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    I have a 3 year old malt and an 18 month old yorkie.
  2. Give us more info.... I know a great little yorkie forum I can give you a link to. PM me if your interested.
  3. I don't understand the post. I have a yorkie, maybe I can help... if I know what you are saying.
  4. I was telling a friend about Rainbow bridge and was going to give her a link when I noticed that there are 2 listed (net and org), which is the original site? The org states that it is but I guess I haven't paid any attention in the past that they are 2 seperate listings.... [url]www.rainbowbridge.com[/url] [url]www.rainbowbridge.org[/url]
  5. Just want to say how much I love my two little pupsters, Bentley (my maltese) and Mia (my yorkie) are so sweet! Mia would melt anyones heart, shes very calm , gentle and rarely barks. Bentley is a little arrogant but sweet, just has his nose a little in the air. Wish you could meet them.
  6. [quote name='Horsefeathers!'][quote name='Bentleythewonderdog'] I just don't want to deal with the possibility that the larger dog may decide to snap at a tasty little morsel.[/quote] Isn't this sort of discriminatory in the same manner that some people are getting peeved at the small dog stereotypes? I mean, it assumes that all big dogs potentially see smaller dogs as "tasty little morsel"s. Mind you, I believe you are entirely right in maintaining control of your own dogs and not assuming that others are as responsible and in avoiding contact with other dogs you are uncomfortable with. It's just food for thought, but not necessarily directed solely at you, if that makes sense. :wink:[/quote] I just want to point out that the 2 small dogs I have now are my first toy breeds. I have had German S. Dogs, Golden Ret., Cockers, and Shelties in the past. I have always walked [b]all[/b] of my dogs to the other side of the street when I see an unfamiliar dog approaching. I'm not willing to risk injury to [b]any[/b] of my dogs. I'm not going to gamble if I don't know how a strange dog will react. I don't think it's odd for someone to love all breeds, doesn't mean I want one but how can you not feel love & compasion for all dogs? I know this thread has really hit a nerve with everyone. Maybe it wasn't was meant to offend but ..... when reading the post it is clear that some people dislike the smaller breeds. That's fine, I don't have a problem with those of you that do dislike them. I'm sure if the post were riddled with derogatory comments about their larger counterparts such as Pit's or Rotts, the people whom love them would come to their defense. Sorry if I hit a nerve.
  7. It's really not a debate but there is obviously some dislike and hostility directed at those small dogs. I assure you that my 2 will never be off a leash, never try and attack the larger dog, I make sure they don't come in contact with them and move to the other side of the street when I see them coming. I just don't want to deal with the possibility that the larger dog may decide to snap at a tasty little morsel.
  8. I guess when I think of kicking a dog I vizualize giving it a good solid kick in the side or it's face with intent on hurting it. If I felt the tiny dog was going to cause extreme injury to myself or others I might give it the boot but like I said, only if it was going to cause major damage and I can't see my boot making contact with 2-7 pound dog. Of course I would defend myself from a dog attack but only if there was no other way to prevent serious injury. I have been bitten in the face by a Boston Terrier, it was sudden and unexpected. I guess I hold out hope that there will be a responsible owner that would control the animal but we know thats not always the case.
  9. I'm not attacking any of you, I'm just pointing out why people take it wrong. I'm not upset about anything, but the written word comes across differently than when someone can see facial expression, tones, etc. The things I quoted are samples of what people may get upset about, just as some of you may get upset when someone makes reference to a Pit, a chow, etc. as something like a man eating, killing machine. I love all dogs, I admire the beauty in each breed, each breed has it's own unique qualities that make every one of them wonderful. As a dog lover I would never be critical of any of them, we all agree it's the owners we have problems with. Guess that's what makes us "dog people". As a dog lover I would find it difficult to kick any of them....it would have to be a major threat for me to harm a dog and I just don't see a 5 pound maltese being a major threat. Just pointing out why some may take offense.
