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  1. I'm so sorry Mouse :( Such a baby,hugs to you mate xxxx
  2. What a gorgeous boy,thank goodness he was found and the story has a happy ending :)
  3. Poor Tater fingers crossed for a speedy recovery :wink:
  4. People often think Charlie my springer is a cocker because he is a smaller working strain springer. I walk a flat coated retriever and I haven't met a single person whilst out walking with him that has actually known what he is,they usually think he is a cross breed :roll:
  5. Thank goodness it was you who found her Marion,she is a lucky girl :wink:
  6. Aww Rowie trust your gut instincts hunny and see how they get on with Rowie,can't wait for an update :D
  7. I'm so sorry Courtnek,he is such a character I know and holds a special place in your heart,I'm so sorry he is poorly :(
  8. ellieangel

    Guess my mix.

    Yup I would say Wheaton too :) he's gorgeous whatever he is :)
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