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  1. eggrolyn1223

    What breeds of dog?

    Duckie's a lab mix, so.. Rottweilers : 3 Doberman Pinscher : 2 Shetland Sheepdog : 1 German Shepherd : 3 Keeshonden :3 Shiloh Shepherd : 1 Boxer : 2 Kelpie : 1 Labrador : 7 Mini Poodle : 3 Papillon : 1 Foxhound : 1 Standard Poodle : 2 Toy Poodle : 1 Lhasa Apso : 2 Mini Schnauzer : 1 Chihuahua : 1 Pit Bull : 1 1/2 Malamute : 2 Border Collie: 5 Maltese : 1 "Heeler"(Blue and Red) : 4 Samoyed : 1 Saint Bernard : 2 Staffordshire Bull Terrier : 2 British Bulldog : 2 American Eskimo : 1 Jack Russell Terrier : 5 Golden Retriever : 1
  2. eggrolyn1223


    Sorry can't help you..the only thing we have here and tornadoes and thunderstorms...and in Taiwan, earthquakes. :o
  3. eggrolyn1223


    Stupid computer keeps logging me off..
  4. eggrolyn1223

    Pit Crew....

    Whenever I see another dog, I go, Hey!!Look at the doggie!!But then I'm afraid to go over and pet them because some people don't like their dogs being petted..I don't like asking them either...I was walking to the mailbox once, and their was this guy with a boxer, she was sooo pretty, and then their was this little baby walking next to it.. :D
  5. eggrolyn1223

    Do you.........

    Duck is rarely let off leash...she doesn't run away or anything..loves people, and there are lots of ppl on bikes...she'd probably get hurt.once her collar came off her head cuz it was too loose...I ran all the way home, and Duck thought we were playing a game...she chased me back to our house.. :lol: she ran out the door once...i went looking for her, came back to my house, found her waiting for someone to open the front door...
  6. eggrolyn1223


    LOL!!!Whenever Duck sees a bug, she steps on it , plays with it, and then eats it..but I try to get it away from her...we have spiders.. :o
  7. eggrolyn1223

    Food...again..something else too

    Does anyone know of a good flea and tick prevention thing that is applied orally? Duck hates it when I try putting frontline on, she runs around and barks at me, if I try to give her a treat so she'll let me do it, she takes the treat and runs away with it...she'll take food, even if its gross...i can put it in peanut butter or something...
  8. eggrolyn1223

    Dog Crap.....Dog Crap...

    we have a little front yard, i pick up everyday, after duck's dinner, so we dont waste the baggies
  9. eggrolyn1223

    Food...again..something else too

    No, I haven't changed food recently...she's on Natural Balance right now...since like half a year ago..I asked for a free package of their vita dreams daily greens thing, and guess how many they gave me? 2 tablets!!
  10. eggrolyn1223

    Fly Ball?

    Our public library had a celebration on Memorial Day and there were dogs doing flyball...I've always wanted Duck to do agility and flyball, but my mom was like, what's wrong with Duck right now? Isn't she happy enough already?My mom just doesn't get the fact that there are sports for dogs and they should be able to have fun too..
  11. eggrolyn1223

    Dog muffins

    Sounds yummy, but my mom thinks its wierd to bake stuff for dogs...I'm gonna try to convince her..
  12. eggrolyn1223

    The Things We Do

    Isn't it so wierd when you let your dog kiss your face and then when they lick somebody else on the arm, the person thinks its really gross and everything.. :-? Some people hate just being touched by Duck's mouth..(even though it does smell a little..uh..stinky :wink: ) Dogs look so cute when they're sleeping..I hate having to walk past Duck when she's sleeping...I have to tiptoe or walk REALLY quietly(which I'm not good at..)..most of the time it doesn't work..I don't make a sound but she knows I'm there and then wakes up..poor girl..can't even sleep without being disturbed..wouldn't it be awful if you heard everything that's going on? :roll:
  13. eggrolyn1223

    Duck is housetrained!!

    Ok,this probably doesn't sound like such a big deal, but it was really hard to housetrain in Taiwan and she's been here(in Texas) for a month or more and she's finally 100% housetrained(or so I think :roll: ). I know 1 1/2 months is a long time for housetraining compared to some people, and she's already 11 months, almost 1..but I'm SOO HAPPY!!Now I know all that hard work really paid off!She had accidents when she first came, then she started realizing that messing inside was wrong...and now she waits by the door or scratches it to be let outside..the first time I saw her doing that, I thought she was just looking outside(she likes watching birds and also the construction workers across the road)but then when I put her leash on I was practically dragged out the door cuz she was in such a hurry to poo.. :lol: When I told my mom, she was like WHOA!!Did she really do that?..she underestimates dogs :( I think she's beginning to like dogs now, since Duck makes everybody laugh and everything.. :angel:
  14. eggrolyn1223

    Disgusting Ticks-Go Bye Bye!

    That's a little like what happened to me...me, my sister, and my mom got these weird bumps all over our legs and arms..at first we thought it was chiggers, but then when we went to the doctor he said we were allergic to something Duck brought in the house... :-? Then I read in a book that a lot of stuff dogs get can be in humans, and our bumps looked like a picture with a person infected with ringworm.. :o So then my mom was like, we have to move Duck out of the house for a while and see what happens..she almost had to go to a boarding place..everything's ok now...and she dodn't have to go. :P
  15. eggrolyn1223

    I'm Back!

    oops, that was me