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YOUR favorite Breed?

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Like all of us- I am biased as well! I would have to say shiba inus! There is something so natural, and almost wild about their beauty, that really draws me to them. The Japanese say that it should look as if the dog has stepped out of a forest, for the express purpose of being tamed by you.
This handsome devil is Taro, an import boy at San Jo kennels, where I was lucky enough to get my buddies. I think he comes close to embodying what the Japanese breeders had in mind. [img]http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/FF/51/Dog-O-Maniaphotohosting/1/3d6.jpg[/img]

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Basset Hounds!


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Had-my two Staffordshire Bull Terriers.Although they both have complete opposite personalities,my older one is so placid,loves absolutely everybody and wants to do nothing better then please you,whereas the younger....puts 'terror' in terrier rushes around at 110 miles an hour does things then asks questions later,complete idiot really,but i love them both more then anything!!!!

Wish-Papillion,pretty little things with great personalities,and smart too!

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My favourite dogs in alphabetical order:

American Hairless Terrier
Chinese Crested (hairless & powder puff)
Peruvian Inca Orchid aka. Perro Sin Pelo Del Peru aka. Peruvian Hairless(hairless & powder puff)
Xoloizuintli aka. Mexican Hairless Dog (hairless and powder puff)

Oh, did I mention I like hairless dogs? :oops:

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My favorite breed is the Jack Russell Terrier !! :D

I have 2 Sassy and Maisy
I also have a Lab/Rott cross Gretchen

I would also like to have someday- Great Dane, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, and possibly a Basenji.
I will always have a JRT in my life. :angel:

Dogs I have had in my past include;

Boston Terriers (growing up)
German ShepherdX Hildegarde
Akita/Rott cross Nakita
Borzoi's Sersa, Meisha (Hubby had when we met)
All of these wonderful pets have passed on to Rainbow Bridge, and I will hopefully see them again someday !!

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Guest Anonymous

Crested I thought aboutyou the other day when I saw a powder puff Crested.. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! i admit i'm not a big fan of the hairless dogs ( but yours are so darn cute ) when i saw the powder puff i was in love! i didn't know they could be all hairy and stuff!! hehehe

and i'll vote again for Aussies ;)

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Guest Anonymous

Well DUH..obviously we're all gonna pick the dogs we have... :o

I say Pit Bull Terrier...

wait..I have a Chihuahua too...is it wrong to discriminate? :(
*runs to her Chi*..I'm sorry Dude..forgive me...!!!

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[quote name='pitbulletta']Well DUH..obviously we're all gonna pick the dogs we have... :o

I say Pit Bull Terrier...

wait..I have a Chihuahua too...is it wrong to discriminate? :(
*runs to her Chi*..I'm sorry Dude..forgive me...!!![/quote]
Well, DUH, we only have them because they are our favorites. :lol:

Still, I have several breeds of dogs, too, but Standard Poodles are far and beyond my favorite. There's nothing I'd love more than to eventually get a Standard Poodle from working lines.

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I really really like a well bred GSD. However those are becoming very hard to find. One that is not overdone, nice topline, healthy and an excellent temperament...there's not many breeds out there for me that can top such a dog.

I love Newfoundlands, they are just adorable, and once in a while mine can look dignified. However he is the sweetest thing with the happiest personality. I never have to worry about him ever being grouchy or nasty to people, it actually gives me a great deal of comfort to have such a sound dog.

Dogs I'd like to have:
Clumber Spaniel-Reminds me of small Newfoundlands
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-Sweet little pretty dogs
Great Dane-Gotta love REALLY big elegant dogs
Irish Wolfhound-The only thing stopping me from getting a Wolfhound is their lifespan.
Borzoi-I want two and I'm going to call them Bianca and Bernard. *G*
Bulldog-Sweet Temperament...oooo so cute, love their activity levels too.
Boston Terrier-Much for the same reason as Bulldog, perhaps a little more peppier. ;)
Afghan Hound-Admittedly, just for superficial reasons so I probably wouldn't get one.
Mastiff-BIG DAWG, Sweet temperament, reminds me of Newfs except BIGGER!

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Running? what's that??? Oh, is that the thing you do when you have to chase a Newfoundland running around your crowded back yard with some of your more colourful panties in his mouth? If so, I'm faintly familiar with it. *G*

It'd probably take me a few weeks. lol

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ACTIVE dogs? Ickky who want's that??? (says the woman who has fostered many a teenaged GSD! lol)

Actually, I got my Newfoundland expecting him to be laid back, however he usually exhausts the local terriers, Vizzies and GSD teens who come through here. So with my luck I would get the one Bulldog in the area (pretty much all show breeders) who would be a live wire.

Lazy girls can't win.

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I love the bully breeds. I will always have an APBT.

Dogs I've owned:
Mixed Breeds

I would love to have another Doberman! :iloveyou: I would also like to adopt a retired Greyhound.


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I've had a Pekingese, 2 mixed breeds and an American Pit Bull Terrier.

Dogs I'd like to have one day:
Pit bulls, always, but I also like Rotties, Beagles and Boston Terriers.

Really, I like all dogs, and could probably never turn down a dog of any breed if I had the space, time and money for it, but it's only human to have your favorites.

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I own a American Pit Bull Terrier but would love to own either a Dogo Argentino or An Irish Wolfhound. If my boy should ever die which I'm sure he will eventully (hopefully not for another 7 to 9yrs) , the Irish would more than likely be my next purchase.

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well I am partial to the bully breeds, I think they are so darn cute.

Breeds I would like to own before I die:

( in no particular order)

Presa Canario
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Rodesian Ridgeback
Wimeraneur ( lol I have no idea how to spell that)
American Bulldog
Ca de Bou
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
Alano Espanol

ok... 2 down 7 to go....

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Yikes! 10 pages and I didnt even reply to this thread.
Favorite breed: AKITAS of course. I love all bully breeds too.
Dogs I would love to own: Bernese mountain dog, Anatolian sheperd, Newfie, and last but not least... I want a black Pomeranian. :D

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