  10. I heard about this on the news the other day, it's horrible! It's not to far from where I live. There are a couple of huge flea markets in this part of Texas such as Canton Trade Days, Grand Prairie Flea Market, and smaller ones such as McKinney, Bowie, etc that sell dogs and mills are where they get their stock, that and some backyard breeders. Anyway Grand Prairie and Canton are gigantic and sell lots of pups. Tons of people buy from them, the stores at these markets that sell these pups are filthy and reek, makes me sick at my stomache to go inside one! People don't realize that these pups come from mills. Lot's of adds in major papers such as Dallas and Fort Worth are people selling dogs from these places but they advertise as being the breeder themselves, when you get out to the house they don't have the parents for you to see. This is why I don't trust newspaper adds. Maybe it's just my area...... I just don't trust the adds here in Texas. I have heard, seen, known of too many bad outcomes from where I live to risk it. They get them from local mills and bring them in from Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and MO. This has influenced my preference in dealing only with people whom have great references, are active in breed specific clubs, rescue, etc. I want someone whom is very dedicated. I guess I'm not a very trusting person. This part of the Canton Flea market is widely known for selling dogs, I think they call it "dog alley" or "puppy row"....something like that. -----
  11. “[b]A little Doggie Rant (no offense to small dog owners[/b])” “A quick and sharp tap on that [b]smartass little nose [/b]put him in his place.” “cute' at all about [b]little unleashed, untrained monsters [/b]pestering big dogs” “[b]little terrorists [/b]come up to our big dogs if a [b]small terrorist [/b]comes up to my dog snarling and yapping” “Much as I love all dogs I will deliver sharp and well placed kick to any [b]little untrained monster [/b]who tries to attack my dog” “[b]little evil, dumb dustmop thing of a dog[/b]” From the NEWS ALERT forum “Sat Jun 05, 2004 4:06 pm Post subject: Pitbull attack on Shitsu Don't you just LOVE the little tidbits they add into stories to make pit bulls seem like they are HORRIBLE beasts? And the report even spelled shih tzu wrong! And it's pit bull NOT pitbull... Pitbulls Tear Shitsu To Pieces I HATE those bias remarks. Lucky to be alive my a**. If the pit bulls would have WANTED to attack her they WOULD have. But guess what...they were going after THE DOG NOT THE WOMAN! I would LOVE to have a word with these so-called police officers. GRRRRRR! “ I think the reason people are getting defensive about this thread is because some of the comments come across as being negative about small dogs. Even the title starts off as being negative. Even if that wasn't the original intent, thats how it sounds. I realize that many members on this forum have the larger breeds and that everyone has a preference to the type dog or breed that appeals to each indivdual but we all as dog lovers need to remember that it's irresponsible owners that always contributes to negative reputation of any breed. I was reading the thread under News Alert and the post about the Pit attacking and killing the Shih Tzu even came across negative about small dogs. The poster was more upset about those "biased remarks" than the fact that a dog was killed. I have always had dogs in my life, mostly big dogs. Now that I'm older & for the first time own a Toy breed. They are easier for me to take care of, walk, groom, carry, etc. They fit into my lifestyle and health abilities more. I love them dearly and would NEVER let them out the front door off leash just as I would have never allowed any dog off leash. I have a vacation home out in the country and the only dogs roaming free and off leash are the Pits that live near. They do run at adults, children and people walking their dogs on leash. It's so bad that nobody can walk there dogs (big or small)or children. People have asked the owners to please do something with their dogs,(they do not have a fenced yard) and their response is that "they would never bite anyone". Any dog has the potential to bite and if the Pit were to bite someone I will guarantee that it is going to do more damage than the bite of a 5 pound dog. No dog large or small is cute when it's untrained, unruly and unsupervised. It's the irresponsible pet owner whom leaves a bad taste in our mouth for any breed.
  12. I guess when you watch a loved one die from cancer you tend to be paranoid about everything. Human nature to wonder why? Anyway, I don't worry about artifical sweetner causing cancer in me, it's caused abdominal pain and inflamation of my intestines. After unexplained medical problems and finally seeing a connection when I would drink diet sodas I learned to stay away. Maybe I'm allergic to it. Also new studies have linked it to contributing to obesity.
