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  1. bk_blue

    Finally! Photos of us

    Nice pics- you're all very photogenic. :)
  2. I'm not going to deny I find it very juicy indeed :D but there's a time and a place for it, and that sort of stuff is probably better off in PMs/email/chat.
  3. Yeah, I've noticed that Michele :D Re Naomi's email to k9- UGH. So she's going to get what she wants- that is, she's going to get rid of Zoey. I wonder what Justin will have to say about that considering she's his dog, yes?
  4. bk_blue

    Should shelters lie about a dogs breed?

    I'm with the others: full disclosure is the only way to go. Lying doesn't get anyone anywhere and this is applicable to dog breeds. Not only does is cause problems for the owner, it can cause problems for the dog as it will pay any ultimate price once the truth is discovered. There could be possible legal implications (fraud etc) stemming from this deceit as well. Furthermore, as SG said, if a shelter can lie about a dog's background, what else could they be lying about?
  5. bk_blue

    PuppyFinder- edited by K

    OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE AGREEING WITH ME!!!! (I'm a bit excited!) :lol:
  6. bk_blue

    PuppyFinder- edited by K

    A bit of consistency would be nice.
  7. To me it's more a general "animal" thing. I find that people who don't like animals are generally nasty people. Court hit it on the head.
  8. [quote name='K'][quote name='Kat']Feck it [b]I've had enough threats through my pm message box than I care to even count.[/b] I have a strong opinion and NO form of FIGHTING is right. It will only make a dog more aggressive but I am not going to sit on this thread and get [b]slandered by a moderator[/b] for voicing my opinion.[/quote] Who are you accusing of threatening you? Who are you accusing of slander?[/quote] Libel (slander is [i]verbal[/i] defamation) is a fairly serious thing to accuse either K, Mei, Mouse or me of. Unless of course you weren't meaning it literally. The other thing if there is someone threatening you via PM on this board please let one of us know about it if you haven't already and some serious arse-kicking will happen to that gutless person or persons. And edited to say Mei, if you weren't already engaged, I'd marry you! :D
  9. bk_blue

    What do you guys think?

    [quote name='K']I just happen to think hes an ok guy...if there were a ban on breeding he would not be one of the ones going against it...[/quote] Someone being an "ok guy" doesn't make his actions right. If I wanted to recreate a breed that had been out of action for 300 years what would you all think? [quote]I dont think crossbreeding in this case for historical reasons is as stupid as breeding 17 litters of Malty Oodle Shi Doos a year for profit is no...and frankly thats a unreasonable comparison...[/quote] But why do we need a breed that is dead and buried? As I said, it's gone for a reason. How many dog breeds do we have already that can do the stuff this "historical" breed can do? I don't think it's unreasonable to compare breeding poo mixes and breeding dead dog breeds- both of them are completely and utterly unnecessary and not done with anything but the selfishness of the owner as paramount. Whether that selfishness is fiscal or for another reason there's nothing that's really altruistic about breeding crossbred dogs, historical or not.
  10. Well then, what are we going to do about it? Sit here and whine about something we are powerless to stop, something we cannot even prove conclusively is happening (Hmmmm is too clever to reveal anything other than the fact that she allegedly fights her dogs)? Kick someone out of the "group" for having a very different stance on something very important to a lot of us? Deny this person the right to freedom of expression, even though that expression is something we all abhor? Become the very sort of board we seek to avoid? I am not supporting Hmmmm at all in her alleged activities. I am making that very clear. But it's no use sitting here whinging about how we all hate what she's doing. We can either put up with it begrudgingly or kick her off the board. The board that also, beyond our control, runs those disgusting ads for puppy mills and suchlike that we also claim to all detest with a passion.
  11. bk_blue

    Guess What!!!

    Still, you didn't force her to post it did you? She chooses of her own volition what to post? So if she can post about birthdays she can answer people's questions, no? Can I emphasise, tx, that my beef is not with you.
  12. bk_blue

    Guess What!!!

    I think DP hit the nail on the head. DAL, you are an immature, attention-seeking little girl trapped in the body of a 23 year-old woman. I hope you take some stock of what DP said. Where did Moose come from again?
  13. bk_blue

    This one's for you, CC

    so... what is the problem then?
  14. bk_blue

    Happy Birthday BK

    Reaching double figures today... he's 10 and doesn't look a day over 5. :angel:
  15. bk_blue

    Should it be against the law?

    In Victoria any dog riding on the back of a ute must be restrained in the middle with two leads so the dog can't move anywhere ie over the side of the ute. This is good for dogs that don't fit in the cab of a ute (my friend's dog has to be transported this way). The macho stereotype of the dog riding on the back of a ute unrestrained seem to be over, thankfully. As for dogs in cars, I wouldn't have a problem with them being belted with those dog seatbelts as I have seen far too many stupid owners riding with dogs of all size on their laps. It should be enforced in the same manner as people seatbelt laws- if a person under 18 is riding without a seatbelt in a car, the driver is liable.