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  1. TDG

    Why is it..........?

    [quote name='JackieMaya']Like DF said, there are far more important animal issues that need to be dealt with.[/quote] that's a statement i see coming up quite often in all kinds of discussions and i always wonder why people think that fighting for one cause would take resources away from other "more important" stuff. should we stop fighting for responsible breeding of animals and better animal welfare laws just because human children are suffering for one reason or another and they are more important? should we stop research on adverse reactions of drugs for dogs like for example rabies vaccination or heartworm preventives just because there are problems with drugs for humans as well and it's more critical to take care of that too? i don't think resources are so limited that one issue or cause has to take the backseat over another.
  2. TDG

    Why is it..........?

    [quote name='DivineOblivion19'] I would say that at least 95% of our ear crops come from consumers who want the ears done, not breeders. [/quote] i'd be very interested in the reasons why people do it. there is so much stuff people do just because "it's something you do", not because any kind of conscious thought process is involved. there are weirder things people do without ever questioning the idea behind them. lol :) (like for example declawing cats, which is even crueler, but i won't even go there right now.) and then of course there's always the pressure from breeders (i know many do tell their puppy buyers to get them cropped, or at least strongly suggest they do so) and the mandated cropping in the breed standard. i stand by my statement, if the lobbying [b]for[/b] cropping/docking and the constant promotion of theis "artificial" look would just stop and the cropped/docked look wouldn't be constantly driven home to folks everywhere they are exposed to it, there would be far less of a demand.
  3. i just updated my site with info on a problem with diamond pet food [url]http://www.mordanna.com/dogfood/[/url]
  4. TDG

    "Urine Gone"

    actually it does work, in a limited capacity. blacklight does make organic waste (and unfortunately other substances too lol) show up, i've managed to clean up a couch with multiple pee spots after one of my male cats had an UTI episode and started peeing on all kinds of things. the thing they don't tell you is that you [b]won't[/b] see anything that is still hidden deeper in the fabric/carpet - i think which is what happened to you, Buddy'sMom- since the light only reveals whatever is on the surface and you might already have cleaned that up sufficienly, just not whatever soaked in below. of course the light doesn't get there, so it won't show up. you also have to hold it really close to the "suspect" area to see stains show up, no more than maybe 5-10 inches away. i've seen the commercial and felt the same when i saw them just spraying it on and the "glow" disappears, but i think the message isn't "just spray it on and forget about it" but "spray it on, let the active ingredient do its thing and then wipe it off". that being said, i don't use the product from that TV infomercial, but instead the "petastic" brand, which works well for both odor and spot removal. it's also nice when you have to take care of laundry that has been soiled by any kind of organic waste.
  5. TDG

    Ear allergies?

    it's most likely some type of food allergy. you won't get rid of that by cleaning the ears or giving pills, at least not permanently. have you ever done an elimination diet to try and determine what exactly the problem is?
  6. i see :) good points, definitely. :)
  7. [quote name='abker17']And honestly I don't believe ONE person not buying from a BYB makes much of a difference.[/quote] where do you draw the line tho? sure, one person isn't going to make a difference, but when even just 1,000 people go by that thought and believe they are the one person an exception is in order for, that's 1,000 puppies bought from BYBs. if you go by an average of 6 puppies per litter, that's almost 167 litters of puppies going to people who think they are the one person who doesn't make a difference. just as another example, in a country with a population of 285 million, if just one in 1,000 people thinks they are the one person to whom that exception applies, that's 285,000 people or 47,500 litters of puppies. just a hypothetical number, i know, but you get the idea. the only way BYBs are going to give up their business is if they can't get rid of their "products", no matter if it is by selling to ignorant people who don't know better, or those who do know better and buy anyways, to save a poor pup from an uncertain fate. however, this does not mean that i would go as far as saying that anyone who does end up with a puppy from a BYB is a horrible person, we are all only human. i just hope that each and every one of them wouldn't do it again next time they get a dog.
  8. TDG

    New puppy- advice welcome

    if you want to learn about differences in quality of commercial dog food, feel free to visit my site linked in my signature. :)
  9. TDG

