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  1. Does she health test her dogs? I really do not know, I have not read that she does but I have not read all of her posts. What titles do they hold beside dog fighting? The SAME criteria that makes ANY breeder a responsible one ALSO applies to the APBT.
  2. [quote]Why is it that to you the term game only applies to fighting?[/quote] I NEVER SAID GAMENESS CAN ONLY BE PROVEN BY FIGHTING!!!!!!! HMMMM DID! Reread my posts!! I said Hmmm's definition of gameness only applies to fighting! I think I am the[b] FIRST[/b] one to post that weight pull & hog hunting can be proof of gameness. Jebus I am not judging you. I never ONCE called YOUR name.
  3. Ok, one more............ I NEVER said forget their history!! There is no reason to relive it. Glamorize it all you want, until you SEE a pit bull fight with your own eyes you have no idea what you are talking about. [b]None[/b]. Gameness has nothing to do with the loyalty I get from my dogs. Even people who have NO IDEA what gameness is love the APBT for the dogs that they are...not their ability to win a fight. People who meet my dogs tell me they are like no other breed. What does their ability to win a fight & not back down form another doghave to do with that? These people have no idea what gamenss is nor do they care. They love the dogs ( and the breed) for who they are. [quote]Even if you dont agree with fighting, theres no reason to not want your dog to be game. You said yourself you know your dogs would tug in weight pull just to please you. Well, thats part of what being game means. If it werent for that trait your dogs wouldnt be the dogs you know and love.[/quote] According to Hmmm, weight pull has NOTHING to do with gameness. I am the wone who said it did. I am using HER definition of the word in my post because she is sayign the only way to test for gameness is to roll them, or fight them. My dad never fought his dogs, if there is any game bred dogs in Munkee's blood ( and I am sure there is, it is in just about ALL of them) it is waaaaaaay far back but he would still love to tussle with any dog he come across. He doesn't need to be tested or fought for me to know that.
  4. No, there really is no such thing as a rare color in pit bulls. Although, like Drj says, the breeders seem to think so.
  5. Not mine. I have to pick them up & put them in. They don't mine id too much once we are in there, I take baths with them to make them more comfortable.
  6. [quote name='Doberfanatic'][quote name='Mei-Mei'][b]And just to make it clear once again: I don't agree with Dogfighting, but Hmmm is not going to be asked to leave the board. Sheesh, what about that don't some of you understand? We have been going around about this not for days or months, but for years! And she has explained her position concerning testing her dogness for gameness about 100 times. I don't agree, but I understand. She does not let her dogs fight to the death in the pit or anything like that. Do you really think K would let someone she believes to be an animal abuser stay at this board? Gosh, I'm really disappointed in some of you. :-? Since the decision has already been made than debate the original question. If you feel you can't stay on the original question than I suggest you move to another topic. [/b][/quote] While many of you may understand the reasons why Hmm's dog matching is different than JQP's dog matching, SOME of us don't. And I actually care to know. I'm not debating wether or not Hmm stays. I'm sure you have your reasons. What I am doing is trying to get clarification on what those reasons are. I don't see anything wrong with wondering why Hmm is allowed to stay, when other people who do what she does are heavily ridiculed. I'm not a blind follower. If I am curious about something, I will ask. I respect the opinions of the mods and all that, however, I don't feel it is out of my boundaries to ask for an explanation on a subject such as this.[/quote] I agree with you. I am not calling for her head, this board belongs to all of you & so far you have been sharing your board with her. I am sure she is here for a good reason. I just find it odd that someone who supports dog fighting & who supplies these fighters with their tools is on this board. So she says she doesn't fight them, she only mathces them. For what? For who? SOMEONE is fighting them. Whether it be her or who ever she sells her dogs to and YES that IS contributing to this breed's problems. EVERY time there is a fight bust it brings this breed just a little further down.
  7. Mine get raw bones as part of their meal. They eat RAW so they get chicken bones, beef bones, pork neck bones. Whatever I can find on sale.
  8. Beautiful pitty babies!! Congrats! Debby
  9. Just look at the misery on those poor dogs faces. Sarah is absolutley the WORST!!! Oh the horror!!!!!!!! :drinking: Debby
  10. [quote name='xfiled'][quote name='cheekymunkee'] Her threads are edited because she says the same things over & over & over and it almost always related to how horrible pit bulls are. She posts untruths and twists words of other posters. The posts of hers in which she does NOT diss pit bulls & owners are usually left alone. Good luck finding them. They are far & few between. She DOES have some good points, but she ALWAYS counters them with a slur to the dogs & their owners. [/quote] No, what I see she writes is how horribly irresponsible many of the owners and breeders of Pit Bulls are. I don't think she slurs dogs and their owners as much as she really hits home with some of her comments and that makes people uncomfortable. Carla[/quote] Really? Then maybe you SHOULD extend her the open invitation to post at Purebredpuppy.com. There are many, many more irresponsible pit bull and am staff breeders & owners there than there are here. Debby
  11. I wash my dogs kongs when ever I see an empty one laying around still in one piece. Which isn't very often. Debby
  12. Ewwwwwwwwww!! I HATE snakes!! Hate them Hate them HATE them!! Good Belle for taking care of her family!!! Debby
  13. Happy Birthday you handsome man you!! Debby
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