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  1. Angelboddy

    Hi everyone!

    and Arizona is 3 months...........? All states, Citys and countys Very. It depends on the people population and compact or spaced out the county or citys might be. The county I live in does not ask for you to register your dog though the pounds after getting the rabbies shot. We get the tag and their good for another year. :-? Arizona Gave a slip of paper and a envelope to send $22 for unspayed, $18 for unneutered, and $9 for spayed and neutered. after rabie shot. The rabie tag would be sent in the mail after payment was made. But the point is................................ALl states are different (including the citys we live in) I could not get my kitty neutered any where! And i mean any where......Til he was 6 months of age exactlly! :o Thats just cuting it way to close. INCLUDING spaying and neutering their pups. :o 3months was what I have been us to because of living in arizona most my life. Arizona keeps a good regestration system and animal control on their strays and lost loved ones. I personally think Missouri (or at least my county or city) don't care much about animal control And wish they would do more (like spay and neuter earlier in age.) Also abortions for unexpected pregnacys in pets. And more non-kill shelters, plus some kind of registry system for all pet owners.
  2. Angelboddy

    Hi everyone!

    I just dropped by to say hi and give you an update on things. Nostalgia had pups. Was not meaning for that to happen, but while i was at work my sister let her out and the pit bull next door got ahold of her. I tried every where for her to get an abortion pill, but they band it from here because of all the complications. So she had 10 puppies July 29th. 8 females and 2 males. They were all very healthly and she was a very good mamma dog. Got all their shots and check-ups done. And sold each of them for 20 dollars. But of course I keeped one. She has one blue eye and one brown, a white chest and four white paws. And she is all black. She is so gorgous! The vet said that she has a rare gene passed down to her from the pit's side. So she is my unique "Pretty Pup." Her name is Shanya. It means Marvelous. Anyways, I will try and post some pictures of the pups and of shanya. I'm sure you all want to see the cute rascles. Here is one of Shanya, Hope it comes out. If these two come out alright then i will post a bunch more of all the pups. Here is where the pictures are posted if you would like to see them: [url]http://photobucket.com/albums/v217/angelboddy/[/url] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/angelboddy/PrettyPup.jpg[/img] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/angelboddy/shanya.jpg[/img][/url]
  3. I feel the same way , report A.S.A.P!
  4. Angelboddy

    Hi everyone! It's me..........Angelboddy!

    O.k, so where can I go so I can load my pictures to show you guys! :-? Anyone have a good website? I want to show everyone my little weeman :( Does this work. [url]http://community.webshots.com/scripts/controlPanel.fcgi[/url]
  5. Angelboddy

    Proud mamma

    I just had to post this, because I am just so proud of Nostalgia again. :roll: :D Well, like always, When I wake up I let Nostalgia outside. About 15 minites go by and I hear this barking...........not from out back, but from out front. :o My hubby must have left the gate open last night and forgot to close it. But Nostalgia was sitting right infront of my front door. :lol: I wonder how long she sat there. :o I am just so proud of her for not running away and to be sitting at my front door. It was kinda like her saying, "Mom you left the gate open!" :lol: She just had to rub it into my face a little. :lol: I am so lucky. :angel:
  6. Angelboddy

    Laurels getting better...

    That is such great news courtnek. :D I new she would come aroud sooner or later. She had no choice..........she is with the best of care. :wink:
  7. Angelboddy

    The dog ate my homework....really!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: That is just to funny. Our kitty shredded up some of my hubbys paper work for work last night, that was sitting on top of our desk. We woke up to paper all over the floor and the desk. :o But he had to go to work today and tell them that the kitty ate his paperwork. :lol: I wonder how well that went over. :roll:
  8. Glad to have you back and the pictures are all so cute. :D Sorry to hear about your family mamber passing away. :(
  9. Angelboddy

    Will To Live In 2003

    Oh poor Will. :cry: :cry: :cry: How could anyone do such a thing. :x :( Get well soon sweet Will. :angel:
  10. Angelboddy

    Good Luck Kiwi and Kobi

    :angel: [size=7][color=red][b]Good luck and have lots of fun![/b][/color][/size] :D
  11. Angelboddy

    Scare of my life!

    Wow that is very scary. :( Thank dog he is alright. :angel:
  12. Angelboddy

    JD's oparation

    Everything will be fine. :D And she will be out of there and home in no time. :angel:
  13. Angelboddy

    I WILL be damned!! I've been DUPED!!

    Lol, what a smart Laurel. :lol: Some pups will do anything to get your attention. Looks like it worked. :wink:
  14. Angelboddy

    poor zoey... :(

    Oh, poor Zoey. :( Well, at least she is doing ok. :angel: I can't believe that dog was running around in the first place. :x