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I'm getting my dream dog!!!! From a great breeder, and for only $400!!!!!!! I JUST GOT THE EMAIL FROM HER SAYING I CAN HAVE HIM!!!!! :cry: with happyness :wink:
:angel: :angel: :angel:
For anyone who missed my last post, here is a pic of Frankie!!!


Isn't he just the cutest!!!!! :angel:

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Yes I will!!! The next thing I'm going to buy after Frankie is a Digital Camera!!! The prices are already going down heaps to what they were six months ago, so I'm not going to rush it too much because there are always great specials going on the digis!

I'm going to have to stop referring to him as Frankie now I can have him though, because I'll be changing his name to Montie, does every one like that? I think its a cute name :wink:

Awww, hasn't he got just the cutest little nose? He's gonna be my little snuggle bunny :D :angel:

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I'm in love :D
He looks so innocent!!! I'm counting down the days, it is 11 days now until I go to Wollongong!!! I'll be staying there for 4 days, so the breeder is seeing if she can meet me there (she lives 75 minutes from Wollongong, but has a sister in Wollongong she's been needing an excuse to see) so I can get him between 11 and 14 days!!!
Aonir, yes he is a Pap!!! Soon he will be MY Pap!!! (you have no idea how good it feels to say that!) :angel:
I will definatly take my camera with me, the breeder will be brining all her other Paps along so I can meet the parents and all the other puppys she has can get some socialisation! So hopefully I will have lots of little Pappy pics to get developed and post all over the forum! :D

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