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  1. You guys are insane :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Come on, don't feed the trolls. 8)
  2. Nice pics- you're all very photogenic. :)
  3. Have a look- it's a blog written from the point of view of a stray dog in Bangkok. It's not written to make you cry and in fact it's quite humorous, but the sheer number of strays are sad enough: [url]http://bkkstreetdogs.blogspot.com/[/url] And a link to sponsor a stray dog in Thailand (AUD$12 a month): [url]http://www.soidog.org/index.htm[/url] Everyone knows about the animal welfare organisations in their own countries and the problems with overpopulation that are prevalent everywhere, but the overwhelming number of strays in places like Delhi, Bangkok, parts of Indonesia etc are really horrible. This link was posted on another forum (and the girl who posted it got flak for supposedly putting starving animals over starving children :roll:), so I thought I'd post it here just in case anyone's interested.
  4. He's very cute. I hope he finds a home where he is appreciated. :)
  5. Whilst I agree that the girl should have had the dog leashed (that he stays out the front is not good dog ownership) and that she should have looked before darting out onto the road, it's difficult to determine from one minor event that someone's a bad or neglectful parent. It very well could have been a one-off. There's no way of knowing and if you call child protection they'd probably laugh at you if they're anything like the Victorian equivalent. Not that what you would be doing if you called them would be a bad move at all, it's just that you probably know as well as I do, and obviously better given that it is within your city, that they have far more serious cases than a kid outside her own home with her dog presumably not looking bashed around or dirty or ill, albeit outside when she should have been inside.
  6. I'm not going to deny I find it very juicy indeed :D but there's a time and a place for it, and that sort of stuff is probably better off in PMs/email/chat.
  7. [quote name='__crazy_canine__']BK, calm down. :x Again, Im not judging, I just wanted to know if she does home visits..... [/quote] Well, maybe it's time to think about wording your posts more carefully. You could have just asked straight out about home visits with none of the judgmental crap and "suspicious" emoticon. Thank you to all involved in this situation. Again, Michele, if there is anything I can do, let me know.
  8. I agree with Malamum. All this extraneous stuff is interesting but irrelevant and it's actually quite petty, bitching over someone's looks, morals, etc. I'm certainly no angel when it comes to fidelity and I bet- actually, I know- there are members who haven't been 100% faithful to their partners, and judging by Naomi's PM which I don't really think should have been posted at all (it has no relevance to her PETS, and they're who we are worried about, yes, not who she's shagging?) and is a contravention of the forum "rules", there's at least one of you who's gone out with an ex-crim as well. Come on. Pot kettle black people.
  9. Agree with Mel et al. CC, just pull your fucking head in for once and try not to be so quick to judge someone who is obviously not to blame here and is doing a fantastic job of helping us sort out this web of deceit. I don't really care if you post a "no offence" disclaimer; "no offence" usually means the exact opposite. To Cynthia: thank you very much for coming here and trying to assist us in working matters out. :)
  10. [quote name='Debbie'] I remember when she was posting about going to the gym and wanting to go out to celebrate her birthday with some "guy" from the gym and Justin was giving her a hard time about it and she was saying he was just a friend and it was all innocent..........now I'm having my doubts.... :-? [/quote] I flat-out asked her if she was interested in that guy from the gym because that's exactly what she was acting like and she said no (I would imagine the thread is still kicking around somewhere). My instincts about people are usually right and they were proven so in this case. Go Finland- love those socialist democracies. :D
  11. I suppose I'd like to reinstate my "DAL is a fucked up little girl" comment right about now. And I'd like someone to come to her defence. :lol:
  12. Yeah, I've noticed that Michele :D Re Naomi's email to k9- UGH. So she's going to get what she wants- that is, she's going to get rid of Zoey. I wonder what Justin will have to say about that considering she's his dog, yes?
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