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  1. This site has a lot of info about the "American Indian Dog": [url]www.indiandogwarning.com[/url]
  2. *Hugs* I'm so sorry about your losses. I would consult a trainer and see what he or she thinks of your pup. If they think she has issues that can't be overcome, then I would return her to the breeder. In the future, I would either go to the shelter or try to find a really top-notch breeder. Go here for more info: [url]http://www.phouka.com/puppy/bdr_frames.html[/url]
  3. Hi there, Kia's Mommy! Long time no see! ;)
  4. [quote name='dogsgalore']Jesse follows me everywhere, Mom calls him my little white shadow.[/quote] That's what I call my Macy!
  5. What beautiful photos! When we were in Edinburgh for our honeymoon, we saw a small grave for soldiers' dogs at Edinburgh Castle. Here's a picture I found of it online: [img]http://www.artfoundry.com/dsm/photo/virtualtour/edinburgh/dogCemet.JPG[/img]
  6. I agree with everything Courtnek said. If you were petting the dog, that's a lot different than if you accidentally stepped on her paw!
  7. I agree with the others. Any kennel that sells 5-week-old pups has bigger problems than not providing customers with their paperwork. In addition, there are thousands of pit-bull pups in shelters that need homes.
  8. Toy breeds seem to have a lot of tooth probs -- all those teeth crammed into those tiny little mouths. My friend's 10-year-old Maltese just had to have 10 teeth pulled :(
  9. I think everybody here has good suggestions. Furthermore, I think the law would be on your side, since you've been the one caring for Annie and paying for her food, medical treatment, etc. all these years.
  10. This site has a lot of good info on finding a breeder: [url]http://www.phouka.com/puppy/bdr_frames.html[/url]
  11. I agree, Bentley....there is no such thing as a "mini Yorkie." But I wouldn't put any Yorkie, mini or not with small children. If you have small kids and want a smaller dog, a bichon or Cavalier King Charles spaniel would be a good choice.
  12. I saw this yesterday and was very upset by the part with the cocker. The dog was fine when she did the food-aggression test with the kibble, so she gave the dog a HIGHLY desirable treat (a pig ear), ignored its warning growls, kept jabbing the hand in its face, and then goes, "Oh my gosh! That's the worst reaction I've ever seen!" Amazing that both that dog and the wheaten were "the worst she's ever seen." How lucky that the cameras happened to be there both times. :roll:
  13. I'm a Catholic, and while we don't believe in artificial birth control, that teaching does NOT apply to animals! I saw a question about this once on a very orthodox Catholic site, and it said that since animals have no free will (basically, they can't HELP but "do it"), then this obviously does not apply to them and they can morally be spayed/neutered.
  14. They were dipped earlier today and are supposed to be dipped again next week. Right now, only one has a spot -- just a little one on his face. I'm currently swabbing it with vinegar. It was the only home remedy I found online that didn't sound like it would do more harm than good!
  15. One of my fellow rescuers has had an outbreak of ringworm in her home and is having a tough time getting rid of it. Because my new kitten is among those affected (one of his littermates has a spot), I've offered to foster that litter of three kittens. We can isolate them more easily than she can, as we have a somewhat larger house and two spare rooms that are rarely used. Anyone have any advice? I'm planning on isolating them in one room and keeping them in there for two-three weeks after they've tested negative. I'm going to change my clothes and wash my hands every time after I go in to see them. I also plan on steam-cleaning the room afterward.
  16. I've heard of this as well -- there was some discussion of it over at the nopuppymills.com forum. As far as we could tell, they don't have a USDA license.
  17. I've seen this site before, and it makes me want to vomit. The nopuppymills.com forum has discussed it numerous times. The puppys are absolutely from mills, and there are many cases of them dying shortly after arriving -- or at least arriving very very ill. :(
  18. Did you tell your parents about this, Rowie? I would do that ASAP.
  19. Too cute! I made one with Macy: [url]http://veepers.hanes.com/service/RetrieveCard?id=CF337F52-3DF5-11D8-AFEF-93801D9ED7CE[/url]
  20. I volunteer with a rescue group, and we have volunteers even younger than you! We don't have a building; the pets are fostered in our homes, and we hold weekly pet adoptions at local stores, like Pet Supplies Plus. The volunteers help play with the pets, groom them, walk the dogs, get them water and treates, etc. If the shelter isn't interested, you may be able to find other groups in your area at [url]www.petfinder.org[/url] Good luck! :D
  21. I used to be a Big Sister, and I also ran into this. My Little Sister, Ronique, was a darling girl and the youngest of four sisters. Their mom was a good person and worked VERY hard. She also had a soft heart and took in pets several times that they really couldn't afford to care for. The first was a cat who ran away (probably because he wasn't neutered). The second was a cat who died -- I don't know what of. I tried to get help for them so they could afford vet care, but with no success. Then the boyfriend moved in with his dog...a Rottweiler I did NOT trust. I have nothing against Rotties...I just had serious reservations about this one. Then she took in a dog that her co-worker was going to take to the pound. Her name was Shelby, and she was a sweet little spaniel mix. I took her to get spayed myself (with the mom's blessing -- I told her my rescue group would pay for it, but it was actually me). Shelby later ran away, I was told. I don't know if she came back, because around that time I decided to go back to school and had to quit volunteering with the group due to time constraints. I was pretty peeved -- I had paid $100 for this dog to be spayed, and now she was gone! -- but my consolation was that at least she wouldn't end up with puppies.
  22. LOL! Can't stop cracking up over the "black bear" comment! Bear: [img]http://www.photo.net/photo/rsabin/annan-ck-black-bear.jpg[/img] Newfie: [img]http://www.dogshows.co.uk/newfie.jpg[/img] Sheesh!
  23. I'm not angry at her...just disappointed. She said she knew some of them needed to be pulled, and yet she hadn't taken her in yet. If she knew some of them were in such bad shape that they needed to come out, I don't know why she waited. It breaks my heart to think how much it must hurt poor Fluffy when she eats.
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