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  1. Well, he could just be in a learning block.. Or he knows something you don't. Maybe he doesn't want to walk with you? Maybe he's sensing something about you that is different. It could be you and your hubbies stress with the Iraq thing.. or it could be that you're trying to get pregnant. it could be anything.
  2. I have an American Eskimo in an apartment.. I can not train this dog NOT to bark, lol. She likes running at people, but will not get to close at the same time. If the person tries to approach her, she runs away and starts the process all over again. She barks at people for at least 10 minutes. When she stops, she's all over the person wanting pets and hugs. I just do not understand this girl. She's the same with dogs! Bark bark, chase, run, ignore.
  3. Amaya doesn't mind it at all. She hated the fourth of july.. Not because of the fireworks, but because we kept her inside while we were outside lol. We took her out for a bit and she was fine.
  4. I'm sorry to hear this about Apollo.. My friend just recently had a tumor removed from his brain and it was terrifying precedure for his friends and family.. The surgery is really risky and I don't know if it's available for dogs, or even if you'd want to risk it! We're all hear for you when you decide what you will do.
  5. Can we at least of pictures of the little rescue kitty?
  6. Over here we call them tongue freckles
  7. Aonir

    Alaskan Klee Kai

    They have been 'designed' for years.. That's why they are recongized breeds to some Kennel clubs..
  8. I really don't know if you're being serious...but Urine IS pee.
  9. Aonir

    Is my dog pregnant?

    Could this be a false pregnancy?
  10. YES it is bad for dogs. We aren't allowed to let small children SWALLOW the toothpaste. And since dogs can't spit, they must swallow it.
  11. Pillows are your friends! Hit a pillow! They're soft and so abusable!
  12. Cassie, I think you're on to something! Why don't you take tours in the upstairs office and go up there as you please? Give them a taste of their own medicine!
  13. I got 2, not 1, toy for her. There's one rope with a ball in the middle(so the ferrets can't drag it away like her last rope!) and a stuffed monkey with rope has arms and legs. She LOVES the monkey!
  14. And the breeds I saw! :o Pomeskie! Fad-breeds actually got ahold of the American Eskimo!! Pugapoo, and another pugmix, Pap-a-pom, Pomapoo, and other weird things! I can't even remember most of their NAMES! Most of them were mixes! :o
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