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  1. [quote name='AllAmericanPUP'][quote name='SizzleDog'][quote]I dont even want to see how most show dogs are kept at home..poor dogs. [/quote][/quote] I know there are show people out there who do care about their dogs and their dogs are treated like royalty, but there are just as many who do the exact opposite. [/quote] Thats how it is for ALL dogs, not just show dogs. Some have fabulous homes, some terrible. Thats nothing special for show dogs.
  2. I clicker train some. I love it! It makes teaching new things and fine tuneing things much easier. I think the click is a much better marker than my voice in the beginning, because it is so much more distinct. I've used the clicker some with getting Web to not go nuts when we see other dogs. In that situation he would be more or less blocked to my voice but the click was able to penetrate his facination with the other dog. Also its much easier to add a click after saying something. For example, if I say "Web!" and want to reward him for looking at me, a "Web!" click is easier than "Web", "good". Once he knows the thing, I stop using the clicker and reward in other ways, except for if I want to get him to do something more exactly or slighly better.
  3. What kind of pictures are you looking for? Should the dog be "posing" in any particular way? :)
  4. I mostly see goldens around here. The 20 most popular breeds in the country are, 1 GSD 2 Golden retriever 3 Labrador retriever 4 J
  5. I actually can't think of any breed that I would never have. I tend to like medium sized, active, playful, easily trained dogs, and hopefully will always be able to have one of them. But it would be nice to have a big, slow, calm dog, or perhaps a little "poofy" dog TOO, even if I'd not want one of those types as my only dog. I won't ever have a show-bred golden or lab (and probably other breeds...), though. Whenever I see a bulky (not fat, just BIG!) golden/lab ambling along sedately without much interest in anything going on, its hard to believe that it really is the same breed as the hunting/dual-purpose goldens/labs! :o But they are of the same breed, so I guess that doesn't really count for this.
  6. How often do your dogs get to be offleash, and for how long? Where do you let them offleash? Are there any laws about leashing where you live, and if so do you follow them?
  7. Webby is slightly obsessed with underwear and socks. :( :o If he's feeling unsure of himself he takes a choice piece (or two) from my dirty clothes basket and carries it to the living room where he settles with it under his head. :oops: Socks are toys, too. (accoring to him). :roll:
  8. I'm so glad he's ok! That must have been terrifying. :o
  9. Thats the wierdest looking dog I've ever seen. :o Kind of cute, in its own way.. :lol:
  10. Thanks for explaining. :) Its rather nice to have him this way, he is so good on walks! Except for today when I threw a stick that landed behind him, which he didn't understand, so he had to go "find" it, so he was running aorund searching intently not listning at bit.. :roll: :lol:
  11. I've done them all, at one time or another. I like the animal planet one quite alot. My favorite would be the last on the list, eukanuba's. I really like how they ask how much training you're going to be doing- thats one thing thats missing on many others. Also, they ask what you want to do with your dog. I found that very helpful too. The breeds I got were mostly breeds that I am very fond of, and actually will have someday. What I didn't like about it (and many other breed selectors) is that they ask about the "Outdoor Space". I always find that hard to answer. I live in an appartment, so I don't have a yard of my own. But I do have big fields and a woods right across the street. So I answered "Acreage", but I'm not sure thats what they mean or not.
  12. I don't think it makes any difference. A dog isn't supposed to get its excersize inside anyway, so why would it matter if it lives in a house or appartment? I would prefer to live in a house with a yard so I could let my dog out and wait for him to do his buisness there instead of putting on shoes and a jacket, walking down the stairs to the door, going out, and having to go a little farther away so he doesn't ruin the grass and get complaints... But I would still take him on long, glorious walks too. For ME it would be easier in a house, but I doubt it would matter much to my dog.
  13. And if so, with what, and is it effective? When Web is thinking about missbehaving, or has when I've been gone, I tell him that I'll give him a [i]bath[/i]. Or that the magpies will get his food, or that his mouthstuffers will all be removed for ever and ever.. :o The outcome is usually quite good. He usually starts looking really proud and then forgets about what he was going to do! :)
  14. It snowed here a few days ago. Web goes nuts in the snow. :roll: Things like walking calmly and the like are forgotten in an instant. But he keeps more of an eye on me when its snowy... Stays closer, checks to make sure I'm coming, stuff like that. Why?
  15. Gross. :o I also don't see how it would make the dog protect the kid.. If anything wouldn't it create a rivalry between the two? Siblings tend to fight.. :-?
  16. Thats fantastic news! :D Who confuse a rottie with a husky? Do they have [i]any[/i] similarities in looks? :o
  17. I don't like it... Seen it done once. The dog (or, puppy more like- she was like 5-6 months old!) was obiously insecure, and barking/growling and would stop, and her owner finally forced the poor thing on its back. It was horrible to see, and I doubt it was the least bit effective. Thats (thankfully) my only experience with the method, and perhaps it might work for some dogs, I don't know. But its definatly not something I'd do to my dog! :(
  18. Tricks are so much fun! :D Webby goes and finds his foodbowl (and brings it back) if I ask him where it is, which is cute. He plays the piano with his head, which is also very cute. And the new trick we're working on is quite fun too. He stands inbetween my legs and when I walk he walks too, when I stop he sits down. Kind of like a "heel" but on the other side of the leg! Those three would have to be my favorites I guess.. Oh, and when he finds people! I don't actually know if would qualify as a trick or not, but maybe! :wink: He pretty much digs people out of blankets and finds their faces... Visiting kids usually find that one fun- they get to be part of it, and once Web has "found" them a few times he feels that they are great playmates! :D
  19. Web often nibbles on the guinea pigs hay. There haven't been any problems for him except that sometimes his bowels have long strings of hay in them :o but it doesn't seem to bother him..
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