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  1. Does that mean you're not with them during the day? (Sorry, brain's not working here :oops: )
  2. Duckie's a lab mix, so.. Rottweilers : 3 Doberman Pinscher : 2 Shetland Sheepdog : 1 German Shepherd : 3 Keeshonden :3 Shiloh Shepherd : 1 Boxer : 2 Kelpie : 1 Labrador : 7 Mini Poodle : 3 Papillon : 1 Foxhound : 1 Standard Poodle : 2 Toy Poodle : 1 Lhasa Apso : 2 Mini Schnauzer : 1 Chihuahua : 1 Pit Bull : 1 1/2 Malamute : 2 Border Collie: 5 Maltese : 1 "Heeler"(Blue and Red) : 4 Samoyed : 1 Saint Bernard : 2 Staffordshire Bull Terrier : 2 British Bulldog : 2 American Eskimo : 1 Jack Russell Terrier : 5 Golden Retriever : 1
  3. Sorry can't help you..the only thing we have here and tornadoes and thunderstorms...and in Taiwan, earthquakes. :o
  4. I would pay all I had...(don't have very much though, like $65 in my wallet), don't think my mom would lend me any money though.. :-?
  5. Stupid computer keeps logging me off..
  6. dont really have a laser thing, so...yea
  7. Sorry I can't help you out here..I've read about this stuff but never actually experienced it, since i've never been able to have 2 dogs at once..hope it works out for you guys.. :)
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is SOOOOOO cute!!!!Lucky you!!!!!! :lol: :D :bday:
  9. Whenever I see another dog, I go, Hey!!Look at the doggie!!But then I'm afraid to go over and pet them because some people don't like their dogs being petted..I don't like asking them either...I was walking to the mailbox once, and their was this guy with a boxer, she was sooo pretty, and then their was this little baby walking next to it.. :D
  10. Duck is rarely let off leash...she doesn't run away or anything..loves people, and there are lots of ppl on bikes...she'd probably get hurt.once her collar came off her head cuz it was too loose...I ran all the way home, and Duck thought we were playing a game...she chased me back to our house.. :lol: she ran out the door once...i went looking for her, came back to my house, found her waiting for someone to open the front door...
  11. LOL!!!Whenever Duck sees a bug, she steps on it , plays with it, and then eats it..but I try to get it away from her...we have spiders.. :o
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