  13. "Moderation is the key, for everything" True! But I do have reactions to artifical sweetner so I stay away from it. I know it's not the only problem with Gulf War Vets but it has been "linked" to problems with them and many other people. The Doctor and nutritionist pretty much said to "not eat anything that hasn't been around for at least 100 years" or "if something wont grow on it, don't eat it" :D they really want everything natural as you said. It is a healthy way to eat but pretty hard to do. :D I guess it's BARF for humans! :lol:
  14. Aspartamine- is terrible for you! It's been linked to post war illness in Gulf War vets. It has all sorts of info out about the dangers of it. I'm seeing a nutritionist and they compared to arsenic or wood alchohol. It can cause major health problems.
  15. I don't even know if it's true, just trying to find out if anyone else has heard this. I think I'm going to call my vet and the company that manufactors frontline and see what they say.
  16. I should have put this under health but I thought more people would respond under everything. I post on a toy dog forum and read the following by another member today. I use Frontline and wanted to know if anyone else has heard this. Is it true? "this isnt meant to worry any of you but I just felt it was right to pass the info on.. when I took ***** to my vet who is suppose to be one of the best on Long Island.. he said they do not use frontline because it caused cancer in mice...and when the company went to my vet with the product to try to get them to sell it they confronted the representatives about that specualtion and they didnt deny it. So its up to all of you but after hearing that Im going to stay away from it. maybe you can ask all of your vets about it just to be on the safe side. who knows if its true but Theres always so much contraversy about everything.. but I would feel guilty not mentioning it... let me know if anyone hears anything"
  17. My son and daughter-in-law had a Pap and from what I have read they shed little but their little one shed a ton. Maybe he was abnormal , my son is in the Army and they had a heck of a time keeeping the dog hair off his uniforms.
  18. I agree! They are wonderful for an older more mature person whom wants a lap dog. There are some young adults whom desire the same but it's just not a good mix with small children. I have 6 grandkids all under the age of 6. When they are around I have to constantly keep an eye on both Bentley (my 2 year old malt) and Mia(my 7 month old yorkie). Mia can't be left on the floor, I have to hold her the entire time to keep her out of harms way. She is very rarely out when they are over, it's too scary and I end up crating her in my room to save her life! Their bones are far to fragile, drop them, trip over them or fall on them and you may kill them. They do have a reputation for being snappy, yappy and hard to housebreak as do most toy breeds. My maltese was a breeze to housebreak but is yappy and snappy. Mia is still young and is more of a challenge in the housebreaking but she isn't a barker and so far not a snapper. I think the tiny ones seem to fill the roll as baby for the empty nester and thats why they appeal to older ladies. All dogs have the potential to snap and bite. Consider a breed that is less touch sensitive and can tolerate small children. Labs are know for this.
  19. All yorkies are mini. Do you mean teacup? There is no such thing as teacup. If they fall below the standard weight they are more fragile, and tend to have more health problems. A yorkie within the standard is still too small and fragile for small children. I have a maltese and a seven month old yorkie, when the grandkids come to visit I have to crate them. I have heard to many horror stories of them being dropped and dying. I will say that yorkies being yappy and nippy may not always be true. My malt is but my yorkie is calm but playful (not hyper) and isn't a barker. I would look for another breed. Something like a nice lab or a golden.
  20. What a great idea! I bet there would be good money in it.
  21. German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Shelties, Golden Retrievers, Maltese, Yorkies, Greyhounds, Brussels Griffons, Affenpinscher
  22. He's doing better. It was pretty scary. The way they had descibed him acting was pretty bad. I thought had to be something terrible. I'll tell my son about the other link. Thanks
  23. My son took his lab hunting this weekend and his dog came down with this condition. Anyone ever hear of this? It's new to me. [url]www.working-retriever.com/library/cwtail.html[/url]
  24. I'm just looking at what is easy for me to go and buy. I don't like ordering things. I prefer to pay cash ad not use my credit card. Many of the other choices are not stocked anywhere near me.
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