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  1. They are gorgeous!!! Naomi, it's a Bernese Mountain Dog [img]http://www.geton.net/pets/dogs/breeders/listings/pics/Bernese%20Mt%20Dog/Ruby%20Dennis/bernes1.jpg[/img]
  2. Got it, i'll pass it along now!!!!
  3. I saw that episode a few months ago!! I had to mute the t.v. It broke my heart to hear her crying like that!!!! :cry:
  4. Was that the little dog named Toaster?
  5. [quote name='"Rosebud Shelterlover: Hope everything is going well with Jr. and I wish you safe and easy delivery. May he be the joy your life and you his. :angel:[/quote'] Thank you so very much, Rosebud......[img]http://volcano.photobucket.com/albums/v11/sheltielover/Blinkies/zag1.gif[/img]
  6. So sorry for your loss, Rosebud....... :( Rest in Peace, sweet Caleb...... :angel:
  7. Yep, we've got plenty of room for Tyler and the girls. They will always go with us when they can. :)
  8. Hubby and I go through that all the time! Licky has a fit if we don't put a window down for her....we get the strangest looks from people, too. That is, until they see Licky pop her head out.......but like you said kendalyn, just crank the heat up a little more!! But...how do you keep the rain out?!? :-? :lol:
  9. Oh HF and K.....your posts made me laugh!! :lol: I can only IMAGINE what you all go through on a daily basis....I only have my two that are up my butt when I am trying to get things done around here. But I am with you, HF....I wouldn't have it any other way. :wink:
  10. So glad your home now, Naomi....we sure did miss you!!!!!
  11. Awww, Macy's turned out great too!!!!!! They are so funny..... :D
  12. Ohhh, i'm so excited for you!!!!! Can't wait to see pics! [img]http://volcano.photobucket.com/albums/v11/sheltielover/Blinkies/dancing_carrot.gif[/img]
  13. Beautiful post, daisysmom........ :cry: [img]http://volcano.photobucket.com/albums/v11/sheltielover/Blinkies/zag1.gif[/img]
  14. [quote name='ellieangel']The saddest thing is that it is true................a thousand times over :([/quote] Very sad..... :cry:
  15. Wow, that's wonderful Cassie!!!! You are truly an :angel: .....
  16. We'll miss you too, Naomi.....[img]http://volcano.photobucket.com/albums/v11/sheltielover/Blinkies/zag1.gif[/img]
  17. Have a wonderful, safe trip!!!! We'll miss you!
  18. Awesome family photo.....nice to see you!
  19. Beautiful, heart-warming story.........[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TADOAngYTtE7p!hZfQiB8tX0MT7pwV4QxVfNWQ15zFSd7YuKaOX5QTA0rxLzPb0Rzn!ttYKhGI7TeBt0*JIgMVzwqcGa247MI!gYmHQ0xxsvSNdXFfDJRw/happycry.gif?dc=4675447272303490429[/img] Thanks so much for sharing that, R'N'P.....
  20. Ain't Karma a b***h?!? :evil: I feel they got what they deserved, also.....
  21. I think with Honey, when I saw her for the first time, I thought, "she's my little Honey" and it kind of stuck........and with Licorice, when I brought her home, my mother was sitting in the living room eating black licorice and she said, "she looks like a little piece of licorice." :roll: Her nickname is Licky, and that fits her, too...she LOVES to lick! With Mee Mee, that was her name when we got her from the SPCA and we loved it!
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