescued just as much as any other dog in need of a new home, and there is no profit involved for the BYB. [b]3.
  13. kat, i remember we talked about this at some point already (last year?) and you promised to send me some research material on it. you never did tho. :) my dog eats turkey (including skin) as a regular part of his raw diet, and so do my cats. no problems at all. the same goes for many raw feeders i know. turkey wings with the skin on are a popular, inexpensive item in a raw feeding plan. i do recognize that dogs who aren't used to people food can get pancreatitis due to turkey skin being very fatty, but that's it - and the same goes for many other fatty foods as well.
  14. thanks for the comments all - i'm always glad to hear people like my site and find it useful. if anyone ever has any questions, please do feel free to contact me via email. i don't always get to keep up with all the forums i visit, but do check email daily. :)
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