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  1. I do not leave just because of this discussion. Rather, I am taking it as opportunity to leave, at least for a while. I believe that forming any kind of social relationship with other people leaves one open and vulnerable. To eliminate this risk a person must slowly eliminate all social relationships, friends, family, etc, and in general, avoid interaction with other people as much as possible. My goal is to eliminate most or all of my "internet talkings" over a period of several years. I have already dealt with most of my "real life" relationships. I have the wacked out belief that I will onl
  2. *sigh* You guys just won't see. You see only your own side, and your own opinions. I take the time in life to look at things from both sides of the fence, I wish everyone else could do the same. I am tired, tired of this discussion, and people in general. I will be taking a break from the forum, I have tried my best to "live" among people so adamently against my companion animals, but I see that I can no longer do that. I wish everyone the best in the times to come, and for those who think it cruel that I keep wild animals as "pets," don't worry, I won't be able to for too much longe
  3. How many times do I have to tell you.. I support [i]responsible[/i] exotic ownership. Keeping a tiger in an apartment is not responsible, and thus not something I support. BTW, just a note of interest, most "wild animals escape/attack" stories I read about involve animals in zoos, not animals owned by private owners. Just my experience... ~Seij
  4. [quote]Seijun....you keep saying that a wild animal does not *need* to live in the wild, that wild animals can be kept as pets and live happily in captivity.....you say this is a fact. It is not a fact. It is your opinion and people like you's opinion..... [/quote] It is not opinion if it can be proven. I have already proven that wild animals can live happily in captivity. Therefore, it is fact. :D [quote]So Seijun, would you argue for me to be able to keep an elephant? How 'bout a giraffe? Or a hippo? Or a gator? If I was able to sufficiently care for these animals would it
  5. [quote]Whoa sis, slow your roll. Despite what you may think, your argument did not make logical sense. If you don't believe me, copy your whole post and take it to an attorney or philosophy student. They'll tell you the same thing. I was trying to help you form a clear cut position. Guess I won't do that anymore. [/quote] I have read my comments, and I still understand them. Two unlike things can be compared by comparing like situations/relationships. [quote]I think if you are foolish enough to want to own a potentially dangerous, undomesticated animal more power to you. But you don'
  6. Czech wolfdogs--how much have you talked to the owners of these dogs? They are not unstable, or highly dangerous. Huskies, mals, Canaan, Czech dogs... None of these breeds is exacly like a wolf in temperament. [quote] i don't care how many nice explanation you bring a wild animal should stay in the wild,[/quote] This is just opinion though... That's my point. There's no official rule, no law of nature, that makes it so wild animals have to stay wild. They can be kept as pets, and they can be happy in captivity. Those are proven facts! I also just want to point out, that the
  7. [url]http://www.epou.org/q_&_a.htm[/url]
  8. [quote]So you're saying you DO want the wolf domesticated? Which IS becomming of it, you said so yourself in a statement above which I highlighted and commented on. But you said people want wolves BECAUSE they aren't domesticated. [/quote] No, didn't say they were domestic. I said all those years in captivity have had a SLIGHT effect on their temperament. They are still wolves. I was just using that as an example though, to show that contrary to popular myth, wolves have been in captivity for decades. [quote]These statements have no connection to each other whatsoever! The dumping
  9. [quote]So how is it, that if you are saving these animals from bad homes that obviously you come into contact with every day, can you POSSIBLE condone those people owning those animals? That's just a little hypocritical to me... I know that you keep saying you only support GOOD owners, and I fully respect that. I just don't understand how you can get in such a heated possition about people owning these animals when you are saving them from bad homes all the time.[/quote] The reason is because I know a TON of very good owners, and even a handful of breeders, who truly love and care for
  10. [quote]Anyway, though this isn't a debate about snakes (I was only pointing out one objection to ownership of non-native "exotic" animals), [/quote] If you read my very first post, you will find that I did mention two exceptions to my stance on owning wild animals. One of those exceptions was invasive species. I mentioned that I DO NOT think people should be allowed to bring into their state/area, a wild animal that is at an extremely high risk for becoming invasive in that area should it ever escape--such as the snakes in Florida, an area that closely resembles that specie's natural habi
  11. [quote]They don't come after us (in most cases) because of our error...we're just on them or in the way when they react. Tigers, I'm sure, come at you when it happens with the intent of getting you.[/quote] It doesn't matter [i]how[/i] it happens. The point is that it does happen. You make a mistake with a horse, you could get killed. You make a mistake with a tiger, you could get killed. Also, about tigers endangering other people besides the owner. I can't recall ever hearing of a tiger that escaped and attacked someone else. The attacks I have read about involved people who were d
  12. [quote name='StarGaze']Bucking is still human error most of the time.[/quote] The same could be true of tiger attacks. Most tiger attacks I have seen resulted from the handler doing something "wrong" (even if no one could have known that at the time). Tigers are not prone to randomly attacking. Like most animals, there is usually a reason for their actions. ~Seij
  13. [quote]my problem is not with wolves, but more with big cats as pets. Your wolf would do the same job as my dog would.......[/quote] But so could a Big cat...
  14. [quote name='StarGaze']Deaths resulting from horses are most often falls...not them attacking. So there's still no comparison.[/quote] Falls from what though? The horse bucking? There are no stats to tell us if it was the horses fault (for bucking), or whether it was just an accident and the person fell off. ~Seij
  15. [quote]Again, the difference is a dog is domesticated and a wild wolf is not. The dog is bred to enjoy, to need the companionship of human whereas a wolf is born to fear human.[/quote] But dogs can also be born to fear humans. Some poorly bred dogs actually grow up fearful of humans. On the other hand, I have seen properly socialized wolves that would greet even complete strangers. [quote]Yes... It bans the dogs people THINK are more dangerous. Even though there is NO PROOF that they are more dangerous. In fact there is actually a lot of proof otherwise.[/quote] Ok, I will use a
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