    Flint River Ranch Food?

    there are better options out there than FRR. in my opinion it has too much grain and not enough meat, and it also contains generic "poultry fat".
  10. TDG

    Dog Food again...

    pyrless - thank you :) debbie - as one example of many, canidae is generally available for the same price (or only little more) as nutro natural choice, but it is more digestible and calorie dense, and contains less fillers, so you have to feed less of it and the same size bag will last longer. in addition to that, the meat content of canidae is about double that of most of the nutro natural choice varieties (e.g. lamb & rice or chicken, rice & oats). canidae also has better supplements and does not contain menadione. i resent the remark that i don't want to share the knowledge about better foods :D that is the entire resaon why i authored my website on the topic and [url=http://www.mordanna.com/dogfood/index.php?page=identify]this article[/url] specifically. if it were really so simple to publish a list and give fair consideration to each food, i'd probably type one up. that's not the big deal. but, in the last 4 years or so i have recorded and updated over 130 lines of dog food, encompassing over 800 different products and that's still not everything available on the US market right now. i know of at least 10 lines that i haven't included yet for various reasons (mostly lack of manufacturer details) and there are probably at least twice as many brands i simply haven't even heard of yet. what would be fair of me to do? post a list of all the products i consider better quality than nutro? post a list of what i consider "better quality" than mainstream foods like pro plan and science diet? or just the foods i would consider good quality period? the problem is if i single out let's say 50 different products, there s still a "pyramid" of quality, with the ok foods at the bottom and the selection narrowing down towards the top as we consider every single little detail that could make one food better than another. after all that we could end up for example with a food like evo, which you noticed didn't work out for your dog for one reason or another, and the whole thing would have been futile. one thing i [b]do[/b] for people who are consulting with me on what to feed is have them give me a list of foods that are easily available to them locally (e.g. the person being limited to large chain stores like petco or petsmart) and then determine what the best options would be. if that would help you, please do feel free to email me. mordanna at mordanna dot com. :)
  11. TDG

    Dog Food again...

    [quote name='Debbie']Give a list. I tried Innova EVO with my Jack and she didn't do well on it. Loose stools. :wink:[/quote] sorry, i don't do "lists" - for the precise reasons that i'm not a psychic and can't know what any particular dog will do well on, unless i can see him or her myself on a regular basis. it's silly that people pick one brand or another just because "so-and-so" says it's one of the "top 10 dog foods" or any similarly ill conceived "in-thing" du jour to be passed around on forums and email lists. i don't know of any instance where this does people a favor, a prime example is the [url=http://www.mordanna.com/boards/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=725]list of yearly selections[/url] from the whole dog journal. feel free to poke around my website tho, the link is in my signature below. it contains all the tools you need to determine the differences in quality. :)
  12. TDG

    Dog Food again...

    nutro is quite overpriced for the (poor) quality it offers. there are many higher-end products that are made from better quality ingredients (and most importantly contain more meat protein) for the same price or even a little less. nutro natural ultra is only marginally better but the steep price isn't justified at all. it's basically the same quality level of nutro natural choice with a few gimmicky additions. compared to the true high-end foods, it's ridiculously overpriced as well.
  13. TDG

    Books on making food

    it can handle soft bones like in chicken and rabbit carcasses, turkey necks and so on. of course you have to cut everything into pieces that fit down the chute, so don't forget to also buy a nice, sharp cleaver if you don't have one already. you will [b]not[/b] be able to do harder bones like beef and pork necks etc. with any non-commercial grinder and commercial ones run at around $300.
  14. TDG

    Books on making food

    pitcairn and segal are two great books to start with if you want to start out with cooking the food. you'll get the most out of them for your money. in regards to the grinder: i just ordered mine yesterday since i am finally also going to put my 5 cats on raw - and northern tools just has a highly recommended one on sale. :) [url=http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=6970&productId=36989&R=36989]$80 plus shipping instead of $120[/url] :)
  15. TDG


    i got mine from entirelypets.com :)