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  1. [url]http://bogchis.tripod.com/stories.html[/url] Read some of these stories if you believe all dog men culled man biters. There are several biters on this page. Not only were they allowed to live, the were bred.
  2. 4 litters a year?????? And no one has a problem with that???? Holy shit
  3. I've never had a game tested dog. All of my dogs have always been 100% trustworthy with humans. It is becuase they are pit bulls, not because they are game. Who know how many of the pit bulls that HAVE bitten people have been fought? No one knows but I can bet you quite a few have. Maybe fought by thugs but they were still fought & tested.
  4. ANd it's not just hers I don't read all of, this board is HUGE, I have 2 jobs so I don't have time to read the whole board.
  5. I don't have time to go back & read every post she has posted to see if she health tests her dogs. That is why I asked.
  6. Does she health test her dogs? I really do not know, I have not read that she does but I have not read all of her posts. What titles do they hold beside dog fighting? The SAME criteria that makes ANY breeder a responsible one ALSO applies to the APBT.
  7. It doesn't bother me. It doesn't make them any less valuable to me as companions. I'm not here to make money off of my dog's uterus or fighting ability so what does it matter to me if some one on an internet message board who has never even met my dogs wants to throw what she percieves to be insults in their direction.
  8. [quote]Why is it that to you the term game only applies to fighting?[/quote] I NEVER SAID GAMENESS CAN ONLY BE PROVEN BY FIGHTING!!!!!!! HMMMM DID! Reread my posts!! I said Hmmm's definition of gameness only applies to fighting! I think I am the[b] FIRST[/b] one to post that weight pull & hog hunting can be proof of gameness. Jebus I am not judging you. I never ONCE called YOUR name.
  9. Oh and just because my dogs [b]may[/b] have game blood does NOT mean they are game. Even if their sire & dam were game it would NOT mean they are.
  10. Ok, one more............ I NEVER said forget their history!! There is no reason to relive it. Glamorize it all you want, until you SEE a pit bull fight with your own eyes you have no idea what you are talking about. [b]None[/b]. Gameness has nothing to do with the loyalty I get from my dogs. Even people who have NO IDEA what gameness is love the APBT for the dogs that they are...not their ability to win a fight. People who meet my dogs tell me they are like no other breed. What does their ability to win a fight & not back down form another doghave to do with that? These people
  11. No, there really is no such thing as a rare color in pit bulls. Although, like Drj says, the breeders seem to think so.
  12. The grey dogs are what is called "blue". They are very pretty. But then, I think ALL of them are.
  13. There is no reason to try to romanticize or glamorize dog fighting or "dog men". It is a disgusting hobby that they try to pass off as sport. My dogs are not game bred; my dad never fought his dogs & never tested them. Are my dog’s game? Who the hell cares? Are they APBT's? You damn right they are. I know they will both tug until they drop, I know Justice will run until she drops. If I were to enter her in weight pull competions I know she would pull her heart out for me. I KNOW both of them would love a good fight with either each other or any other dog they see. Would they keep fi
  14. This explains how it is done [quote]Feral hog hunting with dogs is a relatively new sport to many areas of Oklahoma and north Texas. But dogs have been used in pursuit of feral hogs for years in other parts of these states. Trained dogs have proven themselves to be efficient at catching feral hogs. Like trapping, hunting hogs with trained dogs has been a proven way to remove feral hogs from suburban areas, golf courses and other populated areas where discharging a firearm may be illegal. [b]Hunters using dogs generally ride horses or mules in order to keep up with the dogs. Most hunters h
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