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  1. Nobody is assulting anybody. :lol: You've got some serious issues and I am not going to argue with you any more! :evil: :drinking: :o You've stated your point and i've stated mine. :agrue: enough is enough. So why you got to keep on pooking your nose in on someone elses statement..............even better yet! [b][u]MINE[/u][/b] :x Better yet...............Just don't even answer that question. I think I can figure that out myself. Good bye Tammy! :hand:
  2. and Arizona is 3 months...........? All states, Citys and countys Very. It depends on the people population and compact or spaced out the county or citys might be. The county I live in does not ask for you to register your dog though the pounds after getting the rabbies shot. We get the tag and their good for another year. :-? Arizona Gave a slip of paper and a envelope to send $22 for unspayed, $18 for unneutered, and $9 for spayed and neutered. after rabie shot. The rabie tag would be sent in the mail after payment was made. But the point is................................ALl states are different (including the citys we live in) I could not get my kitty neutered any where! And i mean any where......Til he was 6 months of age exactlly! :o Thats just cuting it way to close. INCLUDING spaying and neutering their pups. :o 3months was what I have been us to because of living in arizona most my life. Arizona keeps a good regestration system and animal control on their strays and lost loved ones. I personally think Missouri (or at least my county or city) don't care much about animal control And wish they would do more (like spay and neuter earlier in age.) Also abortions for unexpected pregnacys in pets. And more non-kill shelters, plus some kind of registry system for all pet owners.
  3. I don't know what plant you are from! But spay and neutering here is not done til 5 months, AT THE EARLIEST! The humane societys here don't even spay or neuter their pups. They give vouchers for a spay or neuter for when the pup is old enough. And the same was done for the pups. And like I said "I have been in contact with most in person and others by email." The pups are alittle over 5 months now . All pups are right on schedule for their spay and neuter All but 2 are through my vet, and the other 2 will have a recipt sent to me.
  4. [quote name='Tammy'] It makes me sick to think that someone who volunteers (Or at least used to) could even THINK about breeding an unhealth tested dog with out even one title on it.[/quote] And where did I say that My lab was unhealthy and untested!? She is registered with a clean and healthly bill of health. I started all of those tests when she turned 18 months old. And have been updating her health every 8 months since then. Since shes been spayed, I only go once a year now. Just to keep her health history updated. She may not have some fancy title,(just to make her suitable in your book!)........... but she has a great hunting background and history. She was breed for hunting purposes only. But instead.......became a great inside family loving dog. REALLY PEOPLE! :roll: Of course, I knew a lot of you would be very unhappy. Truthfully....I was very unhappy about the whole thing also. And the fact of getting an abortion or spaying here pregnat was band, and is no longer done here; where I live! For god sakes people..........Being a volenteer for a humane shelter, I have seen many..... many litters of pups and adult dogs come in. And many never leave. :cry: Mostly due to illness, neglect, or abandonment. :( It's people that could care less and let their dog(s) have litter after litter . and most in the cold and with no human help or contact around them. Then litter after litter is dropped off at the shelter. And then shortly after awhile the mother dog is abandoned also. :x Pups come in such poor conditions that more then half are uthenized anyways. :x :( Never have I seen a dog or pup come into the shelter with a clean, well taken care of bill of health. Most are so flea bitten and tick infested, That they get some kind of illness from it. :( I spent close to $900.00 on My lab and her 10 pups, To make sure they were in the best of health and had everything they needed before going to their new homes. And All home made dog food cooked and freezed every week for the mamma dog and the pups when they were ready. Many of the pups I still see several times a month, and other send updated emails and photos. And if you think charging $20.00 for each pup was money in my pockets. Well, you are all wrong! And you all need to think again! :evil: That $20.00 was to at least insure the permant, safe, loving, and caring homes that each and every one was going to. And if something was to happen to where they could no longer keep the pup........... The pup is to come back to me where I could find a better and more suitable loving home. This is just plain stupid and most of you don't even have the right to say such things. Yes I have been a member here, And surely this is not the dogo I remember writing to. :o :-? There are still a few old dogo members left that are still around, And are probally just as discusted as i am right now, that they don't even want to write in this post. Most have already sent me private messages. Messages of a true dogo and how they feel about all you narrow minded members. :roll: And you all just keep thinking what you all want. And have another while your at it! :drinking: :lol:
  5. You also have no right to call me irrisponsable either! I keep my dog inside at all times except when to go potty. I was at work and my sister knew to just let her out for a minite to go. She had to attend to my children, and within that few minites I guess it happend. Nobody is irrisponsable here. You are the one that is being hard headed. I DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU OR ANYONE HERE. Personally I am very upset and disappointed that dogomania has become such a [u]un-supportive [/u]and [u]un-welcoming [/u]site. You can judge all you want, but no wrong was done, and there are pups that have permant, health, happy homes. What was done was done , and there was nothing I could have done different then, and there is nothing that i could do different now. I know now........why I don't visit here much anymore. :( Very SAD!! :-?
  6. I really don't need your lectures and all! I clearly came on here to let you all know how we are doing. And if you all have to ask so many questions on the care and handling of my Baby-dog (Nostalgia) and her pups..........Then you don't clearly know me well enough. True , there are millons of dogs out there without homes. But this was not no "I don't care" thing. Nostalgia was planned to be breed once with a chocolate lab that has great pedigree back grounds. The pups were already called for before we could even breed them. All people are interviewed a each pup goes out to the right loving home. And YES, all 10 pups got a spay and neuter cetificate along with their up to date shots. I truley sorry! But you all just need to lay off me!!!! I take very good care of my pets. Because of the mix litter, I can't breed her with the champ chocolate lab, So yes she is spayed now and so is her daughter. I don't need to explain myself to you all, and if this is how I am going to be treated after being a member here for over a year. Then you all are not my friends and I don't need to be here. :agrue: [b][u]Good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!![/u][/b]
  7. I just dropped by to say hi and give you an update on things. Nostalgia had pups. Was not meaning for that to happen, but while i was at work my sister let her out and the pit bull next door got ahold of her. I tried every where for her to get an abortion pill, but they band it from here because of all the complications. So she had 10 puppies July 29th. 8 females and 2 males. They were all very healthly and she was a very good mamma dog. Got all their shots and check-ups done. And sold each of them for 20 dollars. But of course I keeped one. She has one blue eye and one brown, a white chest and four white paws. And she is all black. She is so gorgous! The vet said that she has a rare gene passed down to her from the pit's side. So she is my unique "Pretty Pup." Her name is Shanya. It means Marvelous. Anyways, I will try and post some pictures of the pups and of shanya. I'm sure you all want to see the cute rascles. Here is one of Shanya, Hope it comes out. If these two come out alright then i will post a bunch more of all the pups. Here is where the pictures are posted if you would like to see them: [url]http://photobucket.com/albums/v217/angelboddy/[/url] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/angelboddy/PrettyPup.jpg[/img] [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v217/angelboddy/shanya.jpg[/img][/url]
  8. I feel the same way , report A.S.A.P!
  9. Sounds like you had fun. I had a blast when I volenteered at our humane society. I wanted to work there so bad, but if i were to work there I know that i would have to eventually put animals down. And I just would not be able to do that. :( But I is a great thing to volenteer. And you did a great thing. :D
  10. O.k, so where can I go so I can load my pictures to show you guys! :-? Anyone have a good website? I want to show everyone my little weeman :( Does this work. [url]http://community.webshots.com/scripts/controlPanel.fcgi[/url]
  11. [img]http://thumb0.webshots.com/s/thumb4/7/78/60/151277860XTdthL_th.jpg[/img] Awwww, :x I don't know whats wrong, I am posting them from webshots. Here is the site to go to too see them: [url]http://community.webshots.com/scripts/editPhotos.fcgi?action=viewall&albumID=151277205&ran=13260[/url]
  12. Hi everyone, long time no write. :o I've been a very busy woman. :roll: My sister moved here from Arizona in December, but she has just recently moved back there. :( I miss her soooooooo much! :cry: And my lovebird past away a couple months ago from old age, but I just recently got another baby love bird and his name is squiker. I hand feed this one to. I also have another dog to. :D His name is Weeman And he is a Chihuaha. He has the rare black and brown markings. He only weighs 4 lbs. And is so cute. The person that had him mistreated him, keeped him tied up to a short rope to a door knob and he smelt like piss and had worms and mange.He was also under weight. :x But I took him to the vet and got him fixed up and the spots on him are finely going away. And he has gained his normal weight back. :angel: Nostalgia is doing great, and is such a good girl. She is so gentle with weeman, it is so cute to see them play together. Anyways, here are some pictures to catch up on. :wink: "I DON'T THINK SO MAMMA!" [img]http://community.webshots.com/s/image1/7/78/60/151277860XTdthL_ph.jpg[/img] HERE IS NOSTAGIA AND WEEMAN BY HER SIDE. :D You can see the wee little spot left from the mange on him. :( [img]http://community.webshots.com/s/image1/7/79/66/151277966QrLTWc_ph.jpg[/img] HERE IS MY BABY LOVEBIRD, SQUIKER. [img]http://community.webshots.com/s/image13/7/80/41/151278041NyTIkC_ph.jpg[/img] "LOOK AT HOW CUTE I AM!" [img]http://community.webshots.com/s/image9/7/81/31/151278131gAwNut_ph.jpg[/img] AND OF COURSE MY KITTY, DONGWA! [img]http://community.webshots.com/s/image12/7/82/7/151278207VxlAXn_ph.jpg[/img] Well, thats it for pictures. Hope you all enjoy. And I hope to write more. Sorry for not being around. :( :oops: HERE IS THE WEBSITE TO GO TOO SENSE THE PICTURES WON'T SHOW UP! :x [url]http://community.webshots.com/scripts/editPhotos.fcgi?action=viewall&albumID=151277205&ran=13260[/url]
  13. I just had to post this, because I am just so proud of Nostalgia again. :roll: :D Well, like always, When I wake up I let Nostalgia outside. About 15 minites go by and I hear this barking...........not from out back, but from out front. :o My hubby must have left the gate open last night and forgot to close it. But Nostalgia was sitting right infront of my front door. :lol: I wonder how long she sat there. :o I am just so proud of her for not running away and to be sitting at my front door. It was kinda like her saying, "Mom you left the gate open!" :lol: She just had to rub it into my face a little. :lol: I am so lucky. :angel:
  14. That is just so wrong, and so scarey. :( I am glad that the matter was solved and Laurel is safe. It is terriable to have to worry, because of those stupid people. :x
  15. That is so beautiful. :cry